Helianthus time again …

a local cut your own farm (Burnside Farms) planted over 30 varieties of “cutting” sunflowers (Helianthus) on about six acres in successive crops to ensure at least six weeks of blooming flowers…Magpie's Nest Burnside Farms Sunflowersour August tropical heat and humidity kept me indoors a good bit and I almost missed them…Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz BEES

very happy that I made time to visit last Wednesday which was the last low heat and humidity day we would have for awhile…Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Sunflower Paloozasuch a delight to see fields of flowers again this year

Pollinator habitat with so many cheerful blooms…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Morning Sunflowers

these two little girls were having lots of fun frolicking in the fields…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz two girls frolicking

I took a quick photo of the flowers I cut before I left the farm (the sun bleached out the deep red of the top of my parasol)…Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Parasol cut blooms water

the cut blooms last a long time if you watch the water level…Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Sunflowers and Figs

we are still waiting for our replacement carpet in the sun room as we had a bad experience with the first toxic foam padding that  smelled horrible even after a week of airing out…Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz sunflower hair

we soon realized we could not live with it…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz sunflower lady reflection 1

so we are back to the concrete floor for now and have ordered new carpet and padding with low VOC which is what we should have gotten in the first place…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz Front and Back we got excited rushing things a bit settling for what was quickly available… 

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz morning light

joining with T Stands for Tuesday and wishing you a happy day…

Magpie's Nest Sunflower Lady

I also created a digital sunflower piece for Art Journal Journey’s NATURE’S WONDERS theme which ends on Wednesday…

22 responses to “Helianthus time again …

  1. What lovely sunflowers, also one of my great summer joys, as you know by now. They look lovely at home in your sun room, and the digital page is stunning, so thanks for linking it to AJJ, too. Sorry about the carpet, glad you got rid of it, fumes like that can’t be good for you. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos and journal page today. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie


  2. Hello Patty
    What a fantastic wealth of sunflowers, whether painted, as a collage, they
    are just beautiful.
    The best I like the sun flowers in the vase and the reflection of the mirror – superb!!!


  3. Sunflowers are just the happiest flowers! What a joy to have fields in which to pick your own. And what a great opportunity for photos! So sorry about that carpet, but it was a good thing you figured out it needed to go right away so that you weren’t breathing in those fumes for long.


  4. how can one not love the sunflowers? Did you see fields of them in France? Those are the only fields or farms I ever saw of them. Lucky you to live near so many wonderful places such as this along with the aquatic gardens too! I do hope your new carpeting will provide the warmth and non toxic environment you’re looking for. LOVELY photos and digital art Patty. That stone (?) vase is beautiful! Happy T day!


  5. Those fields of flowers are magnificent and I love the way you displayed the sunflowers in those sculptural vases. Beautiful indeed. Sunflowers are such a cheer, aren’t they? Looks like a ton of fun!


  6. Oh – wow– an AMAZING post Patty! ADORABLE!
    And thank you so much for making that wonderful digital collage for Art Journal Journey!
    Wishing you a happyl T-Day and a good rest of the week!


  7. what a wonderful sunflower post. they really are cheerful! i also love the shadow photo.
    good luck with your new carpet and happy t-day!


  8. Love the photis!!!! ♡♡♡♡ SUNFLOWERS are just the happiest flowers ever. I love the way you have displayed your cut ones. 😘


  9. I was very impressed with the photos you took and the way you shared them. the little insets were a really nice touch. Looks like the bees have taken to this field of sunflowers. Seems the care the proprietors have taken have encouraged this, too.

    Your lovely vases of flowers are perfect and just what you need for bringing a bit of color and warmth to an already warm and loving home.

    While I was at WSU, one of the buildings was remodeled, and people started getting sick. They called it the “sick building” until the uni contracted a company to determine why students and faculty alike were getting sick. It turned out to be the —– you guessed it. This was back in the 90s before it was understood how dangerous some of the foam pads under carpets actually were. It’s good that you ripped yours out.

    Thanks for the info on the metal ruler. One thing I have often done, even though I don’t have one of those miracle rulers, is wet the edge of the paper I’m tearing with a slightly drenched Q-tip. No matter how thick the paper, the water does its magic and weakens the bond prior to tearing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful way for making those lovely edges.

    Really enjoyed reading about these beautiful sunflowers and seeing the lovely photos you took as a result of the visit. And thanks for sharing them with us for T this Tuesday.


  10. As I said – you have such style – I love your style! Now tell me Patty – how in the world did you accomplish this art journal page!?!
    Sunflowers are my very favorite – I am working an a little spread but am really stymied as what do do! I have never worked with napkins before and I love it – the one I have used as such gorgeous colors and I don’t want to put anything on it!!! Oh woe is me.
    Sandy xx
    I forgot to tell you how very much I love the pictures!


  11. That is an awesome vase! But not as awesome as those fields of sunflowers. I have never seen anything like that but how cool! And it is good to see they are creating bee habitat since those little guys are struggling so much. I think your final arrangements are beautiful. What an eye you have for decorating. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika


  12. Oh Patty what a wonderful post, I just loved every bit of it.
    Happy T-day


  13. What a lovely and joyful post Patty – Sunflowers always make me smile.. and I had no idea there were so many variety’s. What a wonderful place, it was great to see all the bees on the flowers and did I see a morning glory sneak in one of the photos too?
    The Sunflowers look gorgeous in your home.
    Thank you so much for creating another gorgeous page for AJJ – the texture on it is superb .. I love it!
    wishing you a lovely… err … evening or day..I can never remember the time differences 🙂
    Gill xx


  14. Sunflowers just make me want to smile. The fields of blooms look beautiful and so many varieties. I think picking them to take home and have displayed in the vases, is wonderful. Yours look great and its good that they will last a while . The journal page is lovely as well, with the words you added.
    Happy Tuesday.
    Yvonne xx


  15. Oh, I just love sunflowers and how wonderful to see fields and fields of them and be able to cut your own! Such a fabulous idea : -). I bet you looked so elegant walking through the fields collecting flowers with your pretty parasol and basket. Your sunflower collection is beautiful and look stunning in your vases! I love the reflections of the face (from the vase) with her beautiful sunflower hair arrangement in the mirror too! Glad you are getting your carpet sorted and your journal pages are a delight :-). Happy T Day! J 🙂


  16. Oh My Patty! I would have been like those little girls – I wouldn’t have known where to look first – this sounds like my idea of fun! I love how you have displayed them! Sorry to hear about the bad floor covering – hope you get sorted soon! Hugs, Chrisx


  17. Aren’t sunflowers wonderful? The are so cheerful. I really enjoyed your photo’s and I’m happy you were able to find a break in the weather to get to the farm. As for the carpet padding – you would think they might warn you. Hopefully the new padding won’t smell bad and the carpet goes in quickly.


  18. What a beautiful posy. Loved all your sunflowers the dark ones were a pleasant surprise 😍

    And yr digital one very Vangough 💋


  19. Wow ! They are just gorgeous Patty,happy you got out to gather some.I too have been inside a lot. Almost feels a bit like winter cabin fever at times.I’m not a huge fan of the humidity! Love the photo’s. xoxoxo


  20. What a happy looking place! I love when I see wild sunflowers growing along the highway. I always imagine it’s from folks who are eating and sitting seeds out the window. Not too glamorous of start but nature finds a way.


  21. I love sunflowers!!! They are beautiful. Love that last picture…. great filter! Good call re the carpet pad!


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