…the faintest scent of a cactus flower

these pages in my gesso art journal were inspired by part of a Jerry Spinelli  quote…

Magpie's Nest Cactus Flower Art Journal Pages

then a copy of one of my collages from some years ago popped up to use as a focal point…

Magpie's Nest Cactus Flower Art Journal Pages (1)

with the chance to use more of my pressed flowers as embellishment pretending they are ‘cactus blooms’ with the Art Journal Journey “Flower Power” challenge in mind…

Magpie's Nest Cactus Flower Art Journal Pages (2)

“She was elusive. She was today. She was tomorrow. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitting shadow of an elf owl. We did not know what to make of her. In our minds we tried to pin her to a cork board like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew.” ―Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl

22 responses to “…the faintest scent of a cactus flower

  1. Great quote! You do love your blues Patty.

  2. Oh, Patti, I love these pages… I can almost smell the cactus flower…

  3. This quote could describe your journal pages, they are ethereal.
    I love these delicate purple spots.

  4. That’s a WONDERFUL spread.

  5. Wow, Patty, this is a gorgeous spread! Your journal pages are always so pretty and elegant. This one is no exception. A keeper for sure!

  6. Love the way that you are using your pressed flowers

  7. Another really inspirational and lovely spread. You just get better and better! I love the quote, the exquisite flowers and the colours remind me of fairy tales and dreams! Beautiful, beautiful Patty: you are one of my favourite journal artists! xxx

  8. Fabulous quote Patty! And an even more Fabulous Page! Stunning beauty she is! I love so much that you use your pressed flowers! So wonderful- truly! xoxo

  9. Beautiful, Patty, as usual….

  10. That is another just amazing creation in this wonderful book Patty! You are really in a flower flow just now! An what special flowers are this now?! gosh!
    I adore this…
    elegant and feminine…just adorable!
    Thank you so much for such a varitey of beautiful pages you shared with us yet!
    A wonderful weekend to you and Jim!

  11. Ooohh Wow patty,your flower page its just Amazing,love the woman with the blue flowers.

    XXX Jeannette

  12. Oh sweet,-, how very beautiful,- LOVE your collage there, with the poem, and with the gorgeous blue, and soft lavender- the dots are a wonderful way of adding the two pages together and your lovely pressed flowers .
    Stunning my dear friend. xoxo

  13. Such lovely entries and I love the quote! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Beautiful blue pages Patty.
    Lovely to see your signature swan adding such grace to the page!
    What a beautiful quote.
    Have a lovely weekend too dear Patty, enjoying the fragrance and sounds of the summer days while you can!
    ~♥~ hugs ~♥~

  15. Sometimes, your art just leaves me speechless–it is that beautiful! Have a happy weekend, Patty!

  16. Beautiful AB spread, and SO WELL balanced. This is GORGEOUS.

  17. sparkledaysstudio

    Wow is this pretty. Love the words, such mystery. xox

  18. With our immagination every pressed flower can be whatever you wish. I think it is perfect on this beautiful spread. Have a nice evening, Patty 🙂

  19. Patty
    Thank you from my heart for sharing this quote which I must go and write down because the words are divine, very evocative and perfection for the springboard of inspiration to jump off and dive into whether a canvas, tag or journal.
    Your collage might not be new but the words definitely communicate with your beautiful collage.
    Have a lovely weekend – it is a rather warm and muggy evening here in Scotland.

  20. This pages are absolutely gorgeous, liebe Patty.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  21. so very pretty …..

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