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Summer Tea Dye …

back in February I had a really fun tea dyeing session… this time it was tea that tasted a little bitter that inspired me to gather together some teabags and get busy with a small batch of laces and fabrics… don’t … Continue reading

tea dye

my collection of used tea bags continues to grow… so it seemed like a good time to give some a last whirl and do a little dyeing… I like to keep a stash of white fabric pieces, old doilies, ribbons … Continue reading

Apricot Passionfruit Tea … Oh My

thanks to a dear friend for surprising me recently with some gorgeous exotic fruit tea… the taste and smell are divine and the color was so lovely too that I didn’t want any of it to go to waste… it seemed … Continue reading

the life of a teabag…

if you visit my Magpie’s Nest now and then you surely know about Kimmie’s Tea on Tuesday where friends get together and post about whatever strikes their fancy… it might be about their favorite drink, travel, nature, art or life … Continue reading

More Over a Teacup

last Tuesday I shared some photos from three friend’s and I having a special tea prepared by the talented Julie and Susan of Julieanna Over a Teacup  in Broadway, Virginia… as that post got a little long…I thought I’d save … Continue reading

macaroon tea

on our flight home from Switzerland last month… wonderful…awesome…brilliant Switzerland… we had a stop over at Heathrow Airport in London… as sweet Margaret pointed out…it’s a shopping opportunity…so we decided to make the most of it… I got some royal … Continue reading

Naiv E Tea

do you know what Evian (the bottled water) spells backwards… naivE… that is an old joke… we are not in the habit of buying it…but must admit that getting to visit the town of Evian was a thrill… *the billboard … Continue reading

Christmas Tea

only four more sleeps until Christmas morning… our family celebrates German Christmas on the 24th with a visit over the river to my Mom’s (Mutti’s) house with food and merriment… we make our way home by way of the Capitol … Continue reading

messy Tea

life is messy sometimes…there is no getting around it…many years ago a young couple across the street was given  a nice sized tree as a house warming gift… they proudly planted it in their front yard anticipating the shade it … Continue reading

Craft Imaginarium: Irish Tea

there is a new monthly challenge blog I found out about on Eliza’s blog … this month’s theme is all about “tea” it has been a while since I altered a piece of cutlery … my tea spoon was hammered … Continue reading

Paris is always a good idea…

we treasured the extra days we got to spend in the city of lights both before and after our Best of France tour… La Flamme de la Liberté above is a replica of the new flame at the upper end … Continue reading

pinkies up…

  there were days when it seemed like hot summer weather might go on forever… and then just like that cooler air moved in… the sun tracks lower in the sky and glows warmly in our windows… there have still … Continue reading

Love your neighbor…

a bunch of beautiful blue delphiniums jumped into my shopping cart the other day… which led to some of them ending up in my flower press… next thing I knew I was playing with flowers from the garden and making … Continue reading