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…a thousand different things

my little 1931 Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Encyclopedia art journal has been calling me…

inspiration began with the sweet pouty girl from Land of Nod and a sacred heart image I had on hand

her hallo is from my sweet friend Trish’s wedding

her groom’s great grandmother made THE most delicate and delicious wedding cookies that she tucked into silver paper cups at each place setting…

the two photos above were taken indoors…

 notice the difference in the color of the photos below taken out on our back porch where I go for “perfect” light…

torn Citra Solv treated paper along with some special gold patterned paper for the background…

black and white rubons and a white poster pen for some added highlights…

I have a collection of Kim Edwards’ quotes from her moving book “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”

that piece of pretty lace has been waiting for some time now…

* * *

the sweet and talented Jean of Bluebirds Living in the Meadow recently sent me some really special treats…

including some magical gompi/gampi tissue paper

sometimes it takes me awhile to dive into goodies…

I know I will find the right time to make the best use of these gifts…

Jean  even gifted me with copies of her painted swan collage sheet images to use in my artwork…

 swans are just one of the things we each hold dear…

she tucked in one of her wonderful faux wool felted flowers too AND the amazing silver tea strainer…

I had never seen anything quite like it before…

precious gifts from a precious friend who I hope to meet in person some day!!!

I am a bit behind in thanking so many thoughtful and generous people here in blogland…you know who you are … thank you dear ones      OXO

gesso play and sweet surprises

Gesso is one of my favorite art ingredients…

it is really more like a tool

such a tool

looking at a stack of book pages that I paint scraped some time ago I realized they could use a little something more…

the perfect chance to play with plastic doilies …

paintbrush …

and gesso

with endless possibilities…

as I got lost in play I was a bit shocked to see how much gesso and paint my left hand caught…

my jar of gesso above is ancient…

I have added water to it several times to extend its life…

a nice bit of color and decoration for envelopes and finally a use for my very thick dauber paints…

I also wanted to share a sweet surprise that arrived in my mailbox earlier this week….

the lovely and talented Dymphie in The Netherlands generously gifted me with some wonderful postcards that she made…

Love those great heart world postage stamps too…

I had commented on a blog post of hers saying how I am crazy about all things medieval…

so generous of her to think of me…

just because…

she also included a couple of her folded corner bookmarks

one is already in use …

blog friends sure can make opening the mailbox fun!

just because … all the way from the Land of Oz

a surprise arrived in my mailbox from far far away

the lovely Australian stamp was fresh and uncanceled … I will definitely be soaking these in water as even the Air Mail stamp is special …

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the beautiful vintage pieces of Japanese fabric … I could almost hear the swish of kimonos from long ago … indigo and silks from the 1930’s and 40’s … one piece lovelier than the next … the book pages above certainly are very old world too with a fabulous patina to the delicate time worn papers …

with gorgeous ingredients like these … I could not resist the urge to begin a journal that I have had in mind for some time now…

the first signature pages for my Asian journal are underway … thank you so very much dear Jen … oxo

footnote: Friday has been a frustrating day trying to comment on blogger/blogspot bbb’s (blogblogblogs) … Service Not Available or asking to leave an identity and there is nothing to click …

“Let Loose” … I won

you may remember me getting excited about Dymphie and Jolette’s “LET LOOSE” idea … I decided whether I won anything or not … I definitely had something to “let loose” of and joined in the fun … several days later Jolette notified me that I had won HER wonderful “LET LOOSE” giveaway …

just look at the beautiful origami papers she sent me all the way from The Netherlands … the Forget-me-not papers are so delicate and lovely … a whole package of them too!

* * * dank u heel erg veel Jolette * * *

* * * I am planning a little giveaway to celebrate my 1,213th blog post … stop by soon for details * * *

“It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds”~Aesop

my art friend, Dot, is very talented and industrious … it seems there is nothing she won’t try … she and I connected almost immediately … as time went on we realized we had quite a lot in common

Dot has hens and chicks …  a goodly number … I Love feathers

Photograph by Dot Ferrero

she surprised me with an envelope full of gorgeous feathers … such a fine variety … impossible to pick one favorite

the first thing I smelled when opening the package was lavender … which just happens to be one of my favorite scents

… she is a nature Lover and a gardener too …

an extra special gift was a pheasant feather that her son, Bruce, had given her 32  years ago

I was so touched and honored to receive it … you see Dot and I found out another thing we have in common … we have both lost sons … Dot’s Bruce was buried at sea … our Alex was killed one month before his 17th birthday … no wonder we connected so effortlessly

thanks again Dot … thinking of you this Mother’s Day and always

“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.” ~Emily Dickinson

speaking of feathers … have you checked on Molly and her owlets lately … my they have grown  … four young ones with wispy white feathers … heart shaped faces with huge beaks … swaying and doing their yoga stretches … in the next week or so the first young one should be ready for a test flight

