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WS: Gone Fishing

the theme at Wednesday Stamper for the next two weeks is “Gone Fishing”

I decided to doodle an ATC starting with a fish stamp

have a visit here and here for some wonderful doodling inspiration

Also … our local stamp store has a neat “blow fish” stamp that they have used in a nice card here


Roberta’s wonderful idea of anything Shakespeare is the theme for an Art Techniques ATC 5/4 Swap.   I almost chose Romeo and Juliet but ended up with Hamlet’s Ophelia in the end.   The ladies I used are Edwardian actresses, playing the part, which seemed fitting.


HAMLET,  Act III, Ophelia, scene i

“Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind.”

The Old Pine Tree

I had been fumbling with a ‘winter tree’ challenge for the Art Techniques ATC Yahoo Group monthly challenge..

This lovely lady is an image from a bag of Ethiopian coffee, (thanks again Carol oxo).  I decided it would make  a nice start  for the Theme Thursday “Green and Brown” Challenge.  Well, as one thing is known to lead to many others, here is my Green and Brown Winter Tree Artist Trading Card (ATC).


The ATC needed a little something else, so I Googled Ethiopia, it turns out there is a much loved song dating back to 1849 called  The Old Pine Tree.  Had I found out that tidbit before I used a security envelope as background with green vellum glued over it, I might have used part of the music sheet.

This came together as so many pieces do, one step leading me to the next.  I also found out that Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world and that the coffee bean is thought to have originated there.

*Midnight Madness and Peace*

Here are samples of ATCs I made for two different swaps at the Art Techniques ATC Yahoo group.

For the Gothic Halloween swap we needed to use embossing powder on it somewhere, so I embossed the tree, did lots of cutting of dancing ladies, words and the skull from a tissue. The bat comes in a string like ribbon and it is a bit puffy. I used the tiniest bit of black German scrap for the dancer’s headpiece.

The next swap I signed up for was Angels. Peace comes to mind when I think of Angels, so that was my inspiration using this Luxembourg angel image. I glued different magazine page backgrounds onto real playing cards, then I sanded them lightly around the edges and inked them a bit. I used some torn round graph paper on the bottom, colored with pearlescent blue liquid acrylic and stamped it with tiny stars.

I like how different the cards turn out with the various magazine backgrounds.

Red Thread

I had mentioned in an earlier post that a “Red” themed challenge over at the Art Techniques ATC Yahoo group really got me going with fabric and paper.

It turns out I was not quite ready to part with my mostly fabric ATCs quite yet. I’ll post some pics of those at another time.

So for this swap I created a peeled paper background adding the cute image of the two little girls in their red coats. I did a little stamping and glued the red rickrack at the top, filling in the spaces above it with a black Sharpie marker.

“Artists can color the sky red, Because they know it’s blue.” ~Jules Feiffer

Fabric ATCs

I have always been a fan of fabric. The idea of combining it with paper is lots of fun!

So many people have inspired me, thanks to each of you.

Having finally cleared a path to my sewing machine is what got me going in this direction… long last.

There is still so much to try in this department.
I was thinking “Red” for an upcoming ATC swap in the Art Techniques ATC Yahoo group. Now I will have to make more.

Oftentimes when I’ve first made something new, I really can’t part with it for a while.

wet with seawater

This is my ATC for the June challenge at the Art Tech Yahoo ATC group for the theme of “the sea”.

After sanding some recycled cereal cardboard, I adhered a nice pattern from a magazine page.

While playing with paint on a canvas and putting on a little too much paint, I grabbed whatever was handy and dabbed it onto the wet paint. Some wonderful bits came off onto the scrapbook paper, book page and cut ATC. I ended up doing it over and over intentionally selecting colors that I wanted to dab off.

I stamped over the background, embossed the edges with white embossing powder, stamping over that with black ink.

The little mermaid is a photograph of a statue at the Brookgreen Sculpture Gardens in South Carolina. What a wonderful place that is! We visited last September before I started blogging 🙂

This little statue is Amphitrite (a youthful Neptune’s wife). She is one of eight figures representing the childhood of the gods. I gave her seashell wings. The words, again, were taken from a large print book. I like scanning book pages and letting words pop up.


These ATCs are for a swap with the Art Techniques ATC Yahoo Group.

There are a lot of really neat swaps on that group. I have only been able to participate in a handful.

The theme is the “Renaissance”. I used real playing cards that I lightly sanded, inked, stamped and added images to, along with embellishments. There is a little bit of velvet on each ATC as well.

“Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free” ~Anne Sullivan Macy

Just Maybe….

March Challenge ATCThe March Art Techniques ATCs Yahoo group challenge (that’s a mouthful) is an ATC using mainly green and a bit of gold.

I used a Paper Whimsy girl and colored her with Twinkling H2o’s, which do not really show true to life on the scan. the shimmer is lost.

“The afternoon is bright, with spring in the air, a mild March afternoon, with the breath of April stirring, I am alone in the quiet patio looking for some old untried illusion – some shadow on the whiteness of the wall, some memory asleep on the stone rim of the fountain, perhaps in the air the light swish of some trailing gown.”

~ Antonio Machado, 1875-1939
Translated by Alan S. Trueblood

Mr. Zentangles……


Zentangles are an interesting challenge…’s doodling but a little more. Knowing when enough was enough was a large part of the challenge for me. My husband’s reaction was “You did all that?” Zentangles 1st try 31Jan08Here are my first three attempts at this Zen doodling……for me it was an exercise of filling in the blanks and leaving some blanks and then filling in some blanks again……

I must go cut some more 140lb weight watercolor paper. The pens I’m using are from Germany, by Staedtler. Pigmented Ink, Archival and Acid-free. They are also waterproof with no scent to them.
Oh, did I mention that not adding color is a huge part of the challenge for me!

Inspiration comes from so many places. Zentangles were sparked for me by a Yahoo Group. It is a fun and sharing group that focuses on ATCs and techniques!

The group moderator is fine collector of quotes. She shares them on a daily basis with the group. Here is one I just had to pass along, as I really feel this quote!

“Art is in the doing. It isn’t important how it turns out. The process is where
the pleasure, the learning and the experience take place. A day without some
sort of creative endeavor is a wasted day.”
Myrna Wacknov, “Splendid Over 60”, article from the latest issue of The
Artist’s Magazine.

Thank you Sherre!

Speaking of ‘the process’, it turns out my first Zentangles were not finished afterall. Here are my completed cards! This would make a nice project to take along on a trip or for waiting at a doctor’s office even. ZentanglesFinal1Feb08