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where the Light is…

turns out this is not the first time that John Mayer’s “Gravity” lyrics have inspired some of my art journal pages…

John Mayer inspired where the Light is

I have liked capitalizing the “L” in Love and in Light all rules aside for some time now…

John Mayer inspired where the Light is (1)

here are some of the ingredients that I used to create my pages (the Heidi Swapp Color SHINE sprays are wonderful with their metallic shimmer!!!)…

John Mayer inspired where the Light is (2)my Tim Holtz star stencil came in handy…

John Mayer inspired where the Light is (3)along with some great pencils and pens…

John Mayer inspired where the Light is (4)cigar box papers…an image from a gift catalog with a piece of golden paper doily halo and some gouache touches too…

John Mayer inspired where the Light is (5)

I like that the lines in my spiral notebook show through a bit as I worked on the bare pages not using gesso first as I sometimes do…

John Mayer inspired where the Light is (6)joining with Art Journal Journey (AJJ) this month for their SILENCE/STILLE theme

John Mayer inspired where the Light is (7)thank you again dear Estivalia for helping make my photos clickable = you ROCK!!!

and special thanks to Misty Mawn for offering another online class which I just signed up for (she is SO generous…talented and amazing!!!) …

this quote is one she shared and I could not help but enjoy how it clicked with my LIGHT word of the year…

“…as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson

STRETCH in 2013 …

new year’s resolutions are not something I really get into but I have chosen a word for the last several years…

in 2011 my word was AUTHENTIC and

in 2012 I chose BALANCE

Balance Rock altered

I could easily have had that as my word again this year but I decided to go with

2013 Word of the Year STRETCH A

(most of the heart rocks are from my Mr Magpie who knows I enjoy a pretty rock as much as a bouquet of flowers)

a reminder to stretch my spiritual body…

 my physical body…


to continue stretching my wings trying new things

Swan Wings from Susan

(thank you Susan for the beautiful wings…they fit perfectly with my new AVAM swan)

here are my latest art journal pages for two different monthly journal challenges Susi’s with the theme of “Crowns” and Dawn’s with the theme of “New” using colors that I don’t often go to…

my old friend (3) A

my encyclopedia pages (each measuring 4×6″/postcard size) began with some found poetry that eerily and unintentionally lined up with words showing thru my painted and collaged backgrounds on page 213 and 214…

my old friend A

did you pick a word to inspire you this year?

A BIG thank you once again to my sweet and talented friend Estivalia in Chile for creating the code for my Word of the Year to appear on my sidebar…she’s the best!!!

Dress Up – October * Poe

finally my October Dress is out of my head and ready for Margaret’s Dress Up Challenge this month

it began with a piece of red polka dot tissue paper that Katie wrapped some lovely gifts in for me earlier this year …

Edgar Allan Poe was also my inspiration…

a piece of beautiful black lace that Marit in The Netherlands surprised me with was begging to be used …

just look at the lovely treasures she sent to me just for playing along in a recent journaling challenge…she teaches some really inspiring on line journaling workshops … you can get info on the latest one here…it starts soon…

look what I found while looking for something else … I picked up this paper doll some time ago and forgot about her…

it just so happens that most of the dresses I created this year for Margaret’s challenge fit her PERFECTLY … I could not have planned it better…isn’t that fun!!!

and here she is wearing her newest October dress


hadn’t played in my Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia journal for a while … I picked two pages that I had already monoprinted back when I took Julie Prichard’s Super Nova on line Journal class … great fun!

my “before” pages

and here are the after …

the bird image on the left hand page is from the back of a greeting card … much too good to waste … random bits of paper from my work table … the word Relax! popped out at me after I’d glued it to the page …

“Voice and Expression” came with the neat diagram …I really did not want to cover up too much of my background and favorite colors …

paints … gesso … rubber stamped lines using Brilliance Moonlight White … one of the best white stamp inks I have foundanother K&Company 3D sticker … this time a dragonfly … on sale at Michael’s just now … Mr Magpie thought I’d outdone myself making the bee and the dragonfly … I like to fiddle but did not have to in this case 😉 …

now what will I ever do with these monoprinted pages in my journal … so not my usual colors … they will make a good challenge!

