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Turmeric tea

even though this past weekend was the unofficial end to summer here in the U.S. I am still enjoying being barefoot around the house and we are not ready to turn off the air conditioning quite yet… it has been … Continue reading

dancing around the room T …

when a  set of chipboard tea cups surfaced while I was doing some clearing out I just had to play with layers of my favorite map tissue and my white acrylic paint pen… the words are computer generated … and speaking … Continue reading

♣ Happy St Paddy’s Day ♣

my maiden name is Mahoney ♣ but then everyone is a little Irish on St Patrick’s Day… thought I would share a sampling of photos from our trip to the Emerald Isle last June… it was so beautiful there… with … Continue reading

Rinda’s 2013 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt: Part 2

continuing the scavenger hunt after Part 1 of my photographs here… *pictures can be clicked for a little closer view* 9.  A photo with someone or something that is clearly out of place or doesn’t belong after visiting Blarney Castle … Continue reading

Rinda’s 2013 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt: Part 1

thanks to Jo Murray in Australia last year I was introduced to Rinda and her Photography Scavenger Hunt… Mr Magpie and I had a great time playing along on the 2012 hunt here and were very excited to take this year’s … Continue reading

our “traveled” tea cup…

making my way back into blogland I am eager to find out what you all have been up to… so much can happen in a day… on our overnight flight to London I had a crown pop off with a … Continue reading

Wet July Mandala Monday…

Hello and Happy July Dear Ones… it is lovely to be able to connect with you all again and I look forward to getting around to visiting everyone… we had a wonderful whirlwind of precious moments while traveling in Britain and … Continue reading

tea cozy tea

hello and happy T day… while we were at the Aylesbury Tea Room recently I treated myself to a sweet reversible tea cozy  made by the lovely and talented Jessica… it fits perfectly over the stainless steel tea pot I … Continue reading

Tea Tuesday: mid September … already

imagine my surprise when walking around the side of our house where mint and lily of the valley duel most of the season….there on a trellis in the center amongst the seed heads … while considerably smaller than the first … Continue reading

Heart U

feeling a lot of Love in the land of blog I have been bestowed some lovely awards of late, these two for the MeMe Award happen to be from a land far away and down under….a place I’ve only dreamed … Continue reading