MiFoC November { Woche/Week 3 – Strasse/Street }

Magpie's Nest Wash DC streets

early on a chilly Saturday morning is a good time to drive the streets of Washington, DC…

Magpie's Nest Wash DC streets (1)

it is not a long trip on Route 50 from our house in Virginia about 25 miles (40 km) to Capitol Hill…

Magpie's Nest Wash DC streets (2)

our capitol dome is under repair with special scaffolding on the rotunda…

Magpie's Nest Wash DC streets (3)

you too can join in Manuela’s “street” photo challenge this week here

14 responses to “MiFoC November { Woche/Week 3 – Strasse/Street }

  1. Certainly an easier drive on a Sunday than during rush hour! 🙂 What a beautiful, clear blue sky!


  2. So close!! We couldn’t visit our closest city this weekend because your President was here, and it was in ‘lockdown’. They even kept the airspace clear. We had Defence Force jets flying over to guard it. Everyone came to the coast for the weekend and the way back to Brisbane (80 km) was bumper to bumper for hours on the highway (during 35 degree C heat). I felt for the day trippers as we could spend the day in the pool.


  3. When I first saw the capitol, it was still loading. I thought the photo was out of focus. Then I realized what I was seeing was the scaffolding and laughed at the image. I had NO idea they were working on the Rotunda. Those are beautiful photos of your trip into the “city.”


  4. Very nice photos again my dear Patty and the Capitol looks like if it was dressed up from “Christo”. 😉 Very interesting new look of the Capitol, really looks like Art.
    Dearest Greetings
    Sabine xox


  5. Patty, I love your photos, there is always something interesting to discover on them.


  6. What a blue beautiful sky, you had that morning , dear Patty,- are all the cars in the roadside parking there ? Wonderful photoes, dear friend- this morning here is grey and rainy…not much crisp weather and blue sky !!
    Hugs from me. and happy monday !!
    Dorthe oxo


  7. Your photos always are so interesting for me… so near to Washington D.C.- wow!
    It seems this saturday was really chilly.. only a few cars!



  8. I never have been there ever, very interesting to see – but the trees look like here!
    I wished, that we would have also the same clear blue sky.
    Regards from Germany – Ulrike


  9. Patty, thank you so much for this peek into your world! Great sky and seems the streets are so lonely.
    Best wishes, Manuela


  10. Soo wonderful photos, liebe Patty.

    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Woche


  11. Gorgeous day! I need to be sure that when I visit there is no scaffolding anywhere!!! ha!


  12. the street really looks empty… no wonder, as the VIPs were in australia;)
    interesting photo with the Restauration … they could have employed Christo in the meantime to pack it in;)
    liebe grüße!


  13. sparkledaysstudio

    Looks so weird to see the capital like that – in a cage. Love the whole Smithsonian museum area. I could spend weeks there and never see it all. xox


  14. What a treat to be that close to DC.


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