it’s Bluebell time again …

Magpie's Nest our lilacs

this time of year has me feeling a bit like a bumblebee flitting from thing to thing to take in all the beauty and surprises nature has to offer…

Magpie's Nest Cherry Blossoms with a filter

 cherry blossom time in Washington, D.C. meant that the Virginia Bluebells could not be far behind…

Magpie's Nest Bluebell Trail

to our great delight this past weekend we got to visit Bull Run Regional Park several times…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz tea cup on a log

which is something we look forward to each Spring here in Virginia (one of the days three hours had passed before we knew it)…

Magpie's Nest shadows time for tea

we took the traveling tea cup along and found lots of welcoming spots for it to rest for a bit being careful to avoid the tender new poison ivy popping up everywhere and remembering to NOT be tempted to touch the mature fuzzy vines clinging to tree trunksMagpie's Nest Fuzzy Poison Ivy Vines

much like the cherry blossoms the exquisite bluebells are relatively short lived and perhaps all the more precious because of that (depending on weather conditions they can last about 8-10 days)…

Magpie's Nest Virginia Wildflowers

there are other blooms to enjoy as well but the bluebells are definitely the stars of the show…

Magpie's Nest Bluebells on a bank

being in the woods for sunrise one day treated us to a bit of extra magic…

Magpie's Nest Misty Morning sunrise in Virginia

there was a mist over the meadow entering the park that stopped us in our tracks…

Magpie's Nest Dewdrops like Diamonds

 Mother Nature made each petal and leaf look like it had been dusted with sugar (you can click the photos for a closer look)…

Magpie's Nest Bull Run Park Nature Treats

walking the loop trail through the woods is a little different each time (can you see the goose peeking over the log)…

Magpie's Nest Bull Run Bluebell Reflections

here’s wishing you a very happy T Day along with everyone over at Elizabeth’s Altered Book Lover

Magpie's Nest Traveling Tea Cup on a stumpmay your day be full of things you enjoy…

30 responses to “it’s Bluebell time again …

  1. froebelsternchen

    FANTATSIC IMAGES dear Liebe Patty! I am thrilled by all this yummie colors of spring!
    Happy T-Day! Like a fairy has tea in the nature! Beautiful!


  2. Definitely my favourite time of year…lovely photos Patty xxx


  3. I really love the intense blue of the bluebells….hmmm, maybe I see some beaded in the near future. It is such a wonderful privilege to see Mother Nature renew the earth every year, isn’t it? Have a wonderful day, dear Patty.


  4. oh what lovely, lovely photos of the blooms, scenery and fauna! I can see why you lost track of time in this magical place. I love the pic of the turtle stretching his neck out to see what’s going on:) Happy T day!


  5. Wonderful photos, spring is a great time of year. I fell into a patch of poison ivy in the States, ouch, really awful! We don’t have it here! Hugs, Valerie


  6. You (and the tea cup) certainly had a beautiful place to walk. I’ve never seen bluebells in person, they do look beautiful in your photos though.



  7. Beautiful pictures! I am interested to see that what you call bluebells is different to the British bluebell.


  8. Patty, it is breathtaking. And those misty photos — it’s like King Arthur’s Avalon. Beautiful in every way.


  9. What a magical place. The fog photos made me sigh out loud from their beauty. Happy Spring! and Happy T day!


  10. Ah, such lovely, lovely photos. I know I tell you this every year, but I have never seen a bluebell in my life. Only in photos, mostly your photos, in fact. I can see the attraction.

    Thanks for bringing us on this lovely photo adventure (and yes, I saw the goose) as you shared your traveling tea cup with the bluebells and other beautiful flora during T this Tuesday.


  11. These are so pretty Patty! Have never seen one but now I want to!


  12. I love nature trails! Thx so much for taking me along on your walk through this beautiful area 🙂


  13. Oh, this looks like such a wonderful, spring walk. I should love to have joined you. Your Virginia bluebells are so different to ours, but so lovely in their own way. We have bluebells coming into flower in our garden now and in the woods near our home. They should have reached perfection this weekend when I hope we can take a walk with our cameras and capture them on film. You tell me yours don’t have a scent. They look really pretty anyway. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. I love how you captured the mist too. xxx


  14. gorgeous photos! what a wonderful way to start my day. Thanks Patty!!


  15. My dear Patty, what beautiful photoes, I so loved seing them close up,-the turtle ,spiderweb and the goose- and ofcourse the bluebells- they are magic in such huge amounts, and so beautiful! Also love your wristcuff !!
    Hugs from Dorthe


  16. sparkledaysstudio

    So beautiful there. Nice to have those views close to home. Still can’t believe the folks who picked all those endangered flowers, duh.


  17. beautiful photos. Your bluebells are very different to those we have in the UK.


  18. How quickly things change once Spring has arrived. Glorious scenery, beautiful blooms…..but it still looks a little crisp.


  19. Oh, gosh, it’s lovely there. All the bluebells and the trees–water and turtles–gorgeous! Can’t forget the traveling cup, too. Happy T-Day! 🙂


  20. Such beauty! We live in a beautiful world!


  21. Your photos are exquisite and have left me speechless!
    Please tell Mr.Jim thank you for sharing also!! (I really think the two of you should be the Official tourbook photographers!!) xoxoxo


  22. Such a beautiful place to enjoy spring!!! Love all of the photos !!!c


  23. What a beautiful post, moments filled so well with such beauty and peace, just what I love!


  24. So many lovely spring photos dear Patty. I also like Jim’s nice photos with the morning fog and rising sun. I think it must gave much fun to you to watch all these wonders of mother nature.
    Dearest Greetings


  25. Your spring photos are stunning Patty-:) cherry blossoms are my favorite


  26. Wow gorgeous photography ! I love them all. I’m just catching up as I was away, take care, Shirleyxx


  27. Such a treat that you get to see the cherry blossoms and all these bluebells every year!!


  28. So magnificent! I love seeing all the flowers you have that are different from those in Florida. And those misty shots – fabulous!!


  29. You know I love your photos, Patty and Jim. And your “long shadow” shots are great!


  30. Thank you so much for this georgious photo-walk. Isn’ it wonderful to re-live the miracle of nature each spring?! Most I love all your blue flowers – blue and white are my favorite colors, not only in flowers.


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