Kimmie’s Tea Party Tuesday

Kimmie from Art in Red Wagons has an inspired idea for Tuesdays

Here is what she has to say: ” make yourself a cuppa (tea or coffee), post a picture of it on your blog with a little something to say about your day, and then link back here in the comments. We’ll all make the rounds to see what’s up with our blogging buddies and take a pause for some friendship over a hot cuppa …. sound like fun?”

homemade Yogi  Tea in this pretty English Bone China cup, Lily of the Valley, known for its delightful fragrance, is the flower of the month of May

the cup used to belong to my sweet mother in law, Lona

she had an extensive collection,  several shelves stacked high in her china closet, a special tea cup was the perfect gift for most occasions for her for many years


won’t you join Tea on Tuesdays at Art in Red Wagons

“Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn’t try it on” ~Billy Connolly

11 responses to “Kimmie’s Tea Party Tuesday

  1. Oh, what a pretty cup and saucer and such a beautiful photograph of Lona. I can almost smell the lily of the valley. Perfect! Such a great idea too.

    p.s. the quote from Billy Connolly made me laugh so much. Typical of his humour!!!


  2. That is a wonderful arrangement for a morning in May, I Love it! I too can almost smell the flowers and your cuppa tea just looking at it. Now to find my little mug with Lily of the Valley on it too. Great quote!


  3. What a wonderful tribute! Beautiful idea!


  4. gorgeous tea service, what a lovely idea. The quote has to be one of the best you’ve passed on yet!!


  5. I really love this post. Beautiful china so early in the morning, gorgeous setting and the quote is awesome. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


  6. What a beautiful table setting!

    I’m imagining a manwith a tea cozy on his head now too 🙂

    Lily of the Valley are my all time favorite flower! I haven’t planted it since I had kids though because I was afraid someone would toddle out there and eat it (it’s poisonous) … but they’re all grown up enough that I have no need to worry! Thanks for the reminder of the beautiful L.O.V. I will look for pips the next time I’m at the nursery!


  7. I will grab a cuppa cafe creme… YUM!


  8. Your table is set so beautifully 🙂
    I’m patiently waiting for my Lily of the Valley to pop up 🙂


  9. Carmen Dyson

    Hi Patty, Lilly of the valley is my mother’s special flower. Her maiden name was Valley and my Dad always made sure there was a patch of LOV in our yard. Sweet. Love the picture.


  10. That is a really lovely cuppa Patty… but I laughed my socks off when I read your quote by Billy Connolly (one of my most favourite comedians…). I can just imagine him saying that with his treaked purple hair and waggly eyebrows raised!! You made my day!
    Jingle bells!! xoxoxo


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