More Turks & Caicos Island T …

Magpie's Nest North and Middle Caicos Islands

Mr Magpie experienced his first ever driving on the left side of the road (TCI is a British Territory even though they use American currency…let’s just say he was glad there were very few vehicles on the road and just a couple of circles)…

Ferry from Provo to North Caicos

it was a short ferry ride from the island of Providenciales where we were staying to North Caicos Island where we rented a car (make that an old beat up Jeep with a great Caribbean music mixed CD to carry us along the rough and ready roads)…

Magpie's Nest North & Middle Caicos Islands

there is a causeway between North Caicos (population approx 1,400) and Middle Caicos (population approx 275) which led us to some beautiful secluded places…

Magpie's Nest Daniels Cafe Middle Caicos

we enjoyed a tasty lunch of fresh red snapper at Daniel’s Cafe By The Sea (the owner Daniel and his son are really nice and friendly)…

Magpie's Nest one flamingo TCI

we had hoped to see some of the many flamingos that are drawn to this area… in the end we were grateful to see this lone ONE…

Bambarra Beach treasures

impulse sent us down a road to a wonderful spot called Bambarra Beach named after the local rum

Bambarra Beach Middle Caicos Island

we spent a fair bit of time relaxing in the shade and combing the beach for treasures snapping oodles of photos with our traveling tea cup and parasol (those sea fans were really tempting me…happy to have lots of photos at least)…

Magpie's Nest Platico Point Middle Caicos

from there we took a narrow road that ran parallel to the water and came upon a rusty barge and equipment that we later found out were leftover from a failed attempt at making a cargo port (aqua and rust are such a wonderful color combo!!!)…

Turks & Caicos Islands Middle Caicos

our next stop was recommended by a friend and wowee was it ever magical there…

Middle and North Caicos map

since this is getting a bit long I will save that for another day…

Bambarra Beach cup of sea fan tea

(if you’d like a closer look at any of the photos you can click on them)

here’s wishing you a very happy T day along with everyone over at Elizabeth’s Altered Book Lover…

29 responses to “More Turks & Caicos Island T …

  1. I’ve been here for awhile, but took in each photo, enlarging until they were huge. I really enjoyed seeing you in a skirt. I’m a dress gal in summer, too. I hope you brought a few of those sea fans home with you, because I have never seen anything like them before. They are SO you and I know they would go perfect in your art.

    Rust and aqua. That had my heart pounding. WOW. Rust does that to me (grin). I’ll have to try that combination soon.

    Your traveling tea cup saw yet another great adventure. As I’ve said before, it’s even better traveled than many of us. Thanks for sharing yet another adventure in TCI. Loved that Mr. M was brave enough to drive on the “wrong” side of the road. Simply gorgeous photos and a fun memory for T this week (yep it’s Tuesday in many places right now).


  2. Quite lovely Patty. The flamingos aren’t pink?


  3. Thank you Elizabeth and Jo. I did not bring any of those pretty sea fans home… I feared they would shatter… but I certainly was tempted. Flamingos turn the color of the food they eat. We noticed the water looked quite dull. We were on the lookout for pretty pink birds but never saw any. I think we need to go back and do another search sometime 😉

    oxo ~*~ Patty Magpie’s Nest Blog “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller


  4. Looks amazing Patty! xxx


  5. Oh my gorgeous!! however did you two find such a beautiful place to visit? I have never seen such beautiful blue water! Your photos are always amazing- tell Jim thank you also! I swear I can smell the sea breeze heehee!
    thank you Patty! xoxo


  6. I’m sitting here with my morning coffee, and leisurely have scrolled through each one of your captivating photos. That water, the rust and aqua, the flamingo, those sea fans, and that lovely photo of you with the parasol-be still my heart. Thank you for taking us along on this magical journey. This was a perfect way to begin my day 🙂


  7. Great photo’s. Looks like a perfect vacation spot. You must have had a wonderful time exploring the beaches.



  8. I just adore Flamingos! I did notice that they were not the vibrant color I am used to seeing–perhaps not the best feeding spot and this lone one did not get the memo, LOL!

