my calling card…

red is a strong hot color…magpies-nest-patty-szymkowicz-paris-snow-people-red

the color of blood and fire…

magpies-nest-patty-szymkowicz-paris it also represents passion, heat, strength, danger, power and courage…magpies-nest-patty-szymkowicz-love-heart-with-wings

Linda K from heARTfully Inspired is hosting the February Art Journal Journey challenge with her theme of “Fifty Shades of RED” and I am excited to join in the creative fun…magpies-nest-patty-szymkowicz-leftover-paint

this week’s lesson in Lifebook 2017 is about using lots of layers of watercolor and other kinds of paints (hot mess at the moment LOL)… not wanting to waste any paint left on my palette for the work in progress above …magpies-nest-patty-szymkowicz-calling-card-before-pages

 I smeared the dribs and drabs of paint onto smooth blank journal pages and then played with a new circle stencil and assorted colored pencils…magpies-nest-patty-szymkowicz-gesso-saves-the-day

thank goodness for Super Heavy GESSO I was finally a bit happier with the pages…magpies-nest-patty-szymkowicz-calling-card-love

inspired by words I saw on Facebook along with a few rubons one side of my spread is complete…magpies-nest-patty-szymkowicz-glass-heart-ranunculus

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Martin Luther King, Jr

21 responses to “my calling card…

  1. Beautiful page and wonderful message, great photos, too. A lovely post, Liebe Patty! Alles Liebe, Valerie


  2. Such a pretty page and I loved seeing your process – white gesso is sometimes my best friend too … lol :-). The fine lined stamps you have used on your background add a lovely delicate and ethereal touch and your words made me smile – such a wonderful summary dear Patty! Happy Friday and wishing you a lovely weekend! J 🙂


  3. so much pretty here! Love those adorable snowmen along with your Paris box. Of course I also love the touches of red everywhere. Gorgeous layers of red on your journal pages along with those very special words! And you have reminded me that I do have rub ons too-somewhere:):) Thanks so much for joining in at AJJ!


  4. I love the concept of the challenge and I really love the finished pages with the words. Pink is in my palette, red not so much and it’s a challenge to work with it. Hopefully I’ll get some good inspiration this month!


  5. Fantastically creative!!!! Remember, with freedom comes responsibility —
    Blood and fire – boy that sounds kind of ominous! I think of heat and passion.
    Sandy xx


  6. Pretty and cheerful on another cloudy day here ! We did see some sun for 10 min. Thanks for the cheer ! xoxoxo


  7. This is so beautiful, wish I could share it! I love the words ….


  8. Christie Juhasz

    Always a joy to see your process…love your pages and the message!


  9. Another wonderful piece Patty. I like the addition of the gesso too. You said so many traits we associate with red. All of them are strong emotions. I love your piece. It says a lot to me, and made me think about life in America right now. Glad you shared it. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika


  10. I was glad to see you use your paint palette. I bought one recently, and have yet to use it. You have certainly inspired me.

    I was also intrigued by your circle stencil. I think I have something similar I got when I was taking a drafting class. I really like what you did with yours. Again, you have inspired me.

    Your words are so true, and I simply adore the MLK quote. It resonates with me.

    Your entire AJJ entry is top notch, beautifully layered, and has so much depth. You make it easy to be inspired!


  11. A wonderful page Patty, and great words!
    Alison xxx


  12. I love to see the wonderful arrangements and your RED interpretations – beautiful as always and the pages on which you played and had fun turned out awesome.. the right side page is great with this statements ! I see you have much fun and try different things throughout the lifebook lessons . And all looks ARTSY!! You are such a talent “liebe”Patty!
    Love your post and I am happy you are with us again this month at Art Journal Journey!
    Wishing a happy weekend to you and Mr.Magpie and much fun at lifebook for you- looking forward to seeing how you will use maybe new techniques to widening up your artistic repertoire!
    oxo Susi


  13. Dear Patty what an amazing page. I also loved it how it was before you cooled it down with Gesso. Nice to see your work in progress. I also love your kitchen decoration with the friendly snowmen and the lovely decorative ceramic heart bowl. But what is inside the nice box with the Eiffel tower? The box is also nice. At last your ranunculus flowers are a dream and telling us that spring will come soon.
    Big Hugs


  14. Dear Patty, I would have troubles working with red, but you did it wonderfully, mixing it with pink and the gesso, your beautiful words, and stamps. And so lovely to see into your room, with the cute snowmen and red accents of so much, but mostly love ,I know !!! The red heart with white sweetness, and the flowers,- everything so very lovely, dear friend. Have a wonderful weekend- Hugs from Dorthe


  15. My dear friend, You inspire me and always make me feel the love!
    Your pages are wonderful! I must admit, during the hot mess stage, I actually had a couple pages similar I overcame the other day! ,must be that blood and fire ! Courage we have and our religion is truly LOVE!
    with all my heart xoxo


  16. I LOVE every single thing about this journal page!!!


  17. I love your colors they make me feel like Valentine’s Day and love ❤️


  18. Gorgeous Patty. I always love reading your posts and seeing how you create your lovely projects and this one is no exception. Your pages are wonderful. I really like the concept of the challenge.
    Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your creative process!

    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Gaby xo


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  20. I am now seeing this back to front! Great to see how you made the fabulous background! Chrisx


  21. A lovely page. Thanks for sharing your process, it’s really interesting to see how other people create.


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