still traveling tea…

traveling in my head at least on this rainy Virginia day…

we found The American Riviera® as Santa Barbara, California is called…

  a most captivating and beautiful place…

and enjoyed being there for Halloween…

this little policeman cruising State Street with his parents took the costume prize…

we almost felt like we were transported to another country…

with the Spanish Revival architecture…

clean inviting streets…

and colorful courtyards…

it is a town of less than 425,000 population perfect for walking or there is a trolley style bus that you can ride one way for twenty five cents too if you wish…

we were smitten even before we set foot in the Villa Rosa Inn…

Room Fifteen had a sweet little balcony looking out onto the magical gardens and pool…

it was a succulent (sedum) paradise…

the resident gardener really puts her heart and soul into her work…

and as the Villa Rosa Inn brochure states it is just 84 steps to the beach…

some times I will read a description of a place and then feel surprised when I see it in person…

the only surprise here was that it was even more wonderful than it sounded…

we enjoyed the fresh air and water…

with very low humidity and sunshine what’s not to Love…

we were drawn to Pacific Crepes two separate times and had THE best crepes and delicious cappuccinos too…

this is definitely a place we would enjoy visiting again…

life is a garden,
not a road
we enter and exit
through the same gate
where we go matters less
than what we notice ~ BOKONON

wishing each of you a very Happy Tea Tuesday however you enjoy it

18 responses to “still traveling tea…

  1. It’s been 10 years since our last visit to SB and your beautiful photos certainly took me back! thank you for sharing, dear friend…I love the journey!


  2. Thanks for sharing all of this with us Patty! Now; I REALLY want to go there again! xxoo


  3. What beautiful pictures! I loved visiting there with you!


  4. Take me back! 🙂


  5. Patty, it must have been hard to leave such beautiful surroundings 🙂 and the clear blue sky……love the photos.
    Happy tea day, thought I’d join in today 🙂


  6. What awesome memories you have captured. I remember Santa Barbara from years ago, but nothing this gorgeous. You experienced a part of Santa Barbara I failed to capture. My only same photos would have been the mission. This city has a lot more life than I ever realized. I love your trip through your camera AND your thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving, too.


  7. WOW……..I’m really impressed at the beautiful area you got the chance to enjoy. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful eye-candy place on this planet.



  8. Oh Patty, you’ve made me put Santa Barbara on my ‘bucket list’. It looks so beautiful… I love the Spanish influence. Thanks.


  9. Oh Patty, I needed a break and you took me on one. What a beautiful place…..I loved the little bird houses in the court yard and all the old Spanish architecture, just wonderful. I would love to visit here one day. No tea post from me (again ) as we say in Australia. ” I don’t have time to scratch myself” at the moment, but it was lovely visiting with you today. xx


  10. hello.



    i thought of you today and had to stalk all around to find your blog address 🙂

    found you.
    again 🙂


  11. What a gorgeous place Patty! And your “room with a view” looks so romantic! I am so glad for you that you had this wonderful getaway and a wealth of lovely memories to revisit!

    Blessings to you and your magpies this Thanksgiving!



  12. Wow! What gorgeous photos!!! Love the bird houses on the wall! And all the other wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing!


  13. Oh my Patty, what loveliness to share with us. Fabulous pics!


  14. I can see why you are having a hard time letting go. I missed tea yesterday…too much going on this week.


  15. oh yes, lets do have tea in Santa Barbara! how I loved SB! and have a very lovely Thanksgiving dear Patty, and mr magpie, hope it is a beautiful day… xxox


  16. Oh my, it’s all so beautiful. Seems like years since I’ve been away from home but then your last quote puts it all back in perspective. That, along with the first post about gratitude. It’s all about attitude and praising Him.


  17. How did I miss this gorgeous post of yours! Gorgeous photos. Only one problem, you didn’t take me with you!! xxoo


  18. oh my, i love to go on trips as you know. aha, riviera you call it. gorgeous photos, no wonder, everyone would have a marvelous time there. thanks for sharing and making me travel. 🙂


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