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” ~Sydney J. Harris

“Let Loose” + “Let it Loose” + Blog Candy

Dymphie and Jolette came up with a really cool idea …

here is part of what Dymphie had to say:

“…. Feel free to use this button. Let loose, give something away, draw a name to send to. Or just get looser in your work, you’re choice. And tell others!”

what a great idea …

I have had this book for a while now … turns out I am just not into soldering … it is not my thing …

the book is chock full of inspiration and projects with nice step by step instructions …

*click/double click to read more about the book*

it is a shame for the book to sit on the shelf when someone could be enjoying it … I am ready to “Let Loose” of it …

if you are interested in

Sally Jean Alexander’s PRETTY LITTLE THINGS book

… all you have to do is leave a comment on this post … be sure I have a way of contacting you if you do not have a blog …

all are welcome … near or far away!

Comments will close at midnight … Sunday …  15 August …

East coast time here in the US

* * * * *

the connections in blogland never cease to amaze me … another talented art sister in The Netherlands … Marit … is offering some fantastic online journaling workshops and they are called

“Let it Loose” … how cool is that … great minds !

to find out what all is coming up in September you can visit her here …

Marit teaches her workshops both in English AND Dutch …

Dymphie and Jolette both blog in two languages … amazing …

two more special blog friends are having celebration giveaways … no hoops (well you did have to read this far) … just pop on over to visit

Terri and Carole

good things happening here in the land of blog  … so much creativity and generosity out there … it certainly IS inspiring !

Lil Book of Whimsy

here is my second hand bound “journal” … many thanks to Kiwi Carole’s wonderful online class… which has been extended

… the cover is a transformed Pitman’s Shorthand book cover from the UK … each page is a little larger than postcard size (4 x 6 inches) … with lots more room for writing than in my Gypsy Journal

I am so smitten by the Paper Whimsy images … impossible to pick one favorite …

so I thought I would do a book using PW images along with some Moda fabrics

… at least 7 different faces went into my lil Queen Bee book along with a couple of other images from PW collage sheets …

…so much of what I create has a face … and I try to add some heart too…

“The loveliest faces are to be seen by moonlight, when one sees half with the eye and half with the fancy.” ~Persian Proverb

Feeling Frui…T

here we are … the last T Tuesday in July … won’t you join us over at Kimmie’s Art in Red Wagons for tea or whatever strikes your fancy …

this  fruit photo is an example … if you double click for the closeup … of how much better our camera does in daylight … I so enjoy seeing things closer than the naked eye will allow … our moon photos on Monday were not as sharp in the close up views … what a difference some Light makes

I am having some fresh fruit salad … a favorite treat … with nothing extra added … well maybe some fresh peppermint and a few edible blossoms … we always add pineapple which gives nice sweetness … the rest is whatever is ripe and in season …

I enjoyed a cup of delicious Yogi Chai tea thanks to the generous Judy of Apron Strings … who recently sent me a box full of recycled tins all the way from Mississippi for altering … when the weather finally cools enough we will get the grill fired up … more about that here

… I also wanted to mention that Marlynn at Honeysuckle Breeze is having a great giveaway … no hoops to jump through … just the generous prize of a free book …

are you signed up for Caterina’s upcoming on line  Transfer Love class … it begins 1 August …

I am and can hardly wait … pop by  here for the details

“Let things come to you” ~Yogi Tea Tag

“Open Your Door” Journal Workshop

in between playing with wool … puttering in the garden and putting the finishing touches on a secret project (can’t wait to tell you all about it in a couple of months) … I have been busy dying papers for Carole’s online journal class

the large sheets of watercolor paper above were washed with color on both sides … the blue piece on the left had water droplets splashed on it while it was still damp … the aqua colored one was diluted paints with a walnut ink wash on top … the third was done with walnut ink and the piece on the right was color washed with Kosher salt sprinkled onto the wet paint

I got 8 signatures by cutting the large sheet of watercolor paper in half lengthwise … four signatures came out of the piece above

since I had some washes left over … I painted some odd papers and pieces of  linen napkin too

papers torn … not cut … for the signature pages

there is still time to join in the fun

Carole’s class videos are excellent … very informative … chuck full of great tips and inspiration … thank you Carole!!!

