pages of my heart…

heart BOOK that is…

a couple of years ago I picked up a heart shaped book and covered it with paper, fabric and bits of this and that…

closed it measures approximately 6 x 6 inches (15,24cm)…

using paint, gesso, paper and more for the blank pages…

I left a little room above for some journaling or a quote perhaps…

I also plan to edge the pages…

these blue pages were inspired by a ferry boat ride to Sausalito and some really fun late night cable car rides in San Francisco…

I used black gesso for these pages along with Italian cookie wrappers and paper doilies with white gel pen to finish…

this spread uses a copy of a seaside siren I created … a bit of road map, rubber stamping and a special Polish postage stamp from a very talented blog friend…

I {heart} postage stamps and have collected them since I was a girl…

these pages were inspired by a castle in Berkeley Spring, West Virginia using patterned tissue as background…

my “Seasoned” pages began with vintage math book pages…

the word seasoned came from a package of firewood sold at the local supermarket…

the last two pages pictured are actually the first two pages in the book that I covered with tissue paper…

they have been patiently waiting for just the right finish…

do you ever slow down on a project just before completing it?

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.” ~Marc Chagall

49 responses to “pages of my heart…

  1. Absolutly gorgeous Patty ! I love Chagall too and I have a “coup de coeur” for your hearts with laces…;
    Have a nice day !
    Mirevan from Chambéry

  2. Oh; how I “heart” your heart book Patty! It’s stunning and love all the lacy touches and your swan inclusions – a very meaningful book. Beautiful and I keep going back to look at each and every page.

    xxoo Marilyn

  3. I really like how simple and endearing this is. Way to re-create a plan-ol- find.

  4. I really love how you have taken something simple and made it so elegant! It is just right. Thanks for sharing this, I absolutely love it–it cheers my day up!

  5. really pretty! sometimes the last page is a tough as the first, but I’m sure whatever you do will be awesome 🙂

  6. Patty what can I say ???
    Yes OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!
    So so beautiful and creative little heart book.
    I love it.

    Have a lovely weekend sweetie xoxo

  7. Several years ago, I was gifted with a heart book, but mine was a full heart only once it was opened. I have been playing with it for YEARS, using it for excess paint mop up. I am in love with your book. I should have chosen that book for the class, but it would not have fit my theme. Thank you for such an awesome and inspirational view of your heART.

  8. I too “Heart” your Heart Book and I read all of the great comments above, nodding my head in “Heartfelt” agreement as I read every single word that each had written. What a grand way to begin this February morning. That is one book that I would love to see and hold in my hands, it has so much to say, so much to share. You’ve done a fine piece of artwork here, adding bits and pieces of yourself, dear Patty.

  9. So lovely Patty. Maybe Puerto Rico will be the inspiration you are waiting for but it is gorgeous as it is! xoxo

  10. beautiful pages, Patty!!! your heart book reminded me of the same one I bought some time back too….I should look it up and do something with it…
    happy weekend!!!

  11. Gorgeous little book…I adore it! hmmm…so many possibilities for little books, so little time! thanks for the inspiration!

  12. These pages are beautiful! I love the various color schemes you have come up with. I really like the heart shape. Unique is better. I love the floral tissue paper on your last layout. It reminds me of a Laura Ashley print. Very romantic. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  13. What a wonderful Valentine! HAVE A WONDERFUL GETAWAY.

    Look forward to photos.

  14. it’s a beautiful heartbook!!

  15. the heart book is absolutely beautiful!

  16. It IS a beautiful book!!! Yes…. I do slow down before I finish something…often laying it aside… Finding those things as I pack and clean out to move…….. Great post…….

  17. Beautiful bbok Patty, love the surprise each time you turn the page! wonderful colours and images, you are sooo clever Mx

  18. Beautiful heart book, Patty..each page so different and lovely….I do often slow down before I finish things,,,the reason my house is full of UFO’s. I have learned I am a process person-more interested in the process of creating than in the finished product, although once I finish something I always wonder why I waited so long.

  19. This is a beautiful creation, obviously full of love. I know what you mean about slowing down, but for me it’s usually because I’m running out of ideas.


