pretty boxes…

friends (some I have never even met face to face) are so generous…

my friend Carmen recently gave me this lovely German box along with some vintage sheet music and images…

the button box is already holding some of my special treasures…

* * *

Nathalie my Queen Bee friend has a wonderful etsy shop chuck full of goodness…

I found this box impossible to resist with its jointed corner construction and perfect patina for a future project…

(where is my woodworking vocabulary when I need it!)

Nathalie tucked in all kinds of special surprises too…

not just anyone would rescue beautiful broken sugar bowl pieces and share them with you…

and that mystery rusty piece ooh la laa…

* * *

Jean of Bluebirds Living in the Meadow is having a fabulous giveaway times two AND is also sharing another of her great tutorials that you will not want to miss…

“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.”  ~Richard Bach (author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull)

29 responses to “pretty boxes…

  1. Ooh…. what fabulous and beautiful treasures xx

  2. Such loveliness!

  3. Love the button box AND the broken china!

  4. I believe the word you are looking for is a dovetail joint but I like to term ooo la la to much to tell you, hahaha. Those are great boxes. I love little compartments to stash away bits and bobs of things that otherwise would not have a home. Thank you for the nice links to visit, too. Have a splendid Sunday!

  5. I too Love the button box and especially the broken china. I hate to throw brpken china away. I have a few pieces in my moonflower garden, hoping it would be a bit of a deterent to the deer and keep them from eating my moonflower vines as they grow and twine their way into the season of their flowering which is almost here. I absolutely Love broken china in the garden. My neighbor, age 9, doesn’t get it! She just says, “Why?”
    Happy Sunday Patty!

  6. Love the beautiful vintage box and really lots of delightful treasures.
    Hugs Anja

  7. oh wow so cool.. and I adore your Journal entry for the Journal challenge…. fabulous!

  8. I gasped in delight as I read this today and perused the photos. Exactly the types of treasures I adore. Ahhh! The bliss of shiny and rusty or old and new mixed together. Where has this thing traveled? What will it become? Oh glorious happy day in which we can sit and play!!!

  9. Awesome boxes, love them and love the rusty “whatever it is”thingy

  10. We never cease to be amazed at the beautiful friendships that are formed via blogs and the never ending generosity. Gorgeous items.
    The dove tailing on the box is so special, glad you shared a close up photograph.
    TFS all those delights with us.

  11. Dove Tail joint!

  12. What a beautiful and inspirational display you have made. Treasures holding treasures! Just visited Nathalie’s lovely shop and found my own perfect treasure for a special piece. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful bits. xoxo

  13. looks like you’ve been having some fun mail days 🙂
    my new campus is a few minutes away from the place local antique sellers have their stores. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for fun treasures to send your way 🙂

  14. Hi Patty. Wonderful treasures. TFS.
    Regards Florence x

  15. Dear Patty,
    friendship over borders and oceans I never thought could be so fantastic and dear,- before I entered this beautiful blogging world. It is truly amazing to find so much kindness and so many dear friends- and it have made my life so much more WONDERFUL.
    Your gift is wonderful, I also love boxes, and the ols button box is lovely-and the one with jointed corners is gorgeous, and so wonderfully old and used looking, and the tucked in items are great.
    You had such great gifts ,dear.
    Happy sunday Patty.
    XOXO and love, Dorthe

  16. OMG you have some generous friends Patty. LOVE those boxes!!!!
    Can’t enter the giveaway… pity.

  17. What beautiful treasures you’ve received- the icing on the cake for wonderful friendships-and love that you have met them through blogging! Yes, blogging has opend up so many wonderful opportunities for all of us to meet- people we would never have the wonderful fortune to otherwise know. What beautiful boxes and lovely items you’ve filled them with! Thanks so much for sharing such generosity of others! xo Have a wonderful week!! xo

  18. Oh dear Patty… these boxes are divine… love all the little treasures as well… especially the broken sugar bowl piece… simply wonderful…

    Jenny x

  19. oh patty what wonderful treasures……such great displays

  20. What a lovely friend to send such a treasure! and The extras you received are very lush I completely agree. I will pop along and have a look at the TUT as well xx

  21. boxes are so much fun and intriguing! I love your collection and the beautiful treasures! I believe the joint on the box is either tongue and groove or finger groove? Have a beautiful week , dear Patty.

  22. These are lovely – I really like the wooden box, and the broken china (I have a bowl of broken china on my dining table) =D

  23. stempelchaotin

    Oh wow what for wondderful treasures my dear Patty.
    You are a luck girl and the boxes soo wonderful.
    Love them all.

  24. LOVE the wooden box Patty, fab bit of joint work going on there, loads of character! Your treasure photo is lovely, those things were meant for each other! Mx

  25. Oh Patty
    What a wonderful old button box – on the inside it looks like it is made up of little matchboxes – love the bling too!!
    But your dove-tailed box is my fave, I would have grabbed it too!!
    I love Dorthe’s comment – blogging has broken barriers and borders and allowed us to make wonderful friends everywhere in the world – as we have dear Patty!!
    Enjoy your week.
    Shane xox

  26. I’m SO far behind I may never catch up. But I had to tell you how much I LOVE that rusty piece. You know I’d keep it to rust fabric, then when I couldn’t rust anymore, I would find a use for it in my Rusty AB. Broken china is nice, but give me rust ANY day of the week. Of course, I DO like that box, too. I see an assemblage coming on (grin).

  27. Oh wow! Carmen’s gift to you is “to die for”!!! I love it!!! And I do know for a fact that Nathalie has a super great etsy shop….. you got a great box!!! We can’t have too many boxes, can we? haha Now I’m off to check out Jean’s giveaway and tutorial….love her stuff! What a gift your blog post is this day!

  28. Such sweet treasures Patty….especially all your glittery bits!! 🙂

  29. Well I totally love the photo of the birds in your bird bath, and that lovely drawer that was a very exciting find at Ruby Floy – Oh and I loved all your scarves, good on you! xx

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