altered flower press

The blog world is a great place to meet new friends.  The lovely and talented Lynn in Ontario inspires me.   When I saw her altered flower press back in early March, I knew I would be altering mine too at some point.  Since flower pressing season is upon us, here is my first altered flower press…

…the before


various papers, images and trim


along with a little rubber stamping


As soon as I locate my stash of pressed flowers (they are layered with wax paper in a candy box somewhere) I would like to add a pressed flower or two to my collage below


when it stops raining, I will be able to begin collecting flowers and leaves for pressing again this year

21 responses to “altered flower press

  1. Looks really awesome! Thanks for sharing Patty!
    Love it! Of to pick flowers… soon as we get some here. Was 25F this morning and hail yesterday..pff.


  2. Das ist super klasse geworden Patty!


  3. So lovely, I wish you sun and beautiful flowers;o)


  4. Beautiful Patty, what an inspiration! i hope you have many happy hours pressing your finds!


  5. Wow! I love the transformation! Love the colours and theme of course! Nice job!


  6. WOW, WOW, Wow, I just LOVE it Patty, you created a wonderful piece of art on your flower press and I like it much more than mine, honestly. I may have to start over again 🙂
    Only flowers in my garden right now are forget me nots, but it’s a start, and how sweet of you to mention me like that, I am blushing big time now.
    Have fun pressing your flowers, hope you find the other ones too 🙂


  7. Love , love , love it very much ,!!
    xox Rini


  8. Beautiful! Even without added flowers!


  9. this turned out just beautifully! i have a teeny flower press…but i’d be hard “pressed” to find it…ggg


  10. Oh, what a lovely idea! I saw a flower press at the thrift store a couple weeks ago, but passed it up ’cause it’s really so…well, ugly. You did a beautiful job making yours appropriate for the task at hand!


  11. Patty, this is so gorgeous. Not only have I very few flowers (a few azalea blossoms), I didn’t have the rain. I’m hand watering my newly planted plants. I know you collect lavender blossoms. I have never heard of a flower press, but your alteration of yours is beautiful.


  12. What a great idea !! And your collage is fabulous !!


  13. Wow Patty this is fantastic. So lovely idea and brilliant work. I love it. Hugs.


  14. oh this is fabulous- I told my hubby the other day I needed him to make me a flower press….now I need it asap so i can make it beautiful!!


  15. simplyaltered

    these are beautiful!!!! I love to use definitions on ANYTHING!!!!!


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  18. Very nicely done !


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