Daisy * Daisy

since I was a girl I have been dotting the i’s in my first name (Patrizia) with doodled daisies…

Magpie's Nest Daisies Art Journal Pages

with this month’s Art Journal Journey “Flower Power” challenge I took the time to look up the symbolism of daisies which inspired two more art journal pages (my sixth entry in the July challenge=oh my!)…

Magpie's Nest Daisies Art Journal Pages (1)

quite interesting to learn just how long daisies have been around and how artwork like ceramics actually helped piece together that bit of history…

Magpie's Nest Daisies Art Journal Pages (2)

paint and bits of paper… pressed wild daisies and some ferny foliage with a favorite new free font for printed text called My Underwood

24 responses to “Daisy * Daisy

  1. A visit to your blog is always a gift (or two) of some sort – today I learned about the daisy (one of my favorite flowers, too) and was treated to a visual garden party!

  2. Your journals must be treasures to behold Patty. Daisies are such bright little flowers…well suited to having faces painted on them.

  3. Oh wow.. I can’t find words that express what I feel here… that is utterly beautiful my dear Patty…. what a fantastic work of natural ART!
    You mae my flower power heart sing !
    Happy Sunday to you and Mr. Magpie!

  4. what a wonderful flower post! i love the texture and all the charming details here.
    have a happy sunday and week ahead!

  5. Dearest Patty, ,such a beauty and a feeling of pages made long ago, just like you tell the daisies are so very old in history,-I think it is the child with his daisi hallow ,making me feel it could have been pages from another aera… Love your pressed daisies and the torn letter ,too,and ofcourse the words making your pages even more special and beautiful.
    (did you know that the Danish queen`s nickname is Daisi ?)

  6. Hugs and sunday kisses from Dorthe

  7. Greta pages. I love the simplicity of daisies.

  8. Really beautiful pages. I love the symbolism of the daisies and how you’ve captured the essence of daisies in it all.

  9. Very nice your daisy pages and the interesting informations on it.
    I found such daisies two days ago on a garden fair. I had never seen before
    these kind of daisies. Daisies are friendly little flowers I like much.
    Dear Greetings
    Sabine xox

  10. I remember doodling daisies on the “i” in Jeanie. Your pages are lovely — I especially like how you combined your images with the real daisies!

  11. Truly beautiful Patty! I love the style of journal you are creating here-is that a dictionary you use? Each entry is just as beautiful as the last! and sometimes more! xoxo

  12. what a sweet and pretty page! Daisies were my French grandmother’s favorite flower but I never knew its symbolism. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Beautiful journal pages. Daisies are always very special, I love looking at them. As kids we used to make daisy chains and put them round our heads like crowns. Hugs, Valerie

  14. This double page spread has a lovely touch of whimsy with that sweet image and also the doodled daisies creating that sweet border.
    At the beginning of this year I read a novel, The Language of Flowers . The final pages of the book lists flowers and their meanings so instead of sending the book to a charity shop (Ideally I would keep every single book but I am desperately running out of space so if I believe I won’t re-read a book, I gift it to a charity shop) I am keeping hold of it as it is a useful resource.
    I always fall in love with your dreamy backgrounds.

  15. In America, is it a custom to make daisy chains? It seems a life-time since I last made one.

  16. Wonderful pages, Patty. I love the textures and original design.
    Mar x

  17. Love daisies! Had them on my wedding dress and in pots at the reception! Beautiful pages!

  18. Just catching up on your lovely blog dear Patty….I do love a daisy 🙂 wonderful pages….every time I read your beautiful blog posts…I want to start an arty journal…. yours are so inspirational 🙂

  19. Your pages mirroring the simple beauty of daisies in an astonishing way. I love how you achieved a dimensional look for the wordstripes. There is always something to learn on your Blog!
    Wish you a wonderful week,

  20. Simply beautiful. Really lovely spread. And I like that font, too.

  21. How lovely these pages are Patty! I have always loved daisies. I wanted to call my daughter Daisy, but everyone made such a fuss, I called her Bethany instead…I wish I’d been stronger, but there you go. She’s my Beth now, another favourite name of mine 🙂
    I may have to start adding a daisy to the ‘i’ in my name!
    Alison xxx

  22. I love daisies, Patty so I’m going to try to comment again and hope for better luck this time. I adore the composition on both your pages and that image is so magical and pretty. One of my favourite authors, E. Nesbit, famous for her novel, ‘The Railway Children’ was known as Daisy when she was a child because of her innocence. I love to see those pure innocent little faces peeping out between long grasses on hot summer days bring a breath of freshness – just as the lovely pages of your journal do, Patty. Julie Ann xxx

  23. lovely daisy pages patty…

  24. Your journal pages are not only beautiful but special too! Who doesn’t love daisies!!!!
    Sandy xx

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