Tea and Gratitude … just because

the naughty cup seemed the perfect choice for T today 😉

so many of my thank you’s lately are long  overdue … so here goes

Marit in The Netherlands found out I really Love India

so … just because … she sent me a postcard from when she was lucky enough to visit India some years ago  … along with a card from her homeland … how sweet is that!  I am inspired by her magazine envelope too …  Marit is currently offering two online classes that you can pop over and have a look at …  her lively and ever creative blog is here


Penny of The Linen Shelf and The Hen House … TWO  lovely blogs … shared this very nice award with me

I certainly do appreciate being thought of and being included in her list … naughty me for not playing along … just because … see why I chose that tea cup 😉


look at these wonderful ATCs from my Queen Bee friend, Linda, of Linda Jo’s Obsessions,  wonderful textures in person … along with a couple of her sweet moos … a little surprise in the mail …  just because

another Queen Bee friend Nathalie of An Artist’s Legacy shared a piece of her family’s homespun hand loomed linen from the old country …  yes …  just because … you can visit her here to find out a little more about it

if you don’t know already … Nathalie is a treasure huntress and shares lots of what she finds in her RubyFloy etsy shoppe


AND …  just because …  Linda from Norway sent me the most wonderful collage along with so many other special goodies

I had been smitten by her Celebration of Women collage done for a recent Wednesday Stamper challenge

holding it in my hands is WOW … it is even more wonderful in person … gorgeous postage stamps on the package too

oftentimes words pale to try and express the true kindness of others

and … just because … Kimmie … the mistress of T Tuesday’s sent out sweet stitched tea bag holders as thank you’s for playing along in her fun T Tuesdays … she is the Queen of Inchies and Twinchies … among other things … as you can see above … full of creativity

would you believe I still have people to thank … generous … talented … kind friends … I {heart} you all … just because you are you!  oxoxo

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too. “~ Anne Frank

Pumpkin Love + Happy Hallowe’en

over the years I have enjoyed decorating and carving pumpkins … I wasn’t going to get a pumpkin this year as we have plans to skip out on the tiny trickle of tricker treaters here in the neighborhood … just because


visiting The Cottage recently and seeing the array of pretty and unusual pumpkins … with names like Cinderella Pumpkin (wanted one of those too!!!) … I found them hard to resist …  an Australian Blue Pumpkin kept calling my name … they are supposed to be good keepers and excellent eating also … if you click/double click for a closeup you’ll see the special coloring


thanks to Judy Post for the lovely flowers

look what my QB5 friend Linda sent me … I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share this


fun to rip into the cool stitched bag…very carefully of course


I am finding it hard to get enough of these precious  little girls … they are my absolute favorites along with the frill at the top and the glittered pumpkin … thank you so much Linda!

and an RAK from a sweet blog friend Charlotte

Charlottes ATC

a wonderful all white and ghostly pumpkin ATC along with other special goodies … thank you Charlotte!

Lennie's Bay Leaves

Lennie the fresh bay leaves you picked from your bush are drying and pretty as a picture in the process … thank you also for the magazines!


look at this goodie bag from Pat who has two ooglebloops blogs … she certainly is a treasure seeker…it seems Patti & Co Arts and Crafts is an Italian company and she rescued this bag just for me … I will be enjoying some of Pat’s special Lavender Syrup with a cup of green tea in that nifty foil defuser… how unique!

my cup runneth over with wonderful gifts and art mail of late … I feel very fortunate to know so many talented and generous people!

many many thanks to you all and …



*more thank you’s still to come*

Beauty in the House …

my sweet and talented blog friend, Caterina of La Dolce Vita, recently discussed “beauty” in a really nice blog post here AND she shows some of her cool creepy doll collection too

… what IS beauty  …

here is one dictionary definition:

beau-ty \ˈbyü-tē\

1 : the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit 

we recently shared our “creepy” doll fascination (and we say that fondly as we adore a bit of creepy, especially this time of year) … I sent Cat a collage I made using an image of a doll head from my Oma (I’ll have to show you the eyes another time, they are detached)


tattered and worn dolls speak to me …they seem to have stories to tell  … still being around … they are at the very least survivors and I admire that

so my creepy doll went to visit Cat in Colorado … just look at the wonderful wire frame she gave her when she arrived

one thing led to another … some days I could hug the mail lady … OK don’t hug the messenger teehee


always a thrill to see ART MAIL in the mailbox!


talk about presentation!


just look at the lovely vintage treasures in Cat’s package … felt like Christmas here


and then I got to see “Beauty” in person … this doll was Cat’s grandmother’s doll … isn’t she special … Cat gave her a real tatted lace collar … such wonderful surprise gifties

Catarinas Doll and mine*photo by Caterina*

for a brief time our dolls got to play together in Cat’s studio … now they are each in their new homethank you SO much Cat, it’s always lovely to get a “bit of Love in the post”!!!  oxo

