Grief weeps on the shoulder of history…

this Peace Monumet near the U.S. Capitol Building expresses some of what we are feeling after the tragedy of Malaysian Airlines 17…

Peace Monument Wash DC

sending Peace ♥ Love and Light to all…

9 responses to “Grief weeps on the shoulder of history…

  1. I feel so sad about this … thinking about all this people and their families which have to suffer that trauma makes me infinitely sad…


  2. It makes me weep to think of it…especially as there were so many children


  3. A senseless death in a senseless war.And there is no one who wants to take the guilt on himself. I could cry about all these senseless died persons and their beloved family members missing them. So much grief and pain for a long time in the future. All light and love to all these orphaned families.


  4. A beautiful tribute to the victims and their dear families at this time of suffering. Thank you, dear Patty, for expressing the thoughts of many of us so beautifully.


  5. A tear in my eye and a lump in my throat as I watched the evening news and the poignant ceremony that was held. It seems there are too many senseless tragedies, driven by evil and all I am left with is even more questions swirling in my head, it all seems to much to comprehend.
    This is such a touching tribute and re-affirms, at a time when we need reminding the most, that there is pure goodness in the hearts of so many people. Would it not be a wonderful, more peaceful world if all that goodness could conquer evil – maybe one day.


  6. Dear Patty
    My heart aches for the families and friends who have lost their lives so innocently!
    Thank you so much for posting this!
    xox Suzy


  7. I’ve never seen a photo of this monument. It is incredibly beautiful. My heart has been heavy with such sad news these past weeks. Will we ever live to see peace?


  8. A beautiful tribute Patty- I continue to keep the hearts and souls of all involved in my thoughts and prayers~


  9. such a lovely tribute…..ive been very saddened by his and all that’s gone on since….I hope the families find some peace….


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