Art Journal Journey “Flower Power” July Challenge

AJJ’s theme this month is “Flower Power” which is right up my alley as flowers are one of my favorite things…

Flowers in your hair (2)

my paint scraped pages have been sitting waiting for sometime now with some wild mod style tissue flowers and the couple that I cut out of the newspaper who need to change their clothes (he needs to lose that suit and tie *ggg*)…

Flowers in your hair (1)

finally I knew where to go to finish the pages adding some white gesso and oil pastels along with a few cut out flowers and shading with my Stabilo pencil…

Flowers in your hair

here is an oldie but goodie

it took me until early 2000 to finally get to visit San Francisco for the first time…a place I really enjoy and there are lots of beautiful flowers there!

31 responses to “Art Journal Journey “Flower Power” July Challenge

  1. Oh, my! That song has memories for me. I remember listening to it on the radio when I was a little girl in 1967. The music of that era really meant a lot to me: Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Melanie – I have them all on vinyl in my loft! I tried to run away from home (never reached any where near San Francisco – got to the bottom of the stairs in our block of apartments in South London!) because I wanted to become a flower child and share in all that peace and love! Well, I still love flowers, peace and love and I find beautiful flowers, genuine peace and love on your wonderful blog and Facebook posts! Your journal spread has such beautiful colours, it really evokes ‘flower power’. I love the couple – they look so ‘sixties! I would love to visit California one day too. Julie Ann xxx

  2. Oh my, thanks for the memories! I visited San Francisco in the early 70s and there was still a lot of flower power going on. Your pages are wonderful. Flower Power indeed!

  3. sparkledaysstudio

    Perfect illustration, flower power ondeed, wear some in your hair for me. xox

  4. I have never been to San Francisco, even though I’ve been to most of CA, including San Jose, which is close. I have seen lots of old movies, though, and would love to visit one day. Your flower power spread really had me smiling. It’s adorable, especially the flowers you added. I also love flowers, so this is wonderful.

    Not sure how I missed the AJJ monthly, but I really like the prompts. I may have to join next year, if there IS a next year. These prompts are more my style than some of the ones I’ve joined this year. I’m glad you’re playing, so I can keep abreast of this challenge. You always make it seem so fun AND effortless, although I know it isn’t.

  5. That’s just wonderful Patty.. right up my alley-lol— LOVE IT!
    Quite another Patty -style this time, just a little bit different with a special hippie touch and just wonderful -the colors are fascinating … especially I`m again and again fascinated how you give yourself 100% in each matter.
    Have a wonderful weekend my liebe Patty!

  6. Love that groovy couple, he would definitely look better in shorts!
    Gorgeous floral spread Patty!
    Have a fab weekend.
    Alison xxx

  7. Gorgeous spread! Have a great day!

  8. A wonderful sketch, beautiful flowers and a beautifully designed background.
    I like it!!


  9. Dearest Patty, thank youi for the wonderful music, from back then- what happened to all those special people there, and all the love,- seems some of it was lost on the road to our 2014 world!!
    Your spread is wonderful with the way you altered to pair, love it ,it looks fantastic, and the other page truly speaks of flower power and love. Sweet friend, I wish you a lovely friday !! xox

  10. Always love yr work Hun. What’s with all the adverts? Not been on yr actual page for a while. Please tell me you drew the figures. No don’t yr far too talented already lol xx

  11. Hi Patty your flower power mixed media pages are beautiful with so much colourful detail. Have a wonderful weekend, Shirleyx

  12. Love your flower power and you really did strike the mood!
    First time I went to San Francisco- 11 years ago, I had my sis take me to the wharf where there was a large SF sign and I posed fro a photo with a wreath of flowers in my hair to send back home to my beau- who is now my hubby-“) Love that song!!

  13. This song is one of my favorites! Your pages are so brilliant. I love the pastell colors in the background and all the wonderful flower details.
    Best wishes, Manuela

  14. Beautiful page Patty. I love how music can inspire…

  15. I don’t much like his hair either…
    Great pages sweetie, love the way they’re done!!!

  16. wow – you did a fabulous job with these pages-more unique to what I’m used to seeing from you! I’m having a hard time keeping up with all your creativity lately:)

  17. Such lovely pages! Very summery and evanescent!

  18. Thea Butler

    Reblogged this on Thea's Blog.

  19. Breathtaking pages, Patty. Love all the flowers and the cut out couple, especially the flowers in her hair. …. Thanks for the song, it’ s in my ears now.

  20. Amazing art journal pages, I like the couple in that drawn stile and the lovely flower background in our both favorite colours. The song from Scott Mac Kenzie I do love since I was a teenager, really a dream song.
    Have a nice sunday.
    Sabine xox

  21. Sensational pages. I really love the color palette you chose!

  22. love your pages…reminds me a little of that 60’s black and white with pops of color art that i loved when i was younger…and that song…a trip down memories lane…xo

  23. Hello ma chère Patty,
    je reviens vers vous et je vois de telles merveilles, quel talent, ces fleurs sont merveilleuses, les couleurs sublimes, bravo ma chère Patty vous m’enchantez.

  24. You captured flower power and an era perfectly! Nice challenge!

  25. Beautiful pages! I thought I had seen your most recent post….but discovered I had NOT! gAsp!!!!! Love those wild tissue flowers!

  26. I’m listening to the song now. Oh how nostalgic. What a great time that was, yes really.
    And now I’m looking at your painting with the “Flower Power Couple” and the flowers. Fabulous artwork, Patti, and a bit different from your previous art, maybe? Love the Flower Power couple going on a “night out”.

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  28. You’ve used these colours in such a brilliant way, with those beautiful flowers. And the couple looks fabulous. This is great!
    Mar x

  29. Wonderful journal page! Great composition!

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  31. NEat videos, Patty, and your journal with the flower couple is beautiful.

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