flowers on her mind…

Magpie's Nest Open Art Journals

two more pages in my larger sized altered encyclopedia (top left) for AJJ’s Flower Power challenge which makes entry #8 for me this month (my other entries over at AJJ are #47, 72, 83, 108, 113, 124, 133)…

scraped paint pgs

I had scraped paint on the pages a long time ago with no idea what they would be used for…

gesso pgs

 some white gesso helped tone them down and I was ready to go…

Magpie's Nest Flowers on her mind

a sparkler rubber stamp came in handy to add a little detail to both pages…

Magpie's Nest Flowers on her mind (1)

I like the pressed Tansy leaves more than my molding paste stenciled leaves but I wanted to try out my new Tim Holtz vine stencil…

Magpie's Nest flowers on her mind 2

paint…gesso…molding paste…stencil…plastic sushi grass…peeled napkin…pressed flowers…rubber stamp…flowers from magazines and a Mona Maris image…

~♥ Happy end of July dear ones ♥~

22 responses to “flowers on her mind…

  1. Dear Patty I see new pages so nice made with the little post stamp with houses on it and the flower lady dressed in yellow. But the first background, before you killed it with gesso, I love most. A fire of colour and texture. But you like it more peaceful and it looks good too. I admire your fantasy.
    Dearest Greetings
    Sabine xox


  2. sparkledaysstudio

    I want to be her just for a week or so, no moving, just looking lovely.


  3. This is so beautiful – I love each and every single element you used here and I adore how arsty all those elements act together !
    Thank you for sharing this BEAUTY with us liebe FLOWERPOWERPATTY!


  4. My oh my, This is just lovely … Thank you for sharing and thank you so much for visiting my blog 🙂


  5. i´m totally in love with this spread… i admire when somebody can work tone-in-tone like you did on the right side!


  6. Hi Patty! What a wonderful page you created for the flowers’ theme. The way you use soft colours is always so beautiful.
    Mar x


  7. Ah, but Patty, you still have ONE more day to enter the AJJ Flower Power challenge (grin). These are all simply marvelous, and this one is truly lovely.

    I’m glad you had a chance to work with your new stencil, and I must really try molding paste one of these days. You make it look so easy, balanced, and filled with just the right amount of color. Love this one.


  8. Isn’t gesso just the best? I do like that starburst stamp — the finished product is great!


  9. Love the impact that perfect little face has on the pages. Flower Power takes me back a few decades.


  10. You’re really a busy bee. these are two more wonderful pages.


  11. What a a beautiful piece, well done on being so creative this month! Love that you are using an old encyclopedia! Hugs, Valerie


  12. Love your pages Patty… Gorgeous!! Jan x


  13. 8 absolutely gorgeous entries but falling in love with this one. Your use of colors, texture and real nature elements is brilliant. The flower beauty is awesome and could be Mrs Patty herself. *-*


  14. A beautiful, inspiring spread Patty! I love how you framed that lovely little postage stamp.
    Alison xxx


  15. Another fabulous spread dear Patty! I love your flower theme and you have again! inspired me! xo


  16. inanoctopusgarden

    making magic happen again! I love it and especially like how you used that sparkle stamp as background and repeated it as her dress pattern. All your touches are like a wave of a magic wand – xo!


  17. Beautiful my dearest, both the real and the stencil leaves looks wonderful, and your pages are gorgeous! I so love the pancy page with the stamps and schripture, so lovely tones of colour you created.
    Hugs from a tired grandma…. xxx


  18. I’m always thrilled and amazed what some random background color can do for the depth of a page. This is a perfect example. I’m so glad you have decided to embrace your handwriting…it’s quite lovely.


  19. “She thought about flowers every day”….that, you do….me, too. Beautiful pages.


  20. Patty your two new pages are gorgeous!! Bravo!
    Sandy xx


  21. gorgeous !!


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