playing with packaging…

do you ever look at empty food containers and think they look too nice to throw away…

the cardboard makes a nice substrate for lots of things like ATCs…postcards and more…

boxes waiting to be turned into book covers

our local group of mixed media artists looks at lots of things that way and at our recent meeting we turned assorted boxes into books by adding all kinds of different papers as signatures (some of my gelli prints came in handy)…

altered chocolate truffle box book

 this yummy truffle box had nice little holes that I liked for added interest on my book cover…

altered shortbread box book

I punched a hole in the front of my shortbread book cover and like the look of some of my Citra Solv paper peeking through…I still need to stitch in the signatures on that one…

Indian food box to be completed

the Indian food package book cover above still needs some beads to jazz up the waxed linen threads…

Spring 2014 Crocus

♥ many thanks to special and talented friends both near and far for sharing and always being such an inspiration ♥ 

Happy Fall to all of my friends in the Southern Hemisphere…

39 responses to “playing with packaging…

  1. You’re my favourite Magpie!!

  2. .I almost forgot to wish you too a beautiful and happy Spring-Equinox!♥

  3. Lo

    Making books and yours are gorgeous!!

  4. Wow Patty, your books are awesome! I love them all!

  5. Beautiful creations from what would normally be thrown away by most people. Happy Spring to you, judging by that gorgeous crocus shot it appears to have arrived

  6. What a creative way to recycle! I always keep cardboard boxes, can’t bear to throw them away. I used to use them for ATCs, but I haven’t done one in forever. Your books look lovely. And man, those truffles look amazing!

  7. Recycling is good…but these are magnificent!

  8. Oh my, so many wonderful books! Did you make them all at the meeting?

  9. Wow that looks so lovely what you made with the old boxes. Wonderful artwork again. Nice also your foto from the first spring flowers, such an amazing deep blue.

  10. inanoctopusgarden

    these books were addictively fun! Now to fill them…..;)

  11. Love what you’ve done with these. How wonderful you have a group you can get together with locally.

  12. sparkledaysstudio

    Oh, fabulous use of boxes…..they are so available too…xox

  13. What an artistic and creative way to use those boxes! Love them! xo

  14. Isn’t there a lovely of satisfaction when creating with packaging or other items that otherwise would be in the rubbish/trash bin!
    Wonderful use of the boxes to be so artfully transformed into such special books.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  15. You rock “trash to treasure”!

  16. I love recycling stuff and its nice to see such art come out of it. I hate throwing away pretty packaging and am always wondering what to do with it.
    This is what I did with Body Shop boxes…the plastic ones – nothing as creative as your work but still fun

  17. Oh wow! Now that’s taking recycling to a whole other level. Absolutely incredibly beautiful. I save boxes for making tags but haven’t done any paper crafting in a while. Never enough time for everything. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. 😉 Tammy

  18. What a lovely set of ideas. Tea often comes in boxes too pretty to throw away.

  19. Thanks for the idea…maybe our group can make some books.

  20. Hello Patty,
    l’occasion est trop belle d’habiller de si jolies boites, on l’a toutes fait.
    Bravo pour l’ensemble réalisé.

  21. My dear Patty, the book you made from the truffle box,is amazing, love all the pearls on the spine, and those holes to see little secrets through,-
    It is a wonderful way of using every day trash pieces, and turn them into wonderful art creations to be used for many happy hours !
    Sweet Patty ,thank you for your dear comments to me, alwayes- with love from Dorthe

  22. Brilliant ideas !!! Happy Weekend, Shirleyx ps… no sign of crocus here ….. soon we hope …xx

  23. you made me smile… hoarders and hunters, aren´t we? i love the books you are making out of these boxes.
    happy spring patty! we could need rain here in bavaria, though i really enjoyed the sunny weeks we had…

  24. We just finished enjoying a box of Guylian chocolates and I immediately snatched the box (and insert) thinking that it was simply too good to throw away. I have ideas, now just have to find the time!

  25. I have always enjoyed finding ways to use my packaging, and now I know what I’m going to do with that truffle box I got for Christmas. You are ALWAYS such an inspiration.

  26. You are not only talented but clever too! I am starting to look at all kinds of things I once threw away as having possibilities especially for texture. Love this post Patty – thank for sharing your knowledge and your wonderful makes.
    Sandy xx

  27. your book is beautiful 🙂
    yes, I save things. this morning I noticed a piece of the laundry basket coming loose and I snapped it off (instead of winding it back in) and put it on my craft table, lol

  28. patty your recycled boxes into books are wonderful, will be lovely to see what you fill them with…,,love how you utilised the holes on the cover too xx

  29. What lovely ideas you share with us Patty! Your books are wonderful & so inspiring!
    Alison xxx

  30. All of these are wonderful books Patty! I especially love the transformation of the shortbread box. I love using food container cardboard for substrate but I never thought of it as a book cover! Thank you for this inspiration and new perspective. xx

  31. This books are brilliant Patty.. I love the recycling idea behind it and how wonderful and artsy this trash to treasure pieces turned out! Fabulous!
    The crocuses are beautiful… I am waitig for my tulips and daffodils right now..but today we got snowy weather again —brrr….

    Happy new week my dear friend!

  32. Definitely UPcycling! These are really lovely, Patty. But then, I’d expect nothing less — you have set the bar high!

  33. Gorgeous binding, and you know how much I love upcycling stuff!

    Happy Spring to you, Patty. Unfortunately here it’s a little bit winterish again, can wait to have a real warm weather! 🙂

  34. you are such an amazing artist and lady Patty! I would have never seen the potential in the recycling — but you have OPENED my eyes m’dear! Beautiful!

  35. oh Lovely! my daughter often uses our recycling bin for crafting resources. so funny what she comes up with sometimes. and of course you are so thoughtful that you remember those in the souther hemisphere… happy spring to you, happy fall to them as well!

  36. coleenfranks

    I recycle such all the time, Patty. Sending blessings from Ukraine. Pray for peace.

  37. Oooh….you belong to a group of mixed media artists? Wonderful; I bet they love having you as part of the team 😉
    The book cover with the waxed threads is looking intriguing……

  38. love that printing on the waxed threads book! fabulous! xoxo

  39. Love your books! It’s hard for me to let packaging go, too! These are great!

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