breathe in the quiet center …

many thanks to all of the lovely people who stopped by for tea yesterday and reminded me to breathe …

your kind concern and support certainly are uplifiting …

to make up for whining I thought I would show you my latest journal pages … my first spread in the Britannica Junior was “harmony” … the second “balance” and now “breathe” …

I don’t often have my camera upstairs in my studio/art cave … but did focus on taking some step by step photos to share some of my creative process with you … clicking for closeups will help answer some product questions …

this song always touches my heart … I hope that it does yours as well … I could listen to it over and over and over again …

I began with a wet transfer using a free Dover fantasy jelly fish image on the book page … you can learn more about this and more by taking Cat’s super Transfer Love class … don’t miss her generous giveaway of a free spot in class here …

I got excited and did not take a photo of the pieces of paper that I glued randomly on the pages before blending them in with some heavy body turquoise paint and glazing liquid … more paper glued on the left than the right … I like leaving some text showing …

Golden’s Yellow Ochre dry brushed with some Raw Sienna around the edges …

next a little dry brushing of white gesso … the hand is from a Paper Whimsy collage sheet …

adding a bit of texture here by pressing some super heavy gesso though a lovely plastic doily piece … thank you again Linda … I used my fingers … snapped that photo very carefully with the one clean finger I had left …

time for some words and a chance to use my new set of Sharpie water based poster paint pens … thanks to Terri for telling us they have been reissued … I find that water based markers are superior to oil markers on paper … with much better coverage

rub ons are always fun …

a Tim Holtz stamp to help finish off the edges of my pages …

and last but not least … a bit of crocheted doily that I cut up and brushed with paints …

as Turquoise is the current theme over at Wednesday Stamper/Mittwoch Stempler … I made this second piece for the challenge …

I have always enjoyed this Swedish Proverb:

“Fear less, hope more; East less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more, Love more, and all good things will be yours.”

footnote: now it seems something is up in my Post Editing as well OY!!!!  photos are duplicated when I have only posted them once ACK!!!  trying to stay calm here and hoping WP settles down!

52 responses to “breathe in the quiet center …

  1. look at this fabulous work!!
    and I don’t see a single link!! good for you!!!!!
    turquoise is THE color of the year!! and your transfers are fantastic as are your book pages, love the hand at the bottom and the stencils of course! and as always thanks for your support! Muah!!!

  2. A wonderful example of how we can use our pain to create beauty!

  3. Thanks that you show your working steps. I have learned a lot.

  4. i just love looking at all those art supplies in the back! and i’m partial to paisleys… persian pickles i like to call them 🙂 have a great day.

  5. Oh, honey! I am so sorry to hear that you’re having such a frustrating time. I have had the same problem with Blogger and just can’t seem to get things right, which is why I have had a bright white background for the past few weeks. I really hope it works out for you as coming to your blog is one of the highlights of my day.
    Your breathe pages are amazing. I love playing with paint like you have. This turned out so good! I’m sure it was great to play let out the frustration through your brush. Hang in there!

  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful song, Patty….it’s so restfull …love the music and the lyrics just zapped me…..The AJ pages are beautiful…I love turqoise and for sharing the techniques, especially the various layers to an AJ page…is simply inspiring….
    still here and loving it…
    hugs steph

  7. WOW, what a lot of steps to get to the finished journal pages. And, what a great quote. Now to go back and breathe and listen to your song!

  8. Wonderful pages, Patty! Thanks for the step-by-step photos.

  9. Amazing pages Patty!
    Love your step by step pics of work in progress!
    The colours are awesome!
    Jan x

  10. Just fabulous my dear Patty! You have outdone yourself! I LOVE IT!

  11. Patty, you are a great friend.
    Thanks for this wonderful journal tutorial.
    I will stamping again and this is a great inspiring. Thanks so much for this. Your work is amazing. I love it. Big Hugs for you.

  12. Oh thank you for taking us through the creative stages of these journal pages! So fun to see it all come together. Another lovely piece, Patty! Just love the effect the whitewash has on these colors. In fact, as I busily gather inspiration for redecorating the homestead, these colors are similar to what I have in mind. These pages just confirm to me that these colors mixed together are very appealing! Xo, Sue

  13. Your beautiful pages are actually relaxing me at this very moment, and I need that today, so thank you 🙂 Also for showing us your steps in the process. Isn’t it fun to put all your paints in front of you etc and just go at it?

    I am sorry for your wordpress problems, I think it happens every where sometimes. Do you back up your blog and save the file to your computer? I hope so.

    Hugs, Lynn

  14. Thanks, Patty, for showing these pages step by step. I never do that on my blog and yet it’s one of favorite things to look at on artists’ blogs! The thing that surprises me is using the Tim Holtz stamp. I doubt if I would have bought that but it’s the perfect thing for these pages! So you’ve reminded me to take a second or third look at things and not disregard some so quickly.
    Thank you! Happy days,

  15. Your journal pages look lovely. It is wonderful to see the work in progress as well. Thank you so much for this tutorial!

