Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge July Week 3 “Drink”

the challenge this week at MiFoC is “Getränk/Drink”…

I am sharing some Lavender Honey Lemonade that I made using fresh lavender from our garden with local raw honey and organic lemons…

Lavender Lemonade ingredients

a recipe from Mother Earth News here inspired me to get busy…

organic lemons local honey garden grown lavender

there is even a nice video link here of the largest lavender event in North America which happens to be this weekend…if only it weren’t on the other side of the U.S. 3000 miles/4828 Kilometers away…

Refreshing Lavender Honey Lemonade

simple ingredients that made the house smell wonderful…

it was delicious

I used some of my borage blossom ice cubes but I think I will enjoy the next glass of lavender tea served cold without ice…

Borage blossoms lemons and lavender

wish you could join me…

Homemade Lavender Lemonadefor more drink photos visit Manuela at MiFoC and you are welcome to play along too!

20 responses to “Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge July Week 3 “Drink”

  1. Me, too!!!


  2. Beautiful photos, I can almost taste those lemons Patty!


  3. it looks so refreshing! wonderful colorcombo with the lemons and the blue!
    again, nature at it´s best!


  4. These are fantastic photos. I’m sure your lemonade is very yummy.


  5. What a wonderful artsy and inspiring post my LIEBE Patty! I would love to try your drink just now …. sounds yummie and refreshing this magic mixture!


  6. besides looking so beautiful this sounds like a most delightfully refreshing drink! Thank you for the links too-too bad we’re so far away from such an event.


  7. Patty, I love love love your photos. They’re so perfect in style. The drink sounds so tasty and refreshing. I’ll try this. Thank you so much for the idea.
    Best wishes, Manuela


  8. Beautiful photos Patty!!! I love lavender, lemon and honey 🙂 Sounds delightful. ~Sophia


  9. sparkledaysstudio

    Oh fab. Love the borage, a perfect touch. Love to be in WA state this weekend…xox


  10. Mmnn! I could swear I can smell it from here! I love those colours together too – wonderful photos! Julie Ann xxx


  11. Sounds, and looks, so refreshing. I must try it!


  12. It does look so refreshing!!! I’m drinking hot coffee! ha!


  13. Oh something new for me, but it sounds good your lavender lemonade. Sometimes I make tea of rose and lavender blossoms or use lavender for cooking a sauce. Your photos are so nice again. It makes desire to try it myself.
    Good night.
    Sabine xox


  14. This looks gorgeous. I would have loved to have had one in front of me on this hot and humid day.


  15. How I wish I could have lavender in the house – it’s so pretty, but alas, I’m allergic.


  16. Hhm, a very delicous drink and I can smell the lavender.
    I am so thrilled about your fotos!
    …and I see the little light blue flowers, we call “Borretsch”, this grew in my garden long time ago. Love the Blue.
    Have a nice weekend!


  17. I had NO idea you could make tea out of lavender. I was nearly blown over when I read that. Of course, I love the photos, but I was especially impressed with the tea you can make from this beautiful plant. Sadly, I can’t seem to get mine to grow for more than a couple of weeks!


  18. This must be delicious!! I used lavender as herb tea but never thought to mix it with lemon, very tempting!Your photos are always so beautiful !Thanks for sharing ! Have a beautiful week.


  19. Yummi ;o) Great photos!


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