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Remember …

the Theme Thursday challenge this week is “wings” … something I always enjoy … who wouldn’t want wings some time or another

Wings Remember*you can click and double click for a closeup view*

as you can see I am not quite ready to give in to Fall eventho there are frost warnings off in the distance … Happy October by the way … the background of my ATC is a baby wipe used for wiping up paints that I stitched (with the machine) onto watercolor paper and embellished with bits of paper and a daisy from some ribbon trim … the tiny scrabble word was ready to go


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The goldenrod is yellow
The corn is turning brown
The trees in apple orchards
With fruit are bending down.”
~ Childrens song

ever a romantic

the theme over at Theme Thursday is “Vintage Women ATCs”

Ever a Romantic

“In a great romance, each person basically plays a part that the other really likes” ~Elizabeth Ashley

Paris in Springtime

Lovely theme over at Theme Thursday….. “Paris”

Sometimes the images I find are so wonderful, a collage only needs a handful of elements and it is complete


the only fleur de lis I could round up just now had a hole drilled in the top, so I felt I needed to thread something through it, thus the wire and seedbeads, I may end up changing that

5 Little Wishes

“Orange” is the challenge over at Theme Thursday.  Here is my Artist Trading Card


Be sure and visit Theme Thursday to see lots more orange creations

“They say that nobody is perfect.  Then they tell you practice makes perfect.  I wish they’d make up their minds.” ~Winston Churchill

all in the golden afternoon

As a girl this song from Alice in Wonderland floated thru my head often, it actually still does….you can learn a lot of things from the flowers lalala la la la la la laaaaa.  Although in listening to the real version (not the one in head)….I thought it was in the merry month of MAY.    You have to Love YouTube…..typing in a line or a few words from a song and viola…..take your pick of videos on that topic!  Here is a whimsical and sweet selection:

With the “Flowers” challenge at Theme Thursday and the song in my head, I created a postcard using tissue paper from a trip to San Franciso’s Chinatown, the back of the green fern paper I used in my recent post for the leaves and stem, and a flower with a smooshed metal bottle cap for the flower center AND a piece of rickrack shared by an art friend Linda S.



Flowers are definitely a favorite topic of mine.  One other amazing song comes to mind (thank you sweetie), “Come Back As A Flower” by Stevie Wonder from his “The Secret Life of Plants” album.

B Free

Here is my ATC for Theme Thursday’s, “Eggs, Nests or Birds” theme.


Various papers, bits of fabric and netting all went into this 2.5 x 3.5″ card.

“One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Speak to me of the Sea

Here a 3″ x 5″ skinny I created for the Theme Thursday Beach/Nautical challenge this week.


Inspired by mollusks (that is such a fun word to say) and a recent trip to the gulf, I used parts of a beautiful free download collage sheet from Gaby.    Encore Metallic inks, Lumiere paints and chalk all went into this piece.  The stamps I used are from Stampers Anonymous and Art Impressions, they seemed to melt into the paper.  The lady is from my postcard collection.  The green frill is from a sushi takeout platter.  I notice one of our local grocery stores is cutting back and no longer adding the green plastic “seaweed”.  Don’t they know that’s part of the attraction of even eating sushi!!!

As Benjamin Button said,

“I was thinking how nothing lasts, and what a shame that is. “

Tip: When I use paints, especially something like Lumiere, instead of putting my brush in water to clean it right away, I  stroke the brush back and forth onto book text or cardstock,  pressing it with my fingers at the end; then it’s ready to be washed.  You’d be surprised how much paint comes out of the brush.  The turquoise back drop paper for my skinny is from a brush cleaned just that way.


The Theme Thursday challenge is making a 4 x4.  I have been painting various sizes of watercolor paper, using paints and inks and gold gouche.  I added a piece of a paper parasol next to this sweet Paper Whimsy girl.


Dance in the Light

Using the piece I created for Kelly’s Theme Thursday 2×4 challenge, I made a card for a friend.  I don’t really make all that many greeting cards anymore….I miss that.  I do think alot of the challenge pieces could be turned into cards though.

dance-in-the-lightHere is a quote  for our first snowfall of the season here in Northern Virginia.

“No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.” ~Zen proverb

A special thank you to Rosie, or Gypsy Rosilee as I fondly call her, for presenting me with the lovely, Kindred Spirit Award.  As a lot of you may already know, I do not pass awards along even though I really appreciate being thought of.  My blog roll to the right is packed with wonderful blog blog blogs and Rosie’s is definitely included!

Theme Thursday : 2×4

The  new 2 x 4 theme at Theme Thursday makes me think of lumber and construction and how a piece of 2×4 inch wood does not really measure 2 inches by 4 inches…..but that’s another topic altogether.

I needed a distraction from a mysterious water leak situation going on here (ack!), so I went upstairs to play, knocked over a small box of cut out bits like wings and such.  This lady and the fan were two of the things I decided to use on my text background.  I painted it with pearlescent acyrlics and stamped along the border.  Viola = my first 2×4….now if we can just locate the leak and bring some order around here.


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Love, Lulu

The Theme Thursday challenge is Vintage Valentines.   As fast as time flies,  it certainly is not too early to begin making valentines!  I am a huge fan of hearts…..


another Tullulah image and some Dover clipart

The Old Pine Tree

I had been fumbling with a ‘winter tree’ challenge for the Art Techniques ATC Yahoo Group monthly challenge..

This lovely lady is an image from a bag of Ethiopian coffee, (thanks again Carol oxo).  I decided it would make  a nice start  for the Theme Thursday “Green and Brown” Challenge.  Well, as one thing is known to lead to many others, here is my Green and Brown Winter Tree Artist Trading Card (ATC).


The ATC needed a little something else, so I Googled Ethiopia, it turns out there is a much loved song dating back to 1849 called  The Old Pine Tree.  Had I found out that tidbit before I used a security envelope as background with green vellum glued over it, I might have used part of the music sheet.

This came together as so many pieces do, one step leading me to the next.  I also found out that Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world and that the coffee bean is thought to have originated there.


Theme Thursday is making Santa’s this week.  Here is one I created on a paper mache star.  I glued on small book text, which when I think about it is going backwards, didn’t we long ago, glue newspaper into shapes to make our own paper mache.  I continued by adding layers of ink, paint and gesso along with some German Glass Glitter (I used Diamond Glaze to adhere it).  I like the unconventional color of this Santa as I am easing into the Christmas mood.  It is taking some effort for me to switch to Christmas creating………..

*did you know you can click on some photos and if you see a plus sign in a circle (think it’s meant to look like a magnifying glass, but I don’t always “get” those icons), you can click again for a mega close up*

santaHere is one of my favorite Santa quotes:

“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live” ~George Carlin 1937-2008