A Life That’s Good …

this is my wish for you…

Magpie's Nest A Life That's Good (1)

a couple more pages in one of my gesso art journals…

Magpie's Nest A Life That's Good (4)

with a bit of stamping around the edges… 

Magpie's Nest A Life That's Good (2)

and some doodling with my white paint pen which is still working like a charm

Magpie's Nest A Life That's Good (3)

the random pencil scribbles on my painted pages make me happy in the dappled sunlight (it is way too chilly to go out to my favorite photo spot on our back porch to snap pictures today)…

Magpie's Nest A Life That's Good

“Find your focus by seeking all that is good in your life.” -Lorii Myers

21 responses to “A Life That’s Good …

  1. What a beautiful page, Patty – quiet, heart warming and simply lovely! Hugs, Valerie


  2. Awesome spread Patty, I loved your landscape and also your roses, they are coming to live from your page! 🙂


  3. This is my wish for you too! Lovely work Patty.


  4. That’s beautiful Patty…..a fitting way to begin your holiday. Have a wonderful time.


  5. This is so beautiful Patty! ♥♥♥


  6. Simply wonderful! xoxo


  7. Beautiful as always xx I’m going to look out for the pen- I use an old biro dipped in paint – obviously have to watch for sploges so it takes an age !! Have a lovely evening xx


  8. So beautiful Patty! It seems like a Christmas card image…very well done!


  9. I love that scribble, Patty, makes your flowers look like the King Frost just touched them, with his magic stick, so very beautiful, dear friend- I`m sure the princess is just waiting to get out, from the wonderful castle ,- truly a good life, coming here, and get my goodnight story !!
    See you tomorrow- Hugs,Dorthe


  10. your random scribbles on painted pages make me happy too!


  11. Just lovely! Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving, too!


  12. What a beautiful page. I love the highlighting with the white pen, the roses and the landscape. These are magical pages, really heart-warming as the winter approaches. xxx


  13. your beautiful soul shines through you and your art-xo.


  14. A life that is good……. we all aspire to that, don’t we! I think you are succeeding! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my sweet friend!


  15. This is incredible. I really like how you cut the focal image on the left side. You are such an inspiration and thoughts are swirling through my head after seeing this beauty.

    I hope you have a lovely vacation and holiday. This one puts me in the mood for Christmas, I think.


  16. Lovely work with these colours, thanks for the message and your life-enhancing quotes.


  17. sparkledaysstudio

    We just have to decide to make it so don’t we. No matter what. Love the side stack view of your pages. xox


  18. inanoctopusgarden

    Love this post – sunny and bright and perfect words. I know we will all be thankful for the good in our lives next week hoping that will make us focus on it! I love the yellow lines in the border too!


  19. Oh it looks like the first pages in a book of fairy tale, could be the story of red rinding hood, the little girl with the basket at the left page looks like it.
    Your pages look amazing, telling a story their own.
    Dearest Greetings
    Sabine xox


  20. A wonderful wish and a glorious and beautiful way to express it — such wonderful illustrations. It’s a wish I return to you — Happy Thanksgiving, Patty.


  21. What beautiful pages – how I wish I could see your whole journal!
    Sandy xx


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