build your dreams…

happy to be joining the Art Journal Journey ARCHITECTURE challenge this month after being away for a few weeks…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Homemade Journal pgs

I worked in a handmade journal that I stitched together and painted a while ago (each page measures 7.5 x 11 inches)…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz pgs in progress

my inspiration came from our recent visit to Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina using bits of this and that were on my work table (there was even a scrap of map with the Pamlico Sound on it)…
Magpie's Nest Ocracoke Lighthouse page left

the lighthouse drawing I used is from a photo of a display on the lighthouse grounds...

Magpie's Nest build your dreams catch the local waves

we have been visiting The Outer Banks for many many years and we continue to be drawn to the Ocracoke Lighthouse…

Magpie's Nest Ocracoke Lighthouse reflected in a rain puddle

happy to report that the island still has maintained its quiet and beautiful charm (we do prefer visiting off season) with a full time population of under 1,000 … no traffic lights … no chain businesses or hectic 9 to 5 …

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Build Your Dreams art journal pages

if you click on my finished pages above you’ll find a few statistics and other handwritten notations as well…

Magpie's Nest Currituck Lighthouse NC

this year we headed north on the Atlantic coast for a bit at the beginning of our vacation to visit the Currituck Lighthouse which was also quite charming with a great view from the top…

Magpie's Nest Panorama from top of Currituck Island Lighthouse NC

we like lighthouses!

“An architect is a drawer of dreams.” -Grace McGarvie

20 responses to “build your dreams…

  1. So glad you enjoyed a peaceful time away Patty, it sounds idyllic! Your pages are wonderful.
    Alison xxx


  2. Fantastic pages, looks like you had a wonderful time in your vacations, what beautiful places you visited! Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey again! Hugs, Valerie


  3. wow,what a wonderful page you created,love the way you used this,great job,dear patty.
    have a great new week,dear patty.

    hugs jeannette


  4. Great to see you back in Blogland, Patty.
    Your pages are delightful from the first page to the completed one, and with your trademark blues.
    That’s a marvellous photo of the white lighthouse, you do have holidays in the most light-filled places (or maybe it’s your photographic skills).
    Thanks for your AJJ entry, I think it’s our first lighthouse.


  5. Your holiday on Ocracoke Island sounds idyllic! What a wonderful retreat with no chain stores! Your journal pages are so serene and beautiful. It’s wonderful to have you back casting your blue skies and sunshine over Blogland! xxx


  6. sparkledaysstudio

    Fantastic return. That light house is like Nubble Light up here, so beautiful in their simplicity. xox


  7. Hallo and welcome back dear Patty! You show us nice photos from the lighthouses. I like the one with the reflection on the water and the lighthouse stairs looking like a snail house. Your art journal pages are also very good again.
    Dearest Greetings and a nice new week.


  8. Great page! I know I’m going to enjoy seeing the photos from your trip to the beach!


  9. I love the collage. And I love Ocracoke. It is such a laid back pretty place. Lucky you to be able to visit and get away from it all for a bit.


  10. Welcome back, Patty! I love lighthouses too… Lots of creativity and talent in your art journal.


  11. I’m a HUGE fan of blueprints, so the lighthouse was a gem. It was simply a perfect example of architecture, and one no one has touched on so far. I’ve really missed you, and was SO glad to see your name at AJJ. This is a wonderful spread.


  12. Oh– this looks so beautiful Patty! Fab to use a blueprint – a wonderful spread is this ! I am glad to see you back and hope you enjoyed the weeks away! Looks like this was a special fantastic place where you took your inspiration for the pages!
    Thank you for a fantastic entry to Art Journal Journey!


  13. Very great to see the unusual architecture of a lighthouse … a great idea, Patty! It is a very beautiful Journal page!
    And I like the photo, where the lighthouse reflected in the water beside the white fence. Viele liebe Grüße von Ulrike


  14. love all your elements and that fresh air feeling!Youve captured the light house magic. Jims photo at the bottom is a stunner too!


  15. SO happy to have you back dear Patty- I have missed you! Of course I thought of you often. Your journal spread reflects your love of this place and I can so relate to the thing about lighthouses too. Perhaps one day we can meet at the Cape May lighthouse:) Love the panoramic view. Looks like you had some gorgeous days- I was hoping your stay wasn’t marred by hurricane Joaquim’s wrath. Welcome home!


  16. Hurray, you are back! I missed you! But, it looks like you have been having a fabulous time. Your lighthouse images are wonderful. And the picture of the spiral staircase is spectacular. Those 214 steps were worth it!


  17. Wonderful spread – I certainly understand your theme!
    sandy XX


  18. Sounds pretty glorious! I love your lighthouse drawing. It’s a wonderfully complicated and beautiful spread!


  19. A fab page love it and your holiday sounds wonderful


  20. So glad to have you back from your journey dear Patty! Wonderful spread! xo


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