every flower that blooms…

another spread in my art journal for AJJ’s “Flower Power” challenge this month…

Magpie's Nest Every Flower... (2)

I mixed photography with real pressed flowers (Nigella/Love in a Mist above and the daisy like flowers along the bottom are Fleabane which grow wild here in Virginia) …paint…gesso…washi tape…rubons and pencil scribbles…

Magpie's Nest Every Flower... (1)

this mystery lady’s dress (she popped up in an everyday dress on my work table) is made with two different photos of a blue Stokes Aster…the yellow buttercup is part of a sticker and her Larkspur hat is also a pressed flower from our garden…

Every flower...some supplies

always happy to use some of my washi tape collection…the stamped “grass” at the bottom was paper that I cleaned my gesso and paint brushes on…a small tube of green goauche exploded awhile ago so there was lots of that BRIGHT green paint too good to waste…

Magpie's Nest Every Flower...

~♥ flower… Blume… kwiat… fleur… blomst… fiore… flor… bloem… kukka… blomma… blàth ♥~

my other entries this month here and here

27 responses to “every flower that blooms…

  1. I am in love with this spread—oh my gosh..love all about it!
    My LIEBE Patty you take my breath away!

    W*o*n*d*e*r*f*u*l******** j*u*s*t* w*o*n*d*e*r*f*u*l!

    thank you so much for this amazing spread for FLOWERPOWER at
    Art Journal Journey!

  2. Dearest Patty…you are so creative & thrifty as well….really likryour latest creation….you gave me some of that Nigella while I was in Winchester….was one of my favorites.

  3. Amazing pages, Love your textured background and pressed flower idea!!

  4. Wowsers!! This one is fantastic!!!!

  5. sparkledaysstudio

    Such a sweet innocence to that girl. Love these pages. Is that some nigella? xox

  6. Patty, I just love these pages. The merging of media is so special.

  7. oh how utterly beautiful and enchanting! I LOVE those cool pressed flowers at the top-I thought you painted them:)

  8. ohhhh, that’s such a beautiful spread, I love every detail.

  9. Absolutely enchanting pages, Patty. So elegant and fragile. Love!

  10. Waste not, want not…as Granny used to say. You combine all those elements so beautifully Patty. Loved that you incorporated a real flower.

  11. Patty, I am overcome with admiration of these two pages, they are unbelievable good. I was quite taken with the zigzag green border and see from your materials that it is a stamp, how useful and love your use of pressed flowers combined with art materials, that’s such a pretty blue hat. It’s all AWESOME, not a work I am using lightly.

  12. unbelievably beautiful!

  13. Beautiful pages Patty!!! Love this layout 🙂 ~Sophia

  14. These pages are absolutely amazing, Patty! I love every detail, especially the pressed flowers. Beautifully done.

  15. Wow, really wonderful pages. I love the Nigella and that amazing textured backround.

  16. so beautiful layering

  17. So beautiful, & very inspiring! xxx

  18. Gorgeous mixed media, I love the use of the real flowers! Have a great weekend, Shirleyx

  19. I love this Patty! She is like the Queen of flower fairies – and you are the Queen of journal pages 🙂

    xoxo, kimmie

  20. Both this and your other page are just gorgeous! Using pressed flowers from your own garden makes them extra special!

  21. Patty , what a fabulous spread! I think this has moved to the top of my favorites page!! What a clever idea to use the flowers and the way you did! I so love !!

  22. Ii really, really love this one, Patty! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love pressed flowers on journal pages – so personal and special. This one is a treasure! I made a point of stopping by because it looked so lovely on Facebook. I am so glad I did! xxx

  23. Beautiful your flower maiden with the blossom hat. So nice the dryed fleabane and nigella flowers. The nigella we call “Jungfer im Grünen”, that means “Spinster in the Green”, the seeds of it is the black caraway. The oil of black caraway is very good for health. I like your pips stamp, looks so good. Great artwork again.
    Wish you a good new week.
    Sabine xoxo

  24. How did I get so far behind? I’m playing catch up now, and am in awe of this two page spread. I love how you mixed real flowers with photos and stickers. Your mind must never stop working.

  25. Your language of flowers is so beautiful, I llove the colors and the litle girl!

  26. i am speechless!!! what a glorious spread… love nigellas…. but then, the quote could come from me: how often do i say “this is one of my fave flowers”… big applause, patty!!!

  27. I love how you use your materials — every single one! This is lovely. Been a long time since I’ve played with pressed flowers — I may need to revisit those soon. And the quote is perfect!

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