fairy garden tea…

Patty Szymkowicz Mrs Cardinal Pause

feeling grateful for some lovely weather lately with time to sit out and enjoy nature on our back porch…

Patty Szymkowicz dessert on the porch

we like eating out back and had some yummy avocado tofu pie from our favorite local vegetarian restaurant  recently (I know!!! believe me all you can taste is delicious creamy goodness with nuts on top and a bit of sweetness along with some refreshing water = just perfect!!!)…

Patty Szymkowicz dish garden in bloom

our fairy garden is in full bloom with tiny Blue Star Creeper in the front…Patty Szymkowicz fairy garden closeup

and pink blooms of a miniature Dianthus behind the little bench and garden gate (the pinks smell beautiful)…

Patty Szymkowicz Fairy Garden Seasons

we decided to turn the blue birdbath that a friend gave us some years ago into a dish garden just off our back porch…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz May 2010

and we get to enjoy it through the changing seasons…

Patty Szymkowicz moisture meter

not sure how this handy gadget works (no batteries…you just stick the wand into the soil and  the dial moves) but I find it very helpful in keeping track of the moisture levels of plants especially those in containers with no drainage (over watering can be as bad for plants as letting them dry out)…

Patty Szymkowicz Mr Magpie holds a cuppa

here’s wishing you a Happy T Day along with everyone over at Elizabeth’s Altered Book Lover…

Patty Szymkowicz Red

“All that we behold is full of blessings.” ~William Wordsworth

28 responses to “fairy garden tea…

  1. Your fairy garden is gorgeous. I adore that color blue, too. I would love one of these in my back yard. And the fairies would finally have a place to live, just like they do at your home.

    That pie sounds marvelous. Long ago, the first time I had tofu, I hated it. It was cooked in a Chinese dish and had a HORRIBLE taste. I shunned tofu for years because if it, not realizing how tofu picks up the taste of anything around it. Later I learned that, and now I would share your avocado tofu pie with you any day.

    Thanks for sharing your fairy garden, your water, AND your luscious sounding pie with us for T this Tuesday. And I have one of those meters, too. Very handy, although mine is not blue like yours, but an ugly beige.


  2. Spring in your garden is quite lovely. I like fairy gardens and I think that using the birdbath for a planter is a great idea.



  3. Such lovely images and the pie sounds delicious.


  4. delicious pie must this be and I adore your wonderful fairy garden dear liebe Patty! Fabulous pictures ! Thank you for sharing Patty!Happy T-Day!


  5. Wonderful photos indeed!


  6. Such wonderful bird shots! And that fairy garden is so sweet. I have a bird bath that may just have to be put to the same kind of use! Just lovely!


  7. I always enjoy your garden pictures. I have a small space, and your ideas inspire me 🙂 I’ve given up putting any plant into a pot without drainage, although that device you have might save me from the disasters I’ve consistently experienced with them.

    Happy T Tuesday!


  8. Dear Patty your garden is truly a blessing in your /our life. So many beautiful picture to enjoy and for you the life out there, all year round, but especially in spring and summer time. I so love your fairy garden, changing with thge seasons, but always a lovely adventure to watch. The Blue Star Creeper looks so lovely and fragile there.
    Sending hugs and warm thoughts.


  9. I love being in your garden! If only I could join you and eat pie too!
    Sandy xx


  10. refreshing and lovely photos dear…adorable little fairy garden! you have such a talent for vignettes and beautiful scenes! happy T day…♥


  11. What a beautiful place you have made to sit and dream, and watch the birds – enjoy it! Alles Liebe, Valerie


  12. Judith post

    Oh that back porch has such beautiful views….great posting…thanks!


  13. Happy T-day
    As always your photos blow me away!!!


  14. Your birdbath garden is just delightful–I like the way it changes with the seasons! Enjoyed all the lovely photos….was that a woodpecker? Just beautiful!


  15. What a very beautiful garden you have! 😀 I know they don’t happen overnight, so you have obviously loved it all for a lot of years and deserve to enjoy it all to the fullest 😀 That gadget will be quite useful i am sure 🙂 Happy T Day 😀


  16. Such lovely pictures Patty! And that would be a handy watering gadget! I may need me one of those! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb


  17. A feast for the eyes! I adore your fairy garden Patty! xxx


  18. Your delight in your garden is palpable Patty. You convey it so well in your lovely pictures. Love your improvised vase! All this and healthy eating too…just perfect!


  19. I am very eager to get a birdbath. Partly for the birds. Just partly. And the rest? Yes, you guessed it! Just to foof up with loveliness, like yours!


  20. Thank you for the Fairy Tea Party! 🙂 As always, I love seeing your pretty photos.


  21. So beautiful your garden and the nice decoration around it. You created a little paradise. I could feel myself at home there. I love your amazing photos. Looking at makes me happy.
    Dearest greetings


  22. sparkledaysstudio

    Your setting is just gorgeous and your fairy garden divine. I’ve got an old cast iron bird bath that broke but can be repaired and I think this may be just the trick for it. We are going to create a small bird garden area just off the deck and you have given me such a wonderful idea here to use that piece. Glad you have such a wonderful place for repose. xox


  23. Using a birdbath as a fairy garden or dish garden is such a great idea. I love the way you change it for the seasons too. A small place for a little imagination all year round! I have a ph meter that looks similar to your water meter. I didn’t know they made ones for moisture and may need to look into getting one.


  24. What a delightful idea to turn your bird-bath into a little miniature garden. It looks enchanting. I love all the interesting little ‘magpie wonders’ you have in your pretty garden and the stone with ‘Pause’ carved into it is such a good idea. Aren’t gardens just the loveliest places to stop, think and enjoy? They just keep on rewarding us, especially when feathered guests come to visit too. I like the sound of avocado pie too. xxx


  25. So pretty. I always love your fairy garden. I should take some pictures in the rain…….. maybe today……. and show the yucky San Jacinto river water creeping onto the golf course….. my pics might be yucky!!!!


  26. OK, I’ve got to make a fairy garden in a bird bath like you did. This is gorgeous, and very clever too.


  27. Always so beautiful and floral this way, what a great idea to turn that bird bath into a little garden, it’s so special and I love it through all the seasons, very magical!


  28. kampysgirl

    I always go to another world when reading your posts Patty! This post was a slice of heaven! How delightful your gardens are and all the tiny trimmings! Thanks so much for sharing! xoox
    ps..what happened to Mr. thumb nail?


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