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Summer Tea Dye …

back in February I had a really fun tea dyeing session…

T dyeing

this time it was tea that tasted a little bitter that inspired me to gather together some teabags and get busy with a small batch of laces and fabrics…

T dyeing (1)don’t you find that one thing can so quickly lead to another and another…

Surprise Mail Art from Halle G

look at this wonderful and inspiring mail art “postcard” that arrived in our mailbox from Halle … 

you can click HERE to find out more about it…

the puzzle piece measures roughly 4.5 x 6.5 inches (11.43 x 16.51 centimeters) and arrived without an envelope (COOL Huh!)… 

I added the flattened tea spoon and pickle fork to the photo as a kind of size guide

T dyeing (3)

♥ here’s wishing you a very Happy T Day full of sweet surprises ♥

*altered puzzle*

Blank Puzzle*a quarter to show size … a little dark in the pic*

back in March I told you about our local altered artists group puzzle piece swap … ten of us participated which left three pieces of our own to decorate … everyone had a different theme … mine was Blue/Purple

altered puzzle oct 09*if you double click the pic you’ll get to see the details of these neat pieces*

here are the names of the artists from top left to right

Andrea          Fran        Patty        Alecia

Linda Yeatman       Patty       Amy       April

Leiann       Sandy       Patty       Linda Scimeca

amazing to begin with a blank puzzle and see how differently everyone’s turned out … I was not consistent in taking pics of the pieces I created for others … but you can see some herehere and here and also if you click the word March at the beginning of this post

baby face

here is my latest piece for our local altered artists puzzle swap

4 Fran Faces

Fran’s theme was “faces”, I used part of a freebie image from Last Door Down the Hall…thank you Elizabeth

you can see other puzzle pieces here, here and here

Hotsy Totsy

Our Sunday altered arts group is having a puzzle piece swap.  I have Amy’s 1920’s puzzle piece theme this time around.  It had me stumped for a bit, mind you the piece is only about 4 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall (10,16 x 6,35 cm), once I got started….well you know the drill, starting is always the biggest hurdle 🙂

hotsy totsy

I used a collage image,  paint, stamping ink, and rubber stamps along with slang from the 1920’s.  oh and some vintage flowers too.  I was surprised at how many words I use that are linked to the 1920’s…..NO I’m not THAT old 🙂

Can you guess what I photographed the puzzle piece on?


Risa is having a wonderful giveaway, be sure and stop by


This week’s Make it Monday Challenge is puzzle pieces

Altered Puzzle Piece #5

Our local altered arts group will be trading puzzle pieces this weekend at our monthly meeting.

Here is my take on April’s “Love” theme, that’s April the person, not the month 🙂

dsc00574 the piece measures approximately 2.25 x 3 inches, I forgot to put a quarter next to this piece as a size reference

To find out more about the puzzle swap you can visit here

Altered Puzzle Swap

Our local altered arts group started a fun swap a couple of months ago.  It will run until October of this year.  Each month we alter one person’s puzzle piece according to their specific theme (mine is blue and/or purple).

There are three months where we decorate one of our own pieces in addition to another person’s piece.

Here is the first I decorated for my puzzle


Linda Yeatman and Fran Podlesny were the brains behind getting us all on track.  They labeled the backs of each and every puzzle piece for the ten participants, created a rotation list and explained the process to the group.  They found the perfect size blank puzzles for us here.

here is the piece I decorated for Sandy’s  “purple” theme


In October I should have a completed puzzle to show you with ten different artists pieces

Life’s Enchanted Cup

Here is my altered child’s puzzle piece that I am submitting  for The Paper Girls monthly challenge.   I really like that it had a hole in it; a perfect picture frame for the lovely red haired lady. The yummy paper I used has beautiful streaks of gold and silver.   I used metallic paints to fill in and embellished with old costume jewelry pieces…..bling….. which fits into this month’s altered puzzle piece challenge.


Footnote *This piece measures 6.25 x 5 inches*