Pull Love Closely Around You…

Cherry Blossoms 2015Spring has sprung here in northern Virginia and it has me flitting here and there feeling energetic and excited (we even got to visit the cherry blossoms in Washington DC this year at twilight time)…

Magpie's Nest Flower Press

the other day I was busy emptying my flower press from the fall and loading the first layers of Spring blooms…

Magpie's Nest playing with plaster

when I thought it was so pretty out I decided it would be fun to play with plaster on our back porch which had me plastering anything that held still (almost)…

Magpie's Nest Plastered Papers

using fabrics and doilies as stencils…

Magpie's Nest Plastered tissue and fabric

this little plastic one makes such a nice burst pattern and I especially like it on tissue paper or peeled napkin even (you know the white layer you don’t want to throw away when you’ve peeled your napkins)…

Magpie's Nest Plastered Red Rosin Paper

all of that fun then led me to create two more pages in my handmade red rosin paper art journal…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Pull Love Closely (2)

inspired by the image of a beautiful statue on our recent island adventures

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Pull Love Closely (1)

the computer generated quote (have you ever tried this amazing site to help you audition which font you would like to use…BIG thanks to Gale of Paper Whimsy for sharing the link!)…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Pull Love Closely

joining with Art Journal Journey’s “Favorite quotes/Poems” theme again (my other entries are #99 + #110)

20 responses to “Pull Love Closely Around You…

  1. Wow, what beautiful journal pages, looks like you had a fun time playing with plaster! Thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey! Alles Liebe, Valerie


  2. WOW.. I am thrilled about those pages Patty! So beautiful!
    Great what you did with the plaster so far on your back porch..looks wonderful!
    Cool idea with the white napkin layer.. gives me the inspiration to try out molding paste on a tissue …
    the link to this fonts at one glance is great- tagged it for me…thank you!
    Happy about your AMAZING entry to AJJ liebe Patty!


  3. I’ve never thought of doing this. Beautiful results!


  4. What beautiful pages Patty. I love the lacy stenciling; that beautiful blue and the image of the little statue. I always store those white sheets of napkin, as I don’t want to throw them away. Now I shall know what to do with them! Thanks for sharing this! xxx


  5. Another beautiful post……..always a reflection of your beautiful soul, my friend. xo


  6. Talk about FEARLESS. Your latest project with the Venetian plaster is wonderful. It’s hard to stop when something that much fun happens. Lovely and fun. And of course, I really enjoyed the completed spread with the layering, the plaster, the beauty of the statue. Good choice to get the untinted plaster base.

    I’ve known people who trade those white sheets of three-ply decorative napkins, especially when the patterns are still faintly present. Glad you used that in your AB.


  7. Oh look at al that fun you had making beautiful plaster elements for your art projects! Love them Patty!! And your pages are utterly beautiful.


  8. Patty, that mini-doily is a real find. Plastic? Where? I love my big one — but it’s BIG! Haven’t played with plaster, just the modeling pastes and that looks lots of fun (and what a good way to handle the napkin backs — I have a TON of them but they usually end up in the bucket!). Really looks terrific and lots of good tips here. Thanks for the link!

    Lovely blossoms. You know, last week we were an hour from DC (do you know where Frederick, MD is?) And with the family obligations with the funeral and getting back for work we didn’t/couldn’t go see. I’ve never been to that part of the country and one thing I know for sure — I’m going back (spring or not!)


  9. The Cherry Blossoms are sure beautiful and what fun you had plastering those spectacular designs.


  10. Omgosh!! You are too much fun Patty!! I would have loved to play on the porch with you with the plaster!! What wonderful elements you have created for your use!
    And huge thanks to you and Gail for sharing that link!! Awesomeness!!

    Beautiful photos- especially love the one of you! xoxo
    Happy Fun Friday!


  11. Hello dear, How I would have loved playing with you, with the plaster, I never tried it, and don`t know if I find the same here. Your results are wonderful, and fantastic looking at all kind of surfaces ,
    And so beautiful is your spread, where you used the lovely statue ,on that amazing background- it looks gorgeous!! I love your words, too, Patty.
    Warm hugs, Dorthe


  12. Beautiful!! That looks like a lot of fun….hope I come across a can of that stuff at the recycle center sometime. 🙂


  13. I love this idea!! (And your art style!!)


  14. Your pages are so beautiful Patty, I adore that lovely quote! I’m very inspired…thanks 🙂 xxx


  15. Really gorgeous images! Great art style… Enjoy your day


  16. i thought of you when i saw the cherry blossoms in the botanical garden last week… and i so love the textures you created here with plaster! stenciling onto leftover tissue (never waste! my credo…LOL) Looks gorgeous and this statue is a perfect Picture for this spread!


  17. All of your gorgeous work just begs to be touched! Thanks for the link to the site to audition type styles – lots of fun.


  18. Gosh, Patty…… I’m not sure when I last felt energetic and excited. What’s wrong with me? Love what you’ve done. I did watch my Misty Mawn video last week and found my plaster…. but that’s as far as I got. ha You always inspire me. I’m off to check out this quote link you shared!!!


  19. Your pages are out of this world, quite spiritual and such delicate artwork.
    I came here last week and must have got so lost in all your fabulous links that I forgot to come back, sorry!
    Glad you are feeling energetic and happy, have a great day and a wonderful week and a great year too!


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