2014 T Tuesday Review…

here we are at the end of another year

Magpie's Nest iphoneography T sampler

with 2015 right around the corner…

Magpie's Nest 2014 T Sampler

a chance to look back a bit…


remembering good times…

Eugenia's gift from Greece

and so many generous friends…

Magpie's Nest Spring Summer T Sampler

I am wishing you a new year full of fun…

Mom and Dad's Winterling German Chinaand inspiration…

Traveling T Cup 2014 sampler

with time to explore…

Mixed Berry Scones and French Press Coffeeand savor each moment…

Kate and Henry love letter tea

~ Be Well Dear Ones ~

Forget-me-Nots and Hydrangeas

 I am joining in with everyone over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s to wish you a happy last T Tuesday of 2014 …

Patty Szymkowicz Boulder Tea House CO with apps


30 responses to “2014 T Tuesday Review…

  1. A beautiful look back. Happy T Day!


  2. Wonderful photos and words, dear Patty, and just right to set a peaceful atmosphere for the year’s end. All the very best to you for 2015, health and happiness to you and yours, and enjoy dancing through the darkness to the new light! Alles Liebe! Valerie


  3. Gorgeous images! Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!


  4. Fun to see the year in review. Your photo’s are always so beautiful. Happy New Year!



  5. What a great review and so inspirational with your photo collages! Creative and happy 2015 to you too, Patty!


  6. A really lovely review of all good things representing the simple joys in life. Thank you for another year of beautiful words, art and photos. Happy T day, and wishing you a New Year filled with everything you love!


  7. Here I am marveling over your T-posts. Wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2015 Patty!


  8. Very nice review of 2014 dear Patty. Your photos look so inviting.
    Reviewing the good things of a year let us know how good it was and forget the bad things. Thank you for all the amazing photos,every time heart warmers.
    Hugs and kisses


  9. Dearest Patty~~~thank you for sharing your many adventures & beautiful photos with us this year!!!! Looking forward to many more in 2015…..Happy New Year to you & yours……love….JUDY


  10. All those lovely tea adventures! How totally divine! Isn’t it nice to look back?


  11. Beautiful photos!
    Raising my teacup to you dear Patty,
    happy new year!
    Alison xxx


  12. Beautiful post that must have taken you hours! I loved seeing all the beautiful china and flowers. Best for 2015!


  13. I adore all the beautiful china, flowers and art that you share with us! Somehow you convey serenity and peacefulness in everything you post…thank you for the blessing of the creativity you share with us, and a Happy and Blessed New Year to you and yours!


  14. Thank you all so very much! Debbie each month I try and tuck away a couple of favorite tea photos in a* highlights file.* I have found that it makes it lots easier to piece together a mosaic at the end of the year that way 🙂

    oxo ~*~ Patty Magpie’s Nest Blog “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller


  15. I have to admit, your lovely review puts mine to shame. You come up with the best, and manage to outdo it every year. Very impressive and so artsy, too.

    BTW, I took a potty break and heard my mail person trudging her way through the snow to my mail box. I thought I’d save her a few steps, and guess what arrived? I’m off to open it as soon as I finish the T posts. But, thank you in advance, dear friend.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful retrospective of 2014 Ts with us for T this Tuesday,


  16. I’ve enjoyed every T Tuesday with you. May there be lots more in the new year.


  17. Great retrospective, Patty! A veritable feast for the eyes.

    Have a Happy New Year!!!


  18. What a magnificent post Patty!
    I’ve always enjoyed visiting you on T-day this year. Here’s looking at an other great year!

    Happy New Year and thank you for all the wonderful comments you have left on my blog through the year.


  19. twinkletoes2day

    Lovely lovely post. Such a lot of pretty tea things; all bringing such joy to look at. Happy T Day & Happy New Year 😀 x


  20. What a fun tea retrospective! Was a wonderful year, for sure! Happy New Year and Happy T-Day!! 🙂


  21. A lovely post. May 2015 be filled with beauty and joy for you and your loved ones xx


  22. sparkledaysstudio

    So many pretties from your hands this year from photos to vignettes. Happy New Year and looking forward to many more. xox


  23. A year full of such lovely cups 🙂 Happy T Tuesday!


  24. Hello and Happy T Day Patty!! WOW, you have outdone yourself this time. I think Dianne summed it up very well about your posts. So much love and peace are in them, THANK YOU for that. So nice being friends with you this year and will be again next year. Still hoping to sit in your garden one day and have tea. Wishing all these beautiful sentiments to you also. Happy New Year!


  25. all the good things are gathered here… cheers!
    may the new year bring all the best to you and your loved ones!


  26. Gorgeous photo collages, such beautiful china in each of them. Your words are also beautiful. I wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and creative 2015. Hugs, Shirleyxx


  27. froebelsternchen

    A wonderful REVIEW dear Patty! Thank you!♥♥♥


  28. I have enjoyed all the Tuesday Tea posts Patty – and look forward to those in the new year as well. Happy new year!


  29. What beautiful china you have. I love your mosaics and the different patterns you make with your photographs, here I especially like the layout of the second and the second last but it was a tough call.


  30. Dear one, my friend, Thank you for all your good wishes for us, and for the wonderful collages of photoes showing beautiful and lovely occations from your 2014. It has been great to follow your blog dear Patty, and I so look forward to a new year, filled with gorgeous stories and experiences from your life, and amazing art from your hand.
    Thank you, and be well you too !!
    New Years hug from Dorthe -xx


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