Lavender honey lemonade for T…

the other day I made some delicious lavender honey lemonade (more here if you are interested in the recipe)…

Magpie's Nest Lavender Honey Lemonade for two

which really hits the spot in our hot and humid July weather…

Magpie's Nest Tansy

those yellow buttons in the little thatched cottage pitcher I rescued some time ago were Raspberry Tansy blooms gone wild flopping out and in the way where Mr Magpie would be mowing the lawn…

Magpies' Nest Lavender Honey Lemonade

years ago when I planted the Tansy underneath a young Dogwood tree there seemed like so much room…now to get the sun the Tansy reaches up and way out…

Magpie's Nest refreshing pause

they make nice dried flowers and the leaves do have a gorgeous scent of raspberry and could be brewed into a bitter healing tea although I am not a fan of bitter things…

Magpie's Nest Lemon Stack

 I do enjoy playing with my food…

Magpie's Nest Lemon Lavender Borage and Thyme Mandala

here’s wishing you a very nice T day along with everyone else over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s

26 responses to “Lavender honey lemonade for T…

  1. Oh Patty what lovely photos! I like your lemon-lavender-mandala and the nice house vase with the yellow flowers in it. Like you I don’t like bitter taste and sour taste also not, but your lemonade recipe sounds good to me. You are very diligent these days making art and delicious things. Today I have send a liitle surprise post to you, hope you like it.
    Dearest Greetings
    Sabine xox

  2. I enjoy your post Patty -wonderful!
    That’s pure summer !
    Xxx Susi

  3. Lemonade and yellow flowers, now that a cheerful sight. I’ve never had lavender in a drink before, but the recipe sounds like I might like it. Thx 🙂

  4. By all means, keep playing with your food! You create such delightful things. That lemon/lavender mandala is simply beautiful.

  5. I love the way you play with your food Patty:) Gorgeous mandala! My lavender sadly is finished blooming already. I love your cottage pitcher too-it looks so European-Germany, England, …I ‘ve never heard of your yellow Tansy flower but it sure does make a nice full display. Happy T day my friend!

  6. The lemonade sounds scrumptious, and what a lovely bouquet! Your mandala at the end is the perfect closing–so refreshingly colorful! happy T day dear!

  7. Gorgeous mandala. Playing with your food made me chuckle.
    I love that pitcher, perfect for the blooms in it.
    Happy T-day

  8. You can play with your food any day as long as it includes some gorgeous photos like these. Love the lemon tower! Sounds like you are having the 3 “Hs” like us up in NY.

  9. love your lemon stack! and that flower arrangement is stunning… guess I will have to make some lemonade now… you have my mouth a puckering! yum! xoxo

  10. Lemon?…or grapefruit. If lemons, they are HUGE. Works well in the mandala.

  11. When I saw your lavender lemon concoction yesterday, I was simply BLOWN away. But only YOU could turn this into a two day event, with much different photos, too. You are so, so clever when it comes to vignettes.

    The mandala you created is jaw dropping gorgeous, and that stack of lemons made me laugh with joy. What a fun, fun group of photos and post.

    Thank you beyond belief, dear Patty, for sharing your lovely food art with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks for all the input you provided back in the very beginning, when T Stands For Tuesday was just a dream.

  12. What beautiful photos! And now I want Lemonade!!! I especially love your floral creation! xo

  13. Love that fruity mandala! xxx

  14. i loeve your playing with food, you lemonade looks absolutely delish!!!

  15. It is lemonade time here too although I don’t add lavender. I really like the photo of the mandala you created with your ingredients.


  16. I wish I could come and see you doing the flower arrangements. Your pictures are always so inspiring.
    Have a lovely week

  17. forrestwife

    I just planted my Tansey and I’m hoping it will bloom this year. Borage is one of my favorite blossoms sometimes I use the leaves in little sandwiches

  18. i feel like sitting in your garden and enjoying summer… and the mandala is wonderful!

  19. sparkledaysstudio

    Love your food mandala a la Elizabeth. Tansy is something I am looking forward to plantong to bRing in the beneficials to the garden too. Great plant and it looks so amazing in your yellow jug. xox

  20. And I enjoy seeing the results of your food play. You can make a spent lemon rind look beautiful. 🙂

  21. This looks absolutely delicious

  22. Your photos are fantastic and inspiring! Love your mandala and the lemon pyramid 🙂

  23. Hi sweetie, you played beautifully with your food, 🙂 love your photoes, -the ” Blå Hjulkrone ” or Borago officinalis is such a lovely little flower , and so sweet in salads , missing it in my garden this year ! The yellow buttons just popped up everywhere, on the area where we vacansed the last 5 dayes !! so sweet, too… and reminds me of my childhood . Dear Patty ,hugs from me.

  24. I love homemade lemonade! We make a lot of it around here. Sadly, our lemons are all used up for this season. I’ve never had it with lavender. Sounds interesting. I love your photos….especially the ones from “playing with your food”…pretty!

  25. Oh Patty, you inspire me so! Your photography is gorgeous, your recipe looks wonderful, and your way of life that you share with us is something we all should aspire to. Thank you for your kindness! Hugs!!

  26. I have often heard the word “tansy” and never knew what it was! It’s so pretty and anything that smells like raspberries is worth having in my world! I may have to check that one out. Meanwhile, the arrangements, photos — all lovely!

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