Wordless Wednesday ~♥~ found on Facebook author unknown

Anonymous found on Facebook

16 responses to “Wordless Wednesday ~♥~ found on Facebook author unknown

  1. Truer words were never spoken. Lovely entry. So glad you shared this because it’s a great lesson many could learn and practice.


  2. If only we could all remember to do this, what a kinder, better world this would be.


  3. This is so true, and a good reminder for us all where so many refugees are looking for places to live in peace. Hugs, Valerie


  4. sparkledaysstudio

    I saw this and loved it too. Kindness takes nothing, why does it seem so hard for people. xox


  5. Like

  6. Love this !!! I will have to borrow it too ♥


  7. If this was on FB I’d be clicking like. But really, it needs a love button.


  8. Yes, if only the world could understand that.


  9. So true….. ~Sophia


  10. I absolutely love this!! xo


  11. This quote should be posted in every area where there is unrest – words that ALL of us should learn to live by. I’m stealing this one for my files!


  12. Brilliant! I am meditating on this as we daily watch the sad stories of refugees unfold on our television screens. xx


  13. It’s so wunderful! I love your pages!


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