nature’s wonders

NATURE’S WONDERS is Gill’s theme for Art Journal Journey this month…Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Passion Flower

oh how I enjoy nature and always have growing up in a household with parents that honored and preserved nature as much as possible…Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz lotus collagemy father was known to have annual feuds with sparrows that were relentless in their attempts to build nests in his Purple Martin houses… he cared alot about the Purple Martins who were great at eating mosquitoes returning faithfully to the garden each year…

Magpie's Nest Red Rosin Monoprint Journal Cover

 I created two more pages in my red rosin monoprinted journal

Magpie's Nest BLOOM supplies Lynne Perrella

PaperArtsy’s lovely Lynne Perrella stamps were fun to play with adding another favorite Tin Can Mail butterfly wing stamp for the background..

Magpie's Nest Bloom right page

it was a bit of a challenge to incorporate one of my 5 x 5 collages onto my already monoprinted pages trying to match the paints I used earlier…Magpie's Nest Bloom left

the final touch was adding some pressed flowers using matte medium under and over them on the pages with a couple of rubons too…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz BLOOM red rosin pages

I like how the words I used in all of the spreads flow like a bit of found “poetry”… they evolved after working randomly with no  theme for my journal (all it needs now is binding and a cover):

Keep moving forward… 


Keep close to nature’s heart… 

Pull Love closely around you and snuggle into its bliss… 

What we think we become… 


The present moment is a powerful goddess… 


 -Patty Szymkowicz

27 responses to “nature’s wonders

  1. It’s just beautiful Patty.Good job on matching colors too! xoxo


  2. Wow , this looks awesome. your colours are matched so beautifully and the collage square looks right at home on the page. I love your found poetry, its true we can find beauty and harmony all around us,. if we take time to look.
    Yvonne xx


  3. Fantastic pages, love the colours, and your very stylish and very Patty design, unmistakable. And the wonderful words you wrote at the end are the icing on my cake! Thanks for another great entry for AJJ, Alles Liebe, Valerie


  4. Christie Juhasz

    Such beautiful pages….and what a wonderful look back at the other pages. The found poetry they create is amazing. Can’t wait to see how you bind them all together! Thanks for the reminder about the red rosin paper – I need to look for some.


  5. you have done an amazing job with this theme dear Patty! I know it is close to your heart as it is mine. I just love how the found poem came about-so special. Will have something to share soon-so hard getting back into sync after the beach vacation…
    happy weekend!


  6. Wonderful pages and the words are so meaningful, like poetry indeed! Wow and to think your created your journal in 2013. How beautifully the pages have evolved – they were already works of art (the monoprinted pages are beautiful, I have never seen this before and loved reading about it, thank you) and now they have a lovely spiritual feel about them! There is a lovely harmony and peace about your latest pages and so much detail, perfect! Hope you are having a lovely weekend! J 🙂
    p.s. I just have to mention the lovely passion flower photo, I will never tire of seeing them, they are so very stunning and mesmersing – thanks so much for sharing their beauty:-).


  7. Love this post!!!! Your art is fantastic and I love the found poetry aspect of it too ♥ I can only imagine how beautiful it will look when you get it all put together 🙂


  8. Wonderful Patty – I love the way you just effortlessly let go and create! And you always seem to have just the “right” thing in your stash to set everything off!
    Sandy xx


  9. The use of beauties from nature spoke to me. You always come up wit the most beautiful and often quite romantic spreads. I can’t believe you keep your rubber stamps in their original package. Good for you!


  10. Those pages are so so beautiful! Fantastic! I love all about them!
    Wishing you a wonderful sunday dear Patty !
    Thank you so much for joining AJJ again with your unique awesome art!


  11. I love the collages you create. How do you get your hands on the bits and pieces that you use in your artwork?


  12. Hello Patty
    I am passionate about your work, for this project “Nature” they are great.
    Have a beautiful Sunday


  13. Hello dear Patty!
    Your Art is always so unique and beautiful. I admire your great creativity and skills. All in the beautiful spread is perfect. Love it ❤
    Have a wonderful time and enjoy Nature around you ❤❤❤


  14. My father had his feud with squirrels over the bird feeder. LOL!
    Love the color and delicacy of this page spread. 🙂


  15. Absolute gorgeousness!!! Your pages flow ~And is that the color of your passion flower? Oh I am in heaven-purple is my fav!!
    and gotta love Lynne’s stamps- I am such a fan of these!!
    hugs & love,Jackie


  16. vintagewithlaces

    That’s a beautiful spread with lots of wonderful details, Patty!


  17. This is another gorgeous spread Patty. I love how you used those images on the pages. Those Lynne Perella images are some of my favorite, and you used one of them beautifully on this piece. Has your weather cooled down any? How’s the home improvement coming? And finally, has your son finished his Appalachian trail hike? I thought of him last Monday while driving home on the Mass Turnpike and we passed under where the trail crossed the highway. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs-Erika


  18. Stunning pieces and fabulous post Patty.
    Best pc feature for me, is the magnifying/zoom button so I was able to zoom in and see all the fabulous textures and details on your stunning and inspiring work 🙂 makes me want to go and play and create, but its probably a bit late at night for that (10.40pm – mmm maybe not)
    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.
    Gill x ( oh and I loved the link about the purple martins that was really interesting)


  19. Patty love this spread! Color-words-layout – – love-love-love!


  20. So utterly beautiful. You are a constant inspiration my friend. Also my parents too were nature lovers. My dad loved nothing better than feeding birds and fishing and my mother adored wildflowers and the ocean. I tend to be the same. x


  21. I love this new blue pages very much. Your collage with the water lily is so nice and the new stamp from Lynne Perella looks very good to it. I had a look on Paper Artsy homepage and the famous Perella stamps, they are nearly all so fantastic. It is a pity that we can’t buy it here in Germany.
    Have a nice new week dear friend.
    Hugs Sabine


  22. My heart always skips a beat when I see one of your 5 x 5 collages, there is something quite magical about them. I also love to see your materials lined up ready to roll. Everything here looks as if it was meant to be there in its blueness.
    Isn’t that wonderful how the found poetry appeared, especially the last two lines.


  23. Beautiful as always. I actually had to buy a new stamp pad yesterday. Crazy, right?


  24. Love your blue pages Patty! xxx


  25. I lived on a farm as a child and we had purple martin houses set out – never had any take up housekeeping, but it was a constant feud between the sparrows and the tree swallows. One year we couldn’t understand why the tree swallow pair just up and left the houses to the sparrows and were astounded when they returned a couple of days later with a goodly number of their friends. They put such a beating on those sparrows! It was quite amazing to watch.


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