  20. Yes, I do. Maybe it’s because finishing up a project that was so inspirational is kind of sad?

    Beautiful heart book, Patty. Each page is different but tells a story of it’s own. I have collected postage stamps forever, too. They are tiny works of art, aren’t they? When we were ALL sending cards and letters years ago, my trip to the PO to ‘pick out stamps’ was always a treat! So many pretty choices to put on an envelope.

    I ‘heart’ your book and all it’s ephemera! It’s delish!

  21. Woweeeh, Patty !!!! You’ve done a grand job with all the heart pages! Each of them is gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful weekend my dear.


  22. Oh My Gosh dear Patty… your heart book is stunning…. LOVE the gorgeous pages… the patterned tissue and the beautiful postage stamps…not to mention the sweet images… you always create the most amazing things…
    AND I adore your quote… inspiring and true…

    Have a wonderful day…
    Jenny x

  23. oh i do LOVE this, yes all caps! lol beauty-full!

    you know, i’m pretty sure your blog is good for my blood pressure and stress level in general. thanks for sharing your art and for doing it so serenely and inspiringly.

  24. Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring! have a lovely weekend, Petra. x

  25. So gorgeous Patty! maybe you’re going slow because you don’t want to be done 🙂


  26. Lovely! Such diversity in the pages. Love the blue one with the birdies on the ruler. How smart!!
    I bet I have that same book! Always planned to do something with it… You know the saying…”the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. Maybe one day I’ll actually pave that road with paper!!

  27. hehe, i just run out of steam…what a beautiful heart book, nicely filled to with special treasures…

  28. I LoVe it PaTtY!

  29. I “heart” this book too!
    I especially lOve those lacey fabric pages.
    Each page tells a little more about YOU as an artist and what you love.
    A great record of your creativity – I’M INSPIRED Patty!
    much love

  30. Your book is just stunning! I love hearts and all the wonderful details that went into this art! Hope you have a wonderful weekend m’dear! xoxo

  31. I just love your art, Patty. Miss seeing you. I am going to Gettysburg next Wed. To take a soldering class. Can’t wait. I’ll report in. Luff,

  32. It’s always fun to come here and see what you have been doing…your book is simply wonderful Patty! Love every page!

    Gaby xo

  33. Your Heart Book is beautiful. I loved looking at, and was delighted by each and every inspiring page, just gorgeous Patty. !! I feel like I want to go off and make one of my own right now. But also love that each page is significant, meaningful and relates to a special event. xx

  34. Sooo beautiful, dear Patty.

    Have a nice Sunday

  35. so so so pretty! i love looking at all the cool backgrounds you’ve put into your sweet book! i hope you have a great trip!

  36. An absolutely beautiful book Patty… I can’t choose which pages I like best, they’re all fabulous.

  37. This book is fabulous Patty! It seems not easy to do, working in such a shaped book, but you sure turned the pages into pieces of art!! I especially like the seaside-page (you guessed already, didn’t you?!) but I love the other pages just as much!

  38. What a lovely book.. too cool that it is heart shaped.. love every page.. I seem to just stop dead sometimes.. very difficult to get restarted these days…lol

  39. Wow, I’m missing words, that’s a breathtaking piece, your heart book is really a treasure.

  40. Great quote and a great book, so many beautiful things here again, glad I visited you:o)

  41. This one is a real treasure, Patty. I couldn’t possibly pic a favorite page or part!

  42. Absolutely gorgeous Patty!!! I love the heart shaped book!!! Beautiful!!! ~Sophia

  43. I’m fascinated, that heart booklet is a really unique art work!
    Wish you a nice weekend,
    hugs Anja

  44. Your heart book is a treasure for sure, and yes right before I finish something i do kind of slow down, or stall out… glad to hear i am not the only one!

  45. Oh I love your heart book!!! That is awesome! I was going to do a spread in an altered book the other day but got sidetracked. I need to find a book and do it!

  46. Oh, Patty. Such lovelies. You made my heart so happy (and calm, when I pressed and smelled my heart). I came home a little down and that just cheered me up!
    Love you.

  47. Hi Patty! What a lovely book, and you’ve decorated it so beautifully! Hope you will have a fantastic trip 🙂 Take care.

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