Wordless Wednesday…more blooming blues



20 responses to “Wordless Wednesday…more blooming blues

  1. That is just the most stunning blue, and beautifully photographed.

  2. Gorgeous cobalt blues!! what a joy to look at.

  3. Lovely arrangement Patty in that last photo!

  4. beautiful, love the pods and the flowers together! xox

  5. Beautiful blues–just lovely. I hope things are getting better.

  6. Glorious colour Patty! so you! Mxx

  7. Dear Patty, Oh they are so beautiful all,.-
    the names in Danish are from top : Korn blomst (corn flower)
    the long stiff one we call : slange urt- (snake herb)
    and our beaury from yesterday : Jomfru i det grønne ( virgin in the greens)
    I love how the -slange urt when laid flat down,dries up so beautifully-have you tried that?
    Wonderful wednesday to you.

  8. That middle photo looks like a painting. Simply gorgeous and proof blue is found a LOT in nature. You picked the BEST color, too.

  9. the colors are amazing! I love the blue! Hope you have a happy Memorial weekend! Thanks for your sweet comments this week!

  10. I don’t have any blue blossoms in my garden…. sad, but true! Yours are beautiful!

  11. I am just reading and enjoying these beautiful cobalt blues in your photographs this morning ,,, Natures outdoes us all in this season of wonder and light and color and you have a way of showing us some of the best. Just wonder-filled this moning.

  12. you always share such beautiful photos! I love bachelor’s buttons, and this blue arrangement is gorgeous!

  13. More gorgeous blues!! Love it…and the edits once again. Fun stuff!

  14. Lisa Murphy

    I can’t resist blue flowers, there’s something so tranquil about them – your photos are beautiful !

  15. Very nice to look at! I love these flowers, Patty! A feast for the eyes.

    Have a nice sunday my dear.
    Hugs and kisses

  16. What a beautiful still life you set up here….amazing….

  17. Oh those blues!

  18. these are some brilliant blues! hope you are enjoying your weekend Patty, xo

  19. Love the look of that pear tart! Also love your blue post, very pretty. x

  20. Hi Patty! Oh your blue flowers are gorgeous! And your photos are stunning as always! Hope your eye is healing quickly!

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