Rosemary for Remembrance…

on this last day of the Art Journal Journey “Flower Power” challenge I have two more pages that I did in one of my little magazine and gesso art journals (more about that here … the photo below shows how the pages looked before I collaged on them and the photo on the right shows pages I made for the AJJ June challenge)…

Magpie's Nest Gesso Magazine book pages

a random torn page from a plant catalog and the veiled lady from a catalog sparked this remembrance spread…

Magpie's Nest Rosemary for Remembrance

 some pressed Nigella (also known as Love in a mist or Devil in a bush) from my garden helped complete my pages…the halo behind the lady’s head was a silk flower petal I found on the ground…

Magpie's Nest Rosemary for Remembrance (2)

the flowers on the right page are one of my favorite blue summer wildflowers … Chicory (which does not like being pressed or cut for bouquets I found…it also closes in the afternoon sun)…

Patty Szymkowicz AJJ July 2014

here is a sample of my AJJ entries for July … flowers are something I always enjoy and they do enter into my artwork quite a bit … 

19 responses to “Rosemary for Remembrance…

  1. Patty, these are all in the same Journal? I sooo love this! Another gorgeous spread with your flowers! I must learn how you press! Truly inspiring and oh so beautiful my friend! xo

  2. Dear Patty, your pages were also so beautiful, even before you started altering them , so textured and dreamy, and with the weiled lady the one is truly dreamy, I`m sure it is Ophelia looking into the water , surrounted by your wonderful pressed flowers, on the lake shore !! Happy day to you , I send you smiles and sunshine and happy hours.
    Dorthe xoxoxo

  3. Such rich and beautiful pages.
    ALL of them!

  4. sparkledaysstudio

    My bunny love chicory. I pick it for him as often as I find it, might grow some in the wild back next year. Rosemary was in my wedding bouquet along with other herbs with meaning. Rosemary wakes up the senses doesn’t it, probably why it’s so powerful for memory. Lovely work, so romantic you are. xox

  5. This new spread is another highlight in your amazing little magazine & gesso arts journal Patty which must be amazing to flip through!
    Lovely to see all your entries in one collage!
    You are our FLOWER POWER QUEEN this July over at AJJ liebe Patty!
    Thank you so much!
    I enjoyed every single entry you showed!

  6. Absolutely stunning pages Patty!! Love them!! ~Sophia

  7. So gorgeous, liebe Patty. This is great artwork

  8. You KNOW I’m laughing! Not at the lovely book pages, of course, but at how predictable you are. It was incredibly amazing to see all these entries lined up for us to review. I’m simply thrilled and delighted that you made this final entry. We might even call it the icing on the cake, or the chicory in our coffee. You made beautiful art all month, and I’m truly impressed! And to think you have all those books going at once. That’s a REAL accomplishment.

  9. Sadness is a part of life and you gave it a voice with your nice Pages.
    Very good again.
    Sabine xox

  10. another wonderful spread for the challenge… i love the whole collection!!

  11. Your pressed leaves and flowers always add something extra to your pages…and blue of course.

  12. Seeing them all together is amazing. You remind me that I need to whip out my flower press and get to work!

  13. Wow, another fantastic spread. Seems that flowers are just your cup of tea 😉

  14. Your journal pages ares always so very lovely Patty. I love that you use so many bits and pieces, odds and ends, even things you find on the ground!

    xoxo, kimmie

  15. What a beautiful collection. All of your pages are absolutely stunning. Each one is quite unique and wonderfully detailed as always… simply perfect!

  16. A lovely way to wrap things up. I love that you post a collage of previous work at the end of a challenge. I’ll have to remember that…

  17. Oh this flowery journal is so special! I should so love to take it in my hands and turn the wonderful pages. Nigella is such a beautiful flower, so delicate too. I have so enjoyed these posts. It’s really difficult to express how lovely I think your journal is, Patty. xxx

  18. oh my, oh my, oh my!!!! Just magnificent!

  19. all beautiful pages patty 🙂

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