  16. I love looking to your art pages Patty !
    great work !

  17. Wonderful pages! Beautiful artwork!
    Hugs Hanne

  18. Fabulous work Patty ! Each step is interesting, Wow… I learn a lot with you !!!
    Have a good day, bons baisers,

  19. Linda Newcomb

    Love the step by step photos. That helps visual people like myself so much. Thank you for the inspiration! Great artwork. SO enjoy coming to your site every day. Thanks again.

  20. Love it and all of your photos documenting the process! *Bravo* – seems like the quiet was good for you – oh yes, and the breathing! LOL. Your art work is beautiful! Hugs

  21. The doily stencils made these pages. I need to pull mine out and play with them! (thanks for the reminder!)

  22. how exciting – every time I look at your artworks that I have at home (lucky lucky me) I keep analyzing them and wondering: how on earth did she…?
    some mysteries got solved today (e.g. the heavy gesso effect). 😉

    I keep thinking of your quote from the last post and now this art piece.
    yes. I really NEED to make my own “breathe” reminder.

  23. Ah…glorious, glorious work, Patty! I’ve not visited in such a long time, I’m out of touch! Hope all is well.

  24. OH Patty that is so fantastic, thank you for sharing your inspiring workshop!Your pages are so creative.
    Hugs Anja

  25. Wonderful post…wonderful pages and thanks for the step-by-step—I always find that interesting. Hope WP irons itself out for you soon…..

  26. Oh my goodness Patty, so much went into these pages. I loved reading about your process whilst listening to the sweet music.
    Glad you found the doily useful……you certainly put it to great effect!
    Linda x0

  27. I thought about you often today and tried to send happy thoughts your way, Patty. LOVE this spread and the way you’ve documented the process. (Thank you, too, for the kind ‘mention’!) I hope things settle down with WP. Just remember . . . it’s not a ‘boulder’!!! LOL! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  28. Oh my soul you come and you go…what a beautiful song and affirmation…I always feel so welcomed when you share your heart in your posts. Thak you for sharing you your faith and processes …humbling gentle works. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  29. Soooooo gorgeous Patti!!

    Thanks for sharing your process with us!

  30. Absolutely gorgeous spread!

  31. loved to see the process of this wonderful spread! and you put me into the direction of rub-ons… for some reason i always neglected them, but recently i saw some good use of them…

  32. Way to go. I love process oriented posts. You did a super fantastic awesome job. Can you tell I really liked the step by step? And I can totally relate to “one clean finger.” Of course, all my cameras have paint and a few other “things” on them too. Thanks so much for sharing this, dear friend.

  33. Wonderful post Patty. You are very generous to post your step by step. Sorry to hear about all the troubles with your blog. A real bummer! Here’s hoping to all the problems being resolved.

  34. Outstanding piece and walk through of process! I always forget to take pictures along the way…I just seem to get caught up in what I’m doing and forget everything else.

  35. Wow ! thanks for sharinghow to breathe – not been so easy recently.

    Sorry to read of your troubles with your blog – so maddening !

  36. stunning art journal work my friend. its been a while since i had my tonic of your art and i am glad i popped by today. I do hope things get better for you soon too
    hugs June xxx
    ps i have a new challenge theme started today on my blog if you fancy giving it a go

  37. I always appreciate it when you show a tutorial — I learn so much from you! This is simply beautiful — all my favorite colors! The finished project is simply stunning. Bravo and thank you.

  38. I love how you’ve documented each stage of this beautiful piece. I’ve never tried doing that. Like you, my camera isn’t usually in my art room (and mine is almost a cave, literally. I have a small dormer window for natural light and have to depend on electricity to have any real illumination!).

  39. Beautiful – and meaningful – journaling. I like that you shared your creative process. It’s always fun to see how others do it.

  40. Patty,
    What a treat! I just love these. I am looking at each little element and think the rub-ons and Tim Holtz stamp just compliment this beautifully. I love the Dover jellyfish! Thanks for sharing each little part. You are always so generous!

  41. thanks also for the swedish proverb quotation…i meant to come by earlier and say i shared it with some friends on twitter & email… have a great weekend!

  42. and your blog looks lovely and full again! you’ve been busy…

  43. I love this entire series of pages. Thank you so much for breaking down the process for this one! It is so beautiful!

  44. Oh this is fabulous!!! Love it!

  45. beautiful spread mizz patty!

  46. Stunning pages! And so cool that you showed the process from start to finish. Thank you!

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  49. Great page and great tutorial. “Breathe” has been my word for 2011. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the heavy gesso through the plastic doily. ( I pinned a couple of your pages : ) – love your work!)

  50. Lovely page, the colors are so fluid and transparent, the text seems to be lightly floating on the page… love it!

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  52. Still so lovely! I always think of you now when I see an encyclopedia.

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