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Art & Soul 2008

Dear Patrizia,
Here is your horoscope
for Tuesday, May 6:

Something new in your life is making you wonder what it’s all about, so you may spend more time than usual pondering.

That could just mean that you’re in need of some mental down-time!

“Don’t question enthusiasm” ~Hafiz


what are the odds….

Last night my husband brought the newspaper home and showed me a posting.  Strange in many ways, first, I think it’s cute that he reads the Health Code Violations section and smart too!  But what he showed me blew me away.  I have had the name of my blog in mind for six months at least (I toyed with the name Works of the Heart too).  Not sure where the inspiration came from other than Magpies like shiney things and collect them (like me), I like birds (outside)  and our home is like a nest.  Back to the strange part = There is a Magpie’s Nest Korean Restaurant in Fairfax, VA.  We’d never heard of it or seen it even!  I looked up Korean Magpie just for the fun of it.   The restaurant was only closed for a day and it wasn’t for selling magpie-on-a-stick!    As JJJ said, “what are the odds???”