Second on the 2nd for November 2015…Memory of the Heart

looking back to 27 November 2011 I am sharing these art journal pages for Elizabeth’s second look this month…

Happy November All oxo

…memory of the heart…

thank you all for your precious Thanksgiving wishes and I hope that everyone that celebrated had a lovely holiday…

I will share a little of our holiday escape to the mountains in my upcoming Tea Tuesday post…

today I wanted to show you a couple of pages I have been working on for a little while now…

after the spring nesting season earlier this year I ended up with a broken Robin’s egg collection…

I tucked them into a tiny bowl with plans to use those pretty shades of “blue” in a collage some day…

my small fragile Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia/Art Journal pages

(each page measures 4×6″)

had a couple of pages gessoed and ready for more attention with a piece of film stapled on the left…

too bad I didn’t take photos of my pages all along the way…

but you know how it goes when you get busy playing…

the camera is in another location and you just keep working away and before you know it…

well here are my finished pages…

I brushed on some thick gel medium and crushed the shells in place liking that some of the book page was left exposed on the top right…

that image was way too nice to cover up…

a piece of my Citra Solv paper where I included rubber stamping and rub ons added a nice layer as well…

I wrote Love with a white Sharpie Water Based poster pen outlined in fine black marker…

I really like the black and white image of the amazing artist Albrecht Dürer who just happened to be handy on my work table

more eggshells on the left side along with tissue tape and a scrap piece of paper used to protect my work table…I left the strip of film loose at the bottom and made a list of some of the things I am grateful for underneath…

this page was intentionally left a bit open with room for all the unknown blessings already on their way with more to be grateful for…

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” ~Jean Baptiste Massieu, translated from French

19 responses to “Second on the 2nd for November 2015…Memory of the Heart

  1. I already left a comment on the first link you sent out, but I’ll say it gladly again – lovely work, especially the bird
    s eggs, and the wonderful page you made with them. Hugs, Valerie


  2. I can’t believe how blue the egg shells are. You were wise to save them. They were the perfect addition to the page. Of course, I enjoyed the entire page and love the retrospective look.

    Thanks as always for sharing this post with us for Second on the 2nd. It’s a gorgeous spread that is truly worthy of a second look!


  3. This is such a wonderful spread- I LOVE that you saved those precious eggs and incorporated them so beautifully into your art! I too used eggshells once in a piece that I sent along to my sister- they really do add yummy texture and interest to a piece!
    love &hugs and wishes for a beautiful week my friend! xo


  4. Oh wow! Love this page. I can’t remember seeing it before. The color and texture is wonderful!!


  5. I am so glad you shared this for a Second Look, cause I’ve not seen it, and it deserves even more than just a second look. Quite pretty, and I really like all the elements on your pages and what an addition the pretty blue egg shells made. Bravo for keeping them.


  6. Fantastic this pages and this wonderful eggshells! I am in awe of this pages Patty!
    Happy Second Look On The Second!


  7. What a fabulous way to use the egg shells! So pleased to have got to see this! Hugs, Chrisx


  8. These pages are oldies, but soooo nice in all details and colors.
    So, as you have glued the eggshells, I have done it before with broken pearly shells … Grüße aus Kassel von Ulrike


  9. I’ve always wanted to use eggshells in something, but wasn’t sure what to do. I do now. Thanks Patty…your page works so well.


  10. Haven’t been here for a long time 😦

    but figured I’d just stick my head round the door and say “Hello”

    I’ll go and have a wander around later and see what wonderful creations I’ve missed during my absence 🙂


  11. I love to see these re-postings! Your work is too good not to enjoy again and again.


  12. Wow-this is gorgeous and I love how you used those eggshells right in your journal. What a gorgeous color they are!


  13. I like these looks back! It’s fun to see what you worked on earlier.


  14. I love how you incorporated the shells. They give a wonderful texture and the color is so perfect. How wise you were to save them!


  15. Patty, dear, what a beautiful way of using those wonderful blue egg shels, mixing wonderfully with the black/white from the original page, the gesso, and Mr. Dürer. Love the little add of more blue in between, and the stamped “swirls” on the qoute page,- lov e the qoute, too !!
    I`m not remembering seing this before, so Thank you !!
    Dorthe, xxooo


  16. Eggshells in your altered book? Now that’s getting really creative. The whole spread is wonderful and the blue of those shells is nature at her best.


  17. Great pages my dear friend! I like the Leonardo image and the soft, turquoise eggshells which give it a very special texture.
    Dearest Greetings


  18. Wonderful pages!!! xxx


  19. The eggshells are so pretty in the bowl but then I read your post further and discover the broken shells on your journal page. How fabulous!


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