Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge July Week 4 “Brief/Letter”

for this week’s MiFoC challenge I am reaching back and borrowing from a blog post from earlier this year about some romantic 1900’s letters that Mr Magpie and I rescued at a small shop on the Eastern Shore in Maryland…

Magpie's Nest 1906 rescued Love Letters

if you are interested in more of the story and photos of these letters written by Henry to his dear Kate you can visit my post here

Magpie's Nest 1906 rescued Love Letters (1)

thank you to Manuela for another fun photo challenge this week

Magpie's Nest 1906 rescued Love Letters (2)

9 responses to “Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge July Week 4 “Brief/Letter”

  1. A romance dear Patty and such nice photos from this old letters—
    makes me happy!


  2. What a treasure! And your photos with the flowers are so romantic, absolutly wonderful!
    Thank you, Patty, for your nice respond to my questions concerning my challenge, you’ve made my day!
    Best wishes, Manuela


  3. I knew, that you would show the theme ‘letter’ in your special way and I looked forward your fotos. They are co nice – with a flair of the gone century.
    Best from Ulrike


  4. Wasn’t that a wonderful find! Perfect for this theme…and such lovely photos.


  5. What wonderful letters, and so beautifully presented, they are a treasure. I will read the post about them when I am finished here. Chicory and Queen Anne’s Lace, clover, lavender, and long grasses blowing in the wind – that’s summer for me, too, and what I like so much when I walk along the Rhine! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie


  6. Such a wonderful treasure, your photos are amazing as usual 🙂


  7. It was fun to revisit the post about Henry and Kate. And it was fun to see this latest incarnation in the form of a lovely challenge entry. Super impressive photos (obviously), too.


  8. i remember that post, patty, and your photos really are special!


  9. I love the story of Henry and Kate, it is moving and i like to let my imagination travel in the past! Your photos are so poetic! They illustrate perfectly the story of those lovely letters!
    All my best.


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