Frida Kahlo de Rivera

after reading a review written by Rita Kempley for The Washington Post (February 22, 1992) about a documentary called “Frida Kahlo: A Ribbon Around a Bomb” the title really stuck with me…

Rita Kempley wrote in part:  “The hour-long documentary “Frida Kahlo: A Ribbon Around a Bomb” is as flamboyantly lurid as Kahlo’s pain-filled, dripping art. The Mexican artist was horribly crippled in a traffic accident at age 16, and her surrealistic works depict the suffering that was her companion throughout life. The film interweaves 120 of her paintings, mostly exotic, often obstetrical, sometimes masochistic, with talking heads, archival film and excerpts from the play “The Diary of Frida Kahlo,” performed by Cora Cardona.” -Rita Kempley Washington Post Staff Writer

Magpie's Nest 2008 page for friend's altered book

back in 2008 I worked with metal duct tape and embossing tools here on an altered book spread that opened to two more altered Frida pages…

Frida Ribbon around a bomb supplies

 with the shrine rubber stamp by Stamper’s Anonymous in mind I knew I wanted to do some metal embossing with Frida again…

Magpie's Nest Embossing supplies and plaster roll

the lovely and talented Alison had shared recently how she created a wonderful embossed metal car here which was very inspiring…

Magpie's Nest embossed metal shrine (2)

I used an assortment of Dylusions ink sprays with plaster bandage that I finally opened after having the roll around for some years to put behind my embossed Frida shrine…

Magpie's Nest embossed metal shrine (1)

the final touch that doesn’t show up all that well in my photos was heat embossing a thin edge around my loose leaf art journal page with silver embossing powder (at one time I must have REALLY enjoyed embossing because I have quite a collection of powders!)…

Magpie's Nest embossed metal shrine

with thanks to Valerie and Art Journal Journey for the exciting Frida Kahlo challenge this month…

Magpie's Nest Frida Flower

born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón                            July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954

my other Frida creations for this month’s challenge at AJJ are numbers 4, 44 and 58 and can be found here along with lots of inspiring artwork from artists all around the globe ~♥~

28 responses to “Frida Kahlo de Rivera

  1. I’ve heard of Frida only through the blogging world and know nothing of her work. I’m sure she would be pleased with all your work based on her and her art.


  2. The shrine is great…and of course a BLUE ribbon.


  3. I really MUST find some of that plaster tape. The way you colored it and used it as the background for your shrine is simply fantastic.

    I laughed at the silver embossing powder comment. I have a ton of those EPs, too, and I never seem to use them. They never worked well for me, but I kept buying them, thinking I would find one that actually worked well for me. But, in defense of your photography, I DID see the EP. And you got yours to emboss, too!

    Beautiful Frida entry, dear.


  4. Love your shrine, and everything you have shown today, wow! You have made me happy again! Have a lovely day, Valerie


  5. What an amazing artwork Patty! WOW! The whole post makes me so happy!
    Have a wonderful day my DEAR friend!


  6. She certainly led a very tortured life. Your artwork is always inspiring. Best wishes, Tammy


  7. Oh Patty, your metal embossed Frida, is a stunning piece, thank you for the tut. I think the cold metal very well symbolices her life, -al the metal she had both inside and out, such a painful life.!!!
    Dear, I love your phodo edited with Frida inside the colourful glowing flower, as she was also,that!!
    I hope your day will be happy, and lovely- Hugs from me.


  8. Patty, I think this is my new favorite of yours! I adore Frida and you have represented her so well with this piece- the cool metal, the gauze, and the blue ribbon- Lovely my friend! xoxo


  9. Hello Patty, J’ai une véritable passion pour Frida, le personnage, sa vie, son oeuvre, son destin. Ta page est magnifique, quel talent, et quel bel hommage à Frida.


  10. Fabulous sweetie – love the techniques and finished pieces – this is really inspiring, may have to find my embossing stuff xoxoxoxo


  11. Wow Patty your new Frida is an ingenious artwork, I love it so much. The combination of fabric and metal looks so good. Very excellent this frame for Frida. How ever a great inspiration my dear. Bravo!
    Dearest Greetings
    Sabine xox


  12. All so lovely, but that last pink flower with Frida’s picture reflected through it is magical, so very beautiful!


  13. sparkledaysstudio

    Another heartfelt piece Patty. xox


  14. Beautiful pieces, love them all. Annette x


  15. you do such beautiful work Patty!


  16. How smart of you to color spray the plaster bandage (mine is still in the package…), the metalwork is lovely, that stamp is a perfect base. Gorgeous work Patty.


  17. Years ago I saw a movie about Frida’s life – a wonderful one. Love your pages.


  18. your embossed metal piece and tribute are touching Patty. Love your digital play too. I must see if I can find that documentary to watch!


  19. I love how you interpreted the amazing title of this documentary, Your art work is superb: so vivid, arresting and heartfelt. From the moment I first saw one of Frida’s incredible paintings, i was fascinated by her art. Have you read ‘The Lacuna’ by Barbara Kingsolver? It is a fascinating novel and features Frida and Diego as characters. Have a lovely weekend, Patty xxx


  20. Beautiful Patty!! Love how you incorporated metal into this piece. ~Sophia


  21. oohh your frida pages are amazing,i love the images with the combination of the window,great patty.

    have a nice weekend,dear patty 🙂

    XXX Jeannette


  22. First of all, I loved to see your art materials, all ready to be used, a great selection.
    Your purple and silver metallic framed Frida is marvellous, so many techniques and so many details and what a good result.
    I also very much like the last piece, really subtle and skillfully made.


  23. Wow, your art is stunningly beautiful. I really love these all but the last one “goes under my skin”. Masterpieces of Frids!


  24. Oh, Patty – You were very busy during my absence and one creation is more beautiful than the next. I’m so blown away by your artistic talent. Beautifully crafted!

    I wish you a nice weekend, my dear.
    Hugs and smile
    MARTINA oxo


  25. So happy to have inspired this beautiful page Patty!
    Thanks for the kind mention!
    Alison xxx


  26. Hello there. ! I ve been checking your Frida`s”. No 44 and 58 are my favorites – I just cant tell why. Maybe the layered backgrounds…:-) Anyway – as always excellent artwork!


  27. Pingback: Frida dreams… | Magpie's Nest ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

  28. a wonderful post again… These paper fusing is such a gorgeous method and your results are great as always!


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