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite.” ~William Blake

Honeysuckle Magpie Tea

a chance to visit face to face with a special blog friend …  Marlynn of Honeysuckle Breeze …  she did a really nice blog post here

we decided to meet up in the nearby town of Leesburg at the Aylesbury Tea Room

the place was jumping … several bridal showers … girls of all ages enjoying a cuppa

time flew by … we lingered over tea … and shopped at Aylesbury

we also managed to pop into

The Cottage … each room is like walking into a magazine spread

with treasures everywhere you look

both upstairs and down … a perfectly lovely afternoon

Marlynn surprised me with a canvas that I had admired on her blog … how sweet is that and extra nice to see it in person … can’t wait to try some of the novel teas too … such clever packaging … already looking forward to our next adventure together!

thank you all for stopping by for T …  visit Kimmie for the complete list of T Tuesday bloggers

I am a little slow getting around to visit everyone just now … not feeling so great … I look forward to catching up with all of you very soon

also wanted to mention:

registration for Carole’s beautiful journal class is now open … you can pop by here to get all of the details!  I can hardly wait!

wonderful wool

my good friend, Michelle, and I got together recently to play with wool …

the idea of starting with nothing … well beautiful wool roving in this case … and ending up with something is always a thrill to me

I have been eager to learn some of what Michelle knows about creating free form objects … SO very nice of her to share

isn’t her bluebird a beautiful shape … she may add eyes or not

I also adore the polka dot pincushion she added to her basket girl … turns out we both have a little collection of these funky little girls with baskets

her pink  Jean style warm and fuzzy wool flower turned out great too!

above  is my first birdie … hearts are always a favorite of mine

later that evening I tried my hand at a tiny blackbird… that is an American quarter to the right to give you an idea of the size

and more hearts … as you can guess those are lots easier to make than a bird … for me at least 😉

some I decided to embellish with wire and beads … thanks to my sister, Joie, I have a great bead selection … she kindly passes along the ones she’s gotten tired of

the BEE embellishment is from a piece of cut and punched cutlery and was done before Mr Magpie injured his finger … he will be on light duty for a bit

the blue polka dot heart I finished last night is made of wool … alpaca and silk blended roving with wire pushed through the center … some beads and a leather necklace

MANY thanks to Michelle for sharing her wool know how … she certainly got me going!!!

and BIG thanks to everyone that inspires me each and every day … you know who you are! oxoxo


be sure and pop by my talented Queen Bee friend Carole’s blog to see her video about the wonderful online journal class she will be offering … so much eye candy all described in her cute kiwi accent 😉

“The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have” ~Leonard Nimoy

down the doll head path once again

Honeysuckle Breeze Marlynn and I connected as we are known to do … this time it was the same doll head that made us think of one another

*got so excited to post this, I see I forgot to do my shading, it does add alot … better get busy*

having a few monoprint painted pages in progress in my art journal … they were done while taking Julie Prichard’s wonderful Art Journaling classes late last year … I saw Marlynn’s recent blog post… you must check out her “Nevermore” and other fun art creations here

that fab doll head from Digital Collage Sheets had been patiently waiting to be “attached” to my journal page … Lady Gaga (I am captivated by that little performance artiste … total escape is good sometimes) was on Oprah and I went crazy over her spiky headpiece … one thing leading to another … one side of the journal spread is complete … all I had to do was glue on the head and collar and outline my white lettering … what was I waiting for

when times are hard finding beauty can be extra challenging … what is beauty … I had done the wording on this page around the holidays

thanks to Marlynn for inspiring me … Love how that works here in blogland!

Winter … season of imagination

my digital camera is no longer speaking to our photo organizer/sizer/whatever it’s called, for no apparent reason today, so I tried scanning these recent journal pages instead of taking photos like I usually would … waiting for my technical support to come home to help me out

Patty Szymkowicz Winter art journal pages

I have to laugh at myself just a little … part of the holdup on me learning new technology seems to be the lingo … that said … I have signed up for DJ Pettitt’s online Photoshop class, Memories and Manipulations (sign up ends 4 Jan 10)

I am very excited and hopeful … the only way for me to go with Photoshop is up


Julie has done it again … I am thoroughly enjoying her Super Nova Online Journaling workshop … it is jam packed with techniques and inspiration … being able to watch Julie create is a joy all in itself

here we are already on Lesson 7

PattyS 2nd Monoprint

I will have some very interesting backgrounds before it’s all said and done

Lavender Daze

and I know I have words …. they are here somewhere … just waiting to be released onto the pages