Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge July Week 2 “Im Garten”

“Im garten” is the challenge theme over at MiFoC this week and in the garden is always one of my favorite places to be…

Parasol Reflection

  Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is a most beautiful and magical place just outside of Washington, DC…

Lots of Loti

this is the second year we have been lucky enough to enjoy the blooms there…

Lotus and sideway Bud

it is not hard to snap hundreds of photos of the Loti (plural for Lotus)…

Lovely Loti

we were sharing a camera so we lost track of who took which photos exactly which really does not matter since we are a team…

Dragonflies and bees

there is wildlife to enjoy there and the dragonflies do a great job of controlling mosquitoes around all that water…

Great Blue Heron and turtle

this handsome blue heron had cameras clicking as he was casually fishing for his lunch…

DSC09051 waterlily damsel fly

there were lots of photographers with really fancy cameras and super duper lenses…


the pretty water lilies are very nice but the Lotus are what really speak to me…

Blue Sky Lotus Day

the park is free to the public…

perfect lotus

we hope to return again…

Heart lotus leafjust because these water gardens are such a special place…

storm damageeven with a bit of damage from a recent storm there was still so much beauty everywhere you turned…

inverted lotus

I will stop now ending with a lotus photo that I took using my iphone altering it with several different apps…

29 responses to “Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge July Week 2 “Im Garten”

  1. Oh how I love a good lotus shot and you have them in abundance!!


  2. Beautiful photos Patty and Jim. It’s such a lovely spot. Thanks for introducing us to the place.


  3. i´m blow away… i´m in awe!!! the first photo is a mystery to me… i envy you for all these loti, thanks for showing them to us!


  4. What a wondrous sight! Lovely loti and dandy dragonflies!


  5. Oh, my your photos are simply amazing as always, what a beautiful place, I will have to put it on my bucket list… won’t have time to get over there before we leave I am afraid! Thank you… you are so inspiring! xoxo


  6. Oh my my my my – I am just blown away by these fanatastic images Patty and Jim!!



  7. I can’t believe it: your garden is a paradise!!!!!
    So many great fotos, all of them are fantastic. I wished I could visite you at this wonderful place!
    Regards from Germany – Ulrike


  8. I love the way you do your mosaics, they are always so well balanced, both design and colour wise.
    Your first and last “arty” photographs are wonderful and would sell anywhere I would have thought, and I loved seeing all your photographs in between too.


  9. It wouldn’t matter how many super-duper lenses the other photographers had, they couldn’t have taken more beautiful photos than you did. Superb!


  10. Such beautiful photos! I love the dragonfly ones! xxx


  11. Gorgeous photos as always. It’s so wonderful to have access to beautiful gardens.


  12. So much beauty! Thanks for sharing!


  13. Patty these are amazing photos. Seems your garden is a wonderful place. Love all the dragonflies.


  14. Gorgeous! Love the last picture (of course)!


  15. I saw this posted this morning right before I went shopping. When I got back, I was finally able to see and appreciate the beauty of these photos. I agree that you and Mr. Magpie really ARE a team when it comes to photography. Seeing your world through your lens always makes me smile, and these lovely photos are no different. I really LOVE the lilies, and the blue heron was fun to see, too.


  16. Breathtaking, Patty!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Stunning dear Patty, what amazing photoes, your eye,catches the most tiny but special things on your way, I love that gift of yours. This place is so beautiful,- and love the heron ,what lovely bird!!
    Hugs from Dorthe


  18. Patty, these photos are so amazing! I love water gardens there is always so much going on. The dragonflies are always a reminder of blinking jewelry.
    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful breathtaking photos. And the last one you’ve edited is so subtle and precious.
    Best wishes, Manuela


  19. positively stunning photos Patty-you and Jim make a GREAT team!!


  20. Fantastic photos, I would love to visit there. Valerie


  21. So lovely photos you both made. I love the lotusflowers so much, also your ghostphoto. It’s every time a joy to watch your amazing photos.
    Have a nice sunday.
    Sabine xox


  22. oh wow – what a lot of fantastic photos!!!! Thanks for sharing. Hugs Dagmar


  23. Patty, what a beautiful place you invite us in! This aquatic garden is a dream and the pictures of the loti totally fascinate me, thank you!!!!!!


  24. Yet MORE flower power! These are gorgeous, Patty! What a haven. I love the idea of an aquatic garden — never really thought of it that way!


  25. What beautiful pictures! I will have to put this on my list of places to see on my next visit.


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  28. gorgeous photos. I really like the apps you used for finishing the photos of the lilies etc…lovely border and distressed edges.


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