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the glint of the rising moon…

two posts in one day and three challenges in one post…

all I can say is it is nice and warm in my art cave cause baby it’s cold outside…

swan closeup

my initial inspiration was to use a beautiful swan postage stamp that I have had for some time (wish I could remember where I got it) and then one thing led to another with bits from my paper stash ..

faux resin paper

I recently tried this technique for making resin like paper  using thin book pages…an iron and beeswax…

papersit was easy and I was delighted to find that I could adhere torn pieces of waxed text with glue stick…

found poetry

some found poetry which was revealed after coats of gesso and paint had been added to the journal page also helped to inspire me…

Magpie's Nest Patty Szymkowicz glint of the rising moon

this spread is for the Moo Mania CIRCLES challenge (the Seven Wonders lady on the right started out as a moo that grew a bit with the addition of papers)

crown headand my swan and lady also qualify for the AJJ BIRDS BEASTS & HUMANS challenge

possible cover for gesso journal

since it is about time to be thinking about a cover for my bulging gesso journal I am considering adding a metal ATC that I have been working on which fits in nicely with Conny’s Mix it Monthly PLAY WITH FABRIC challenge as it has plastered lace and ribbon trim

“Moonlight and Laughter” friends…fibers and more

all thanks to Susan of Rosie Inspirations for getting me back into needle felting AND to my friend, Marilla, who has an online shop where she sells the most gorgeous hand dyed fibers and yarn…

I was really intrigued by her Hand Dyed Milk Fibers (top left)…

here is what she says about them in her Moonlight and Laughter etsy shop :

“Milk fiber is made from casein, which is a milk protein. It is extremely soft and silky. It also has wicking properties similar to wool, so is great for socks and summer garments.”

SO soft and silky I just had to use some on my latest felted journal cover

and on some ATCs

with another chance to use some of the wire bird nests I made so many of a while ago…

Marilla’s Angelina Fibers help add that certain something…

some of you may know that I resisted joining Facebook for a long long time…

finally at the end of last year I caved and signed up…

one of the brilliant outcomes of that was reconnecting with my dear friend Marilla…

we met many many years ago and formed a deep bond…

my long lost special BFF was found again…

here’s to old friends and new friends…

creativity and sharing

…life is sweet…

Paper Stacks a Plenty…another Seth Apter Collaboration

Seth of The Altered Page is at it again …

ever the master of art collaborations he put out a call to post photos showing our stacked journals

… papers

… handmade books and more …

the bigger the pile the better…

I must admit the pictures above show just some of my creations…

in talking to Mr Magpie about paper stacks…

he took a few paper photos too…

it seems piles of paper play a big role in our lives…

the other evening we rescued the paper bits below after having a bite to eat

we found we only needed half of the heavy duty paper napkins provided and the paper doilies are always too good to pass up… a wonderful collage ingredient

many thanks to Seth as always for joining the on line mixed media art community together…

I am looking forward to visiting all of the Paper Stack Project participants linked on Seth’s blog here

…95 participants and counting…

wooden ATCs…bien sûr

after soaking the papers off cigar boxes…

I was left with some nice pieces of wood…

Mr Magpie cut 2.5 x 3.5 inch pieces from cigar box wood…a great surface for collage…

a few more pattern tissue bags make perfect ATC holders…

decorated with pieces of my German tea dyed curtains…paper scraps and other lace…bien sûr…


…I was inspired recently by Lynn at Her Creative Spirit to play with wooden ATCs again…

WS: Candles

I Love the story my mother (Mutti) tells about her childhood Christmas’ in Germany…going out in the snowy forest with her father to cut down a pine tree…bringing it home by sled…a sweet table top tree that would twinkle with the glow of real candles on Christmas Eve…

the challenge theme over at Wednesday Stamper this week is “candles”...

amazing how a scent…an object or word can spark memories and stories…

I made a hanging ornament out of a playing card…sanded lightly with the lining of a beautiful envelope glued on for the background…

the image of the child and tree is from a Christmas card I sent out many years ago…I had just two cards left…one was sent to a special friend…I like keeping one copy of the store bought cards I’ve sent over the years…

I used the Cherry Pie rubber stamp “Health, Peace, and sweet content be yours  ~  Shakespeare”

the bits of greenery were found blowing around a parking lot on a blustery day…

the last detail was to write the date on the back…

I am always amazed at how quickly time passes…

having dates on things can come in handy down the road…

inside the original greeting card it said: 

“Wishing you Peace and Joy”

…my wish exactly for each of you today and always…

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” ~ Chinese Proverb

WS: Gone Fishing

the theme at Wednesday Stamper for the next two weeks is “Gone Fishing”

I decided to doodle an ATC starting with a fish stamp

have a visit here and here for some wonderful doodling inspiration

Also … our local stamp store has a neat “blow fish” stamp that they have used in a nice card here

what’s up buttercup

more WOOL

inspired by a July/August 2008 Cloth Paper Scissors article by Kelli Perkins … I finally tried my hand at some felted ATCs

