End of June Tea Tuesday…


A cup of Yogi Tea out in the garden,  hot or chilled is always a treat


local honey and a delicious fruit and nut snack, this company makes pure and simple natural snack bars

Scabiosa Sampler

white Scabiosa in bloom and out again


it’s a real test in patience waiting for bees to smile for the camera


our resident clover muncher

Bee and Butterfly


this one inch (2,54cm) long praying mantis popped up when I was doing a little watering


*as always for a super closeup view, you can click twice*

I really got excited when I looked down and saw this spider web looking up at me in the potting area of our garden.  To capture the spider’s flat web on film I had to spray a light mist of water up into the air,  the droplets of water made it show up enough to see with the camera lens

the spider didn’t seem to mind the shower at all…see her in the middle 🙂

do join us for tea…..visit Kimmie for more Tuesday tea stops

12 responses to “End of June Tea Tuesday…

  1. Love your technique for getting that delightful spider web and love the thought of smiling bees!!!! A great one this lovely morn!


  2. A positive wealth of the natural world here! What a great idea to spray a mist of water onto the spider web! And your local honey is very very smart – did you know that eating locally harvested honey helps keep us protected from locally produced pollen allergies? We moved here 10 yrs ago and developed all kinds of “hayfever” stuff – eating the local honey makes a huge huge difference!


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  4. Hi Patty…I’m joining you today (see my blog). Your photos are just wonderful…hope you like my moth!!!
    Linda xo


  5. All great pictures and beautiful nature finds! These should be on Flickr too!!! Love the big bumble!


  6. Hi Patty, I love looking at your photographs, I feel like I am right there with you. Thanks also for the recipe and the local lore concerning the honey, must try that! Christen


  7. Patty, love your photos, the rabbit is so cute. We don’t get any praying mantis up here, that is a great pic!
    Thanks for the info Kimmie, that is interesting!


  8. These are gorgeous. I LOVE the spider web!!!! I’m going to put up photos of my dead zinnias….yep, that’s what I’m gonna do.


  9. So many gorgeous pictures. I just came in from watching my clover munchers running around and munching in the backyard, so fun to watch them play.


  10. Oh I love to visit your garden!!! What fabulous pictures! I could do without the spider web though, I watched too many movies of shrinking people with giant spiders when I was little…. 🙂


  11. These are all fabulous!


  12. GReat photos!! For some reason I have missed some of your posts – and you’re the 1st place I stop every morning!!! So today I am playing catchup – love the photos, and the mermaid you posted today!!!


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