Magical Moonflower

 inspiration for my art journal pages began with the image of a pillow from a catalog…

Moonflower (1)

playing in an altered book with partially gessoed pages and a photograph of a Moonflower from the year we had a lovely vine growing in our garden thanks to my friend Lennie Stimpson…

Moonflower (2)it was a big thrill watching the buds quiver and shiver open with the reward of a fragrance so delicate and singular…


thanks to Art Journal Journey for this month’s “Flower Power” theme…I do L♥ve flowers!!! (here is my other flower entry for this month’s challenge)

35 responses to “Magical Moonflower

  1. Gorgeous. Love your words painting the picture of being in the moment of a blossom opening.

  2. This is just gorgeous Patty. a truly beautiful work of art. Hugs

  3. Love it. Moonflower is such a lovely name too.

  4. These pages are gorgeous, liebe Patty, as always

  5. Absolutely magical….indeed! xxx

  6. Oh so well composed pages. I love the stencil structures so much and the picture with the women also. Sounds magic what you wrote about this moonflower, I have never seen it.
    Dearest greetings
    Sabine xox

  7. Wow this is another awesome spread Patty — your handwriting and the imagery and the texture…all goes so well together – just lovely!
    Thank you so much for another beautiful , beautiful FLOWER POWER piece Patty!

  8. I don’t think I have ever seen/experienced a moon flower so thank you for sharing your sensory experience as only you can.

  9. Both your spreads are truly gorgeous. Especially I love the moonflower art work. It’s so delicately beautifully made and the words you’ve written are wonderful and so nicely made. Bravo, Patty!

  10. A very sensitive and beautiful spread, Patty. Great images….and you have lovely handwriting.

  11. These pages are gorgeous! It’s so beautiful.

  12. What a lovely idea this is. there is something so mystical about these pages. I love that you used your own lovely hand writing too – more personal. I love my garden on summer nights. Right now it’s dark outside and all our doors and windows are open to let in the fragrance of the jasmine – wonderful! The candles are flickering on my table too: all I need is your beautiful journal to look at. You have inspired me to create some more pages in my neglected journal It feels as if the world is made of dark blue, scented velvet tonight. Julie Ann xxx

  13. sparkledaysstudio

    Fantastic texture. What an image, no wonder you were drawn to it. xox

  14. Not sure what happened a moment ago and I am sure it made no sense of all!
    Viewing the pages brings to mind a celebration of Mother Nature, a gathering at Stonehenge where Pagan rituals embrace the beauty and wonder of nature.
    So very special.

  15. This is another fabulous artwork with a great texture and fantastic images. I really love the Moonflower and your handwriting.
    Mar x

  16. Very beautiful, love the texture. Your pages match your blog header 🙂 Cheers, Shirleyx

  17. Lovely pages Patty- makes me miss my moonflowers- I had to leave them behind when we moved last year- the fragrance was indeed splendid! “)

  18. Gorgeous and beautiful artwork Patty, and I loooove flowers also, but have always wanted one of these, but never had one! Love the textures you have, and all the lovely whites! Gorgeous!

  19. Wow patty,Loove your pages so much,just amazing moonflower,clever idea too.

    XXX Jeannette

  20. Oh dear Patty, this is so incredible beautiful, dear friend, how stunning in it`s simplicity, I so love it,—- it is the morning mist with dansing fairies and morning sun revealing the Moonflower coming to life after a sleeping night!!
    Dear I`m sorry to not be much visiting, here, but you know why and that it is not because of bad will… I am so happy I saw these pages ,Patty. See you soon again- there are a few dayes between we returns home from Copenhagen, till Nadja and the kids arrive,- 🙂
    Warm hugs, from Dorthe

  21. inanoctopusgarden

    Your pages have a delicate feel that the flower petals must have inspired…lovely. I also love the plaster embelishements:)

  22. AWEsome spread… i love the moonflower and the picture and the texture of course…

  23. That’ a wonderful spread, your handwriting looks fantastic.

  24. what a really beautiful journal spread-so full of wonderful textures and yet it still has such a soft quality.

  25. Such a beautiful page! Wonderful job!

  26. So beautiful! I love the gesso!!!

  27. Absolutely gorgeous piece Patty!!!!!!! Love it!!!

  28. An absolutely stunning page. The flower looks so delicate and beautiful.

  29. This is just gorgeous Patty. Your flowers with struktur is super idea.

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  31. Interesting to see that your moonflowers grow on a vine. We had some in our garden at the house that grew low to the ground (the plant looked very much like a dandelion…had to be very careful not to yank them out by accident). The flowers on ours were yellow….fascinating to watch them shiver and open to the night, only to be gone in the morning.

  32. Beautiful! I love the textures you used.

  33. I’m finally catching up. I’ve heard of flowers that only bloom at night, but never had the pleasure or joy to see any. You described them so perfectly, and the page conveys that, too. I really like the texture on the page of this spread, also.

  34. Wonderful Moonflower! I totally love your page!
    Anie Baum

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