prizes all the way from Australia…

it was my lucky day recently to be the winner of Jo Murray’s 100 blog post celebration giveaway

I am not certain how Jo and I originally ‘met’ here in blogland…

life moves so fast …

I do know what a pleasure it is to enjoy her creativity and kindness…

it is quite amazing to be able to trade emails from across the globe …

instant pen pals

blogging really is a beautiful thing…

and speaking of beautiful things…

here is Jo’s brilliant “3 Blooms” acrylic painting that I won…

a perfectly matted ready to frame 4×5″ creation…

Jo said she couldn’t find a Magpie card so she went with the Black Swan….


absolutely perfect for me…

thank you SO much Jo…

here’s to lots more blog posts and friendship…

along with a quote from Don Miguel Ruiz that I find very uplifting as well:

“The best moments of your life are when you are being your authentic self. When you are in your creation and doing what you love to do, you become what you really are again. You are not thinking in that moment; you are expressing. Your emotions are coming out, and you feel great.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz

***there are a couple of giveaways open on my Magpie’s Nest Too Blog…

with two winners being announced on 7 October

and one on 11 October

pop on by and see if there is anything you might be interested in…

I also offer free downloads of vintage postcards there now and again***

15 responses to “prizes all the way from Australia…

  1. What a beautiful piece to win Patty! Congratulations! I love the colors and the white flowers are so perfect with it! The swan card is fabulous for you, too. Enjoy! xxoo


  2. Congratulations what a cool painting to win!
    Enjoy it!!


  3. The background could be a CitraSolv result..of course, I love the colors.


  4. Beautiful prize! And the card…perfect for a swan lover such as yourself.


  5. Congratulations Patty!
    What a gorgeous painting! I can understand that you are happy!



  6. Lucky you 🙂 Congrats on this wondeful win.


  7. Yes…… a very lovely painting! Aren’t you the lucky one! And a black swan to boot! (what does that mean? “to boot”) Anyway……… happy Thursday!!!


  8. I’m delighted that you are happy with my little creation Patty. Thanks for posting it, and linking to my blog.


  9. My face broke into a grin when I saw that lovely black swan!!! I just KNEW you’d be thrilled!!! Thanks for sharing, Patty! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  10. nice gift, my friend! you are very much loved, you know! All around the world!


  11. HELLO……….a SWAN!!!! Perfection

    Lovely winnings and I really like the quote you shared with us today from Don Miguel Ruiz. It is so true.

    Yes, blogging friends are THE best. Your JO is one, indeed!


  12. Congrats Patty,
    What a wonderful giveaway to win 🙂
    Oh, I love the quote too 😉
    Jan x


  13. It’s as if Jo read your mind. When I first saw the swan, I was SO impressed. When I read about Jo’s thoughts, I was even more impressed. This was the perfect gift. Of course, I love the three flowers, too!

    Now I’m off to check out your giveaways.


  14. These gifts are soo precious…really….and of course Jo’s art is beautiful….I love the swan…happy weekend dearest friend…missed you on Tuesday…


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