    Thank you for sharing these lovely, peaceful mosaics of your trip. Mr. M was so brave to drive on the left.


  9. I smiled at this not only because it was incredibly beautiful (this looks like a place I would LOVE!) but also because I know you tend to love the blue palette as much as I do in creating — and what a blue palette you had all around you here!


  10. Oh how gorgeous! I don’t think I’d want to come back home!!!! Love the shipwreck sticking out of the water. Great photos!
    Happy T day!


  11. Oh, what beautiful pictures! I feel like I’ve had a mini-vacation 🙂 Thx!


  12. What a beautiful place to spend a holiday!!!! I think my Hubs and I need to plan a trip like this sometime soon 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing yout stunning photos ♥♥♥♥♥


  13. Your photos are wonderful, one lovelier than the other. What a beautiful holiday you had – it seems to be really a part of paradise. Hugs, Valerie


  14. so enjoyed looking at your wonderful photos pretending I am there too..what a lovely adventure into paradise


  15. These are such heavenly images. I still can’t quite believe those blues – they are just wonderful! What memories you will have to treasure of this magical holiday. Thank you so much for sharing so much beauty with us Patty. xx


  16. Wonderful pictures, looks to me as if you visited a piece of Heaven! We are off on our big move tomorrow so I won’t be able to check in for a while.
    Sandy xx


  17. So odd to see a single flamingo. It really must hear the beat of its own drum. The was such fun to be taken along on such an exotic trip! Wow! I always get a kick out of the traveling cup, too. Happy T-Day! 🙂


  18. Gorgeous photos! I feel that each picture has a story of it’s own. Oh! yes, aqua and rust look beautiful. That is an inspiration for me to paint-:)
    Have a great week


  19. What a lovely place that is, never heard of it before so thanks for enlightening me


  20. actually missing words… this is just DIVINE!!!
    wonderful Skelton structure of the leaves… makes the heart of an Artist sing…
    and i´m so inspired by These Colors, maybe i´ll straight away use them for my next work…


  21. Oh Patty that are such lovely photos from your holidays. Such conch shells you show us we had lying in our Garden between the flowers when I was child. Mostly I love the photo of your teacup with your nice decoration.
    Wish you a nice and lucky springtime my dear friend.
    Sabine xox


  22. Oh gosh what a fantastic place ! Thank you for sharing the fantastic photos Patty!
    Happy belated T-Day liebe Patty!


  23. How fun to go off into secluded areas and find such wonderful places to enjoy. How amazing that those gorgeous beaches are empty of people – but certainly a bonus for you. Driving on the left certainly takes getting used to…at least you didn’t have too much traffic to contend with.


  24. ohmy, it looks like a Paradise, such a beautiful place. I just start to drive with the car and by bike on the left, it’s scaryyyyy!:-)


  25. A totally wild and wonderful week, for you two!! So many things to experience, -driving in left side, and then in such a car,lol- and all the beauty around you. Your one flamingo surely is a beauty, too- dear Patty.
    Nice to see your teacup and you with your parasol, in this amazing Paradise!! Did the tea warm your toes …LOL (looks like you are in the cup!!)
    Hugs and smiles from Dorthe


  26. Pingback: Travel makes one modest… | Magpie's Nest ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

  27. Oh. Patty, what a wonderful place, and your photos and photo mosaics are just spectacular with the brilliant blues – and maybe the sort of blues you frequently use in your artwork too.
    The description of your trips and the places you’ve found are just marvellous, what a great holiday you had – and we shared a little bit too – thanks!


  28. Such beauty. I’m so glad y’all went and took us with you. I would NOT be able to drive on the left side! JJJ did well!!!


  29. Such a wonderful Summer feeling here, so blue and dreamy, blissful days! Beautiful post, thanks for all you share!


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