I started with a blue wool skirt that I washed and dried hot hot hot … next …  inspired by Linda Vincent … again and again … I punched various wool bits into the skirt wool (and my fingers too … ouch!)

these finger protectors can be found at the stationary store and do help some

I cut the background into artist trading card (ATC) size and started to embellish

I have wanted to try making a free form flower ever since I received another friend Linda’s lovely wool felted pin in a swap

next I really want to try my hand at WET wool felting …

thanks to each of you that share so freely and  inspire me each and every day … speaking of sharing … Caterina is having a gorgeous giveaway … pop by her Bell’Antico blog for a chance to be the lucky winner

*nest charms giveaway … we have six Winners …*

each comment was printed out on recycled paper 😉 … cut and folded and put into our big birdie bowl

with eyes closed after lots of tossing and stirring … six names were randomly plucked out of the bowl by my Mr Magpie

it certainly was lovely of you all to stop by and comment … I appreciate your kind words and your time … MANY thanks to each of you

because I cannot send a nest charm to each and every one of you I wanted to share a couple of FREE DOWNLOAD vintage bird prints from my collection with you

be sure to double click on each image to get the best download

feel free to use them in your artwork … they are not intended for collage sheets or to be sold of course

oh yes … and the winners ARE … wish you could have seen me squeal as Mr Magpie picked each name … here they are

you’ll have to double click for the closeup

*sorry the pic is a bit blurry … I will be in touch with each of the winners later today to get mailing addresses*

this certainly was a lot of fun for me … thank you all

for any of you that missed my earlier link to learn how to make your own wire nests … you can find the video here

it really is not hard … I would recommend getting twice the amount of wire you think you might need … you may want to make more than a couple 🙂

Happy Easter

Happy Spring

Happy Happy Everything!

oxo ~*~ Patty

April ATC Challenge

Chriss from The Artists Trading Club invited me to be Guest Designer for the April “Vintage” themed ATC challenge

thank you very much for this lovely honor Chriss

here are my Vintage ATCs for the swap

weathered book text, painted paper, envelope liner, rubber stamps

paper doily, rubber stamps, weathered book text

paper doily, piece of used tea bag, rubber stamp

painted paper, paper doily, rubber stamps … the word HOPE is from Design Originals Tim Holtz distressables and doo-dads

I used cardboard from a cereal box for all but one of these ATCs

participants in Chriss’ treasure hunt will have the chance to win one of my little wire and bead bird nest charms along with some assorted collage papers

*you can click for a closer view*

details for the giveaway …  can be found here

the ATC swap is open to all

*Update: Chris is the winner of my little giveaway*

*nest charms giveaway*

*comments are now closed … winners will be announced on Friday*

it has been a while since I have had a giveaway on my blog

it is high time for some blog candy

I have been making little wire nests like a crazy lady

I thought it would be fun to share some with you lovely readers

you do not need to have a blog … visitors from all over the globe are most welcome

just leave a comment on this post with a way to contact you

SIX names will be picked randomly

and announced on Friday … 2 April 2010

each of the nests turn out a little differently

close to the size of an American penny displayed here on a moo card

I will also enclose some surprise collage goodies with each nest

many thanks as always for taking the time to visit and to connect by saying a few words …  it truly is a thrill and honor to meet so many talented artists all around the globe … a beautiful reminder that we are more alike than different … sharing many of the same interests and passions … it really IS a beautiful thing !

* be sure and visit the lovely and talented Katie at Ragamuffin Gal … she is having a beautiful giveaway that you will not want to miss *

Elephants Go Marching …

thought you might like to see the lovely Artist Trading Cards I received in our local altered artists swap

each one so unique … some have great texture too!

top left Leiann Quesnel … middle left Lisa Murphy … bottom left Pat Lenz … top right Linda Yeatman … lower right Vera Sopenski

mine were posted here

Elephant ATC Swap

our local altered arts group is having an “Elephant” Artist Trading Card swap … I decided to doodle mine since Zentangling and doodling have been on my mind lately as evidenced here and here

if you click for the close up … please ignore the goober on my scanner lid … it showed up not so nicely in the background

did I make you look *ggg* … I was too lazy to run upstairs for a piece of black card stock and start all over again lining everything up on the scanner

my ATC began with an unmounted elephant rubber stamp … as you can see … I  filled in the rest of the card with doodles

it was VERY tempting to add a touch of color … in the end I decided to stick to black and white

WS: Doodling

Belinda’s theme for Wednesday Stamper this week is “doodling” … something I have been having fun with lately

here are four Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) I created

and the supplies I used

* * * * *

Kath Kristinnson and I recently swapped Zentangle cards

here are the goodies she sent me … Love her idea of using an inchie clear set stamp for the center

“The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed” ~Mary Engelbreit