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” ~Confucius

Tag for Team Tina

Jan at Polka Dot Barn is gathering tags to include in a wonderful uplifting and supportive gift for a fellow artist, Tina Wright, who has been diagnosed with cancer

whether you know her or not doesn’t really matter … we are all one  … I was moved to create this tag for Tina


thanks to Marsha, (who is having a fabulous giveaway btw) and Nancy for posting on their blogs which led me to Jan

you can go to Jan’s blog to find out the details

since I used bubble wrap for the background, I am also submitting this for the SaWo challenge today

Pink Saturday: Button Button and More

often I mention how generous and wonderful my blog friends are, I am overdue thanking some special friends that do not happen to have blogs….last month I think it was, a talented group of quilters I am lucky enough to hang out with, The Woolie Nuts (don’t ask LOL), had a gathering to beat all gatherings all about buttons AND I had to miss it….sniff sniff.

Monica came into LOTS of wonderful buttons and wanted to share them with the group…Yippee Yeah!!!

have I mentioned I am crazy about buttons, I even have a button purse that I bought, people always ask if I made it

Button Bag

Monica was gracious enough to pack up huge zip lock bags of buttons for those of us that could not make it that evening…I believe they weighed in at around three pounds each!!!

Button array

I spent several evenings with a tray on my lap sorting buttons by color….why…’s a good excuse to touch the buttons and they look nice grouped together, also handy for when I decide to use some….for now I am just enjoying looking at them…stirring them with my finger now and then

just imagine, ten or fifteen times as many buttons as this arranged in bowls LOTS of bowls…..just had to share my special glass of pink buttons with you, they almost look good enough to eat 🙂

Pink ButtonsMonica delighted an awful lot of people by sharing her bounty!!!

while I am saying thank you, I must thank all of the thoughtful Woolie Nuts for bringing me tins, magazines, labels, treasures too good to throw away, plants and so much more

most recently, Sue gifted me with this latest bit of found treasure

Doll boot from Sue

it looks like it might fit a barbie size doll….we had some good giggles wondering what the rest of her costume looked like… you think it was pink?

it looks like a child (we’re thinking) chewed on the toe

pretty darn nice of friends to be so thoughtful (like my Mr Magpie) and rescue items for me all the time… how special is that!!!

here is something also very unique

as a person who has never ever colored her hair I am really intrigued with these hair color samples

Sues closeupare these not interesting and wonderful, also from Sue….so far I just enjoy opening the box, it’s double sided with samples of the colored locks on both sides

Sues hair color samplessome day soon I will know just what to do with them

~*Happy Pink Saturday*~

Visit Bev at How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday offerings

Lovely Luana

in a recent swap with the lovely and talented Linda Vincent from the UK, I was absolutely over the moon with the special treats she shared with me

LindaV goodies2

Linda’s needle felted square certainly is beautiful to look at AND to touch,  I can’t wait to play with the wooden house cutout

LindaV goodies3 and all of the other lovely paper and trims


these plastic doilies, wonderful to use as stencils and not all that easy for me to find in this area it seems,  plastic lace is a good way to describe it….I have already played with them a little 🙂


most amazing of all…is the stunning journal that Linda made for me using one of her gorgeous paintings…I’m just giving you sneak peeks here

Peek2…be sure and visit Linda to see her creation in all its glory….it’s as if she read my mind and somehow knew I secretly coveted Luana as soon as I laid eyes on her

Luana Peek

every detail speaks to me…if it had not been for blogging, Linda and I might have never met

there is lots to be grateful for and I definitely am;  so many thoughtful, talented, generous and special people in my life

***Many, Many Thanks Dear Linda***

*kindness and thoughtfulness*

Lookie look what my eye for treasure friend, Pat of Artfully Ooglebloops,  sent me!  Pat is amazing, she’s a country girl/farmer, creator of all sorts of marvelous things, wordsmith, animal/nature lover, and so much more….oh AND she has TWO blogs, an etsy shop and more (see my sidebar).

these book covers were headed for the trash bin until she rescued them for me 🙂


For now I am admiring them (click for a closer view), imagining all the wonderful things I can do with them.  The patina is so great on each one.

Not long after that nice surprise, Pat awarded me with this really lovely Karma blog award


she has quite a way with words (just one of her many talents as I pointed out above),  you can read more about the award here.  I am lucky enough to know Pat in person as well, we go back a few years!

the land of blog is such a special place, I am so grateful for so many special connections and for each of you that take the time to visit and leave a comment, it really adds to the fun of the whole experience

thanks to everyone for sharing their passion and taking the time to connect!

“Kindness is the greatest wisdom” ~Author Unknown

Nathalie’s Postcard

Nathalie’s lovely surprise card arrived from Missouri, be sure and visit her to find out all about it

N Postcard

the back of her postcard was written from Munich, Germany, which just happens to be where the picture of me that I used for my postcard and ATCs was taken, Love the details!

N PostcardBack

Nathalie even collaged on her envelope, front and back

Nath Envie

that really inspires me to do more than just stamping on envelopes!