‘Tea with Marie’…

Susan Godby's Tea with Mariemy talented friend Susan created her first gorgeous altered book for a round robin in our mixed media art group…

Susan Godby's Tea with Marie (2)

you can stop by her blog to see her interesting post on how her book began here

Susan Godby's Tea with Marie (1)

working on the plain French-English dictionary pages adding lots of layers and embellishments was such a delight…

Patty Szymkowicz Marie Pages (2)

I highlighted an old French ledger page from The Graphics Fairy with a piece of pretty German napkin that I rubbed with gold gouache

Patty Szymkowicz Marie Pages (3)

tiny flowers from a vintage hat I collected decorate a French cocoa label also from The Graphics Fairy

Patty Szymkowicz Marie Pages (1)

some French 7Gypsies tissue paper started the background for this page along with a piece of old blue velvet for the edge…

the oval portrait of Marie was from a free digital collage sheet The Graphics Fairy shared back in 2009…

 one of my golden flimmers and some delicate German scrap helped frame Marie…

Patty Szymkowicz Marie Pages

white gesso, gold gouache, bits of my favorite gold patterned tissue paper, torn napkin, scraps of embroidered netting, pink silk rose petals (on the left page edge and behind Marie’s head) and a K & Company vellum border at the bottom helped put the finishing touches on my pages…

such a fun theme and a very beautiful book to work in…

40 responses to “‘Tea with Marie’…

  1. Dearest Patty, what a delight your posts always are. I love your pretty pages. Pen xxx

  2. Wow what a book!

  3. Can’t believe that’s her first altered book and all the prettiness within. I’ve never had the time to really do that and every time I see one I become inspired. Your pages are remarkable! Patty, if you lived near me, I’d be taking lessons every week — and I’d

  4. Utter gorgeousness. I am not sure if that is correct English but it is what I thought when I saw the finished book and your pages. Love Susan’s work as well.
    Regards Florence x

  5. wowweee! that is simply stunning! beautiful beautiful beautiful….

  6. Yes, I agree it is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful …

    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. complete gorgeosity… !!! xoxox

  8. What a keepsake. I love the front cover!

    Sandy xoxo

  9. Such stunning work from all of you!

  10. OH MY! oh my! what a most gorgeous and beautiful spread you have created, dearest Patty.
    The colours and gold are fantastic , and that napkin too- and with the old flowers and the G.F.image it is the most stunning page.
    And then beautiful Marie, with that wonderful piece of blue velvet and her amazing frame, the tissue looks so beautiful behind, -you created magic here, my friend.
    I wish you a lovely weekend, and happy hours creating.
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  11. Wow! I love all of it – so gorgeous 🙂 . Hope all is well. Take care! – Amy 😀

  12. WOW. WOW. WOW., Patty! I ♥love♥love♥ the pages you created for your friend Susan’s book. I followed the links to see her early start of this fabulous book. What a treasure. AND THANK YOU for adding the Pinterest clause to your copyright message!!! I’ve been wanting to “pin you”…I might need a nail gun for the weight of what I’ll eventually add to my boards☺ xo, Sue

  13. LOVE those pages. Thank heavens for The Graphics Fairy. I’m off to check out Susan

  14. What a book indeed! I love every square inch of it!
    And thank you………now COFFEE is on my mind. Shall have to remedy that!

  15. wow, wow, wow!! Simple stunning!

  16. I am quite sure I have been transported to the Court of Versailles, traipsing down a golden corridor and that blue, the colour of gowns and French macaroons. Exquisitely rich in detail.
    How strange that moments before visiting this post I was discussing Marie images with June from Dezinaworld!

  17. I love these! Susan’s book is awesome and I just your art, here, with all the beautiful textures and touches! I’m so happy you shared. xxoo

  18. An amazing book, your pages are beautiful Patty! xxx

  19. oh so gorgeous patty….so rich and beautifully detailed….

  20. simply gawgeous darling … I love all the opulent textures

  21. Dear Patty, the journal and your entry are truly delightful! I have to ask, did you change your camera? your recent pictures have such a vibrancy, they look like taken with a dSLR 🙂

  22. Wowsers! Love the page you created. I’m off to go look at her log now. 🙂

  23. Nice, Patty. I love it.

  24. OMG Patty, I think you’ll know how much I LOVe these pages.
    I’ve visited the magnificent Palace of Versailles and you’ve captured the sheer opulence beautifully on your pages. Love your use of a gorgeous paper napkin (remember Caroles class!) and your use of gold touches are reminiscent of the grand Hall of Mirrors…
    I’m totally smitten Patty and tonight I’ll be dreaming of a Grand Ball – we’ll both be there dancing until dawn!!!
    Shane ♥

  25. Oh Patty, what a magpie set of pages this is:):),all those shiny things, gorgeous, I love how you created the frame it’s way kool and the napkin with the gold gouache to die for, you know how I love shared art, so thanks for sharing this gorgeous creation and have a great weekend, I off to see the book..

  26. I’m in ooh and awe over your page… so very beautiful! And so you! Have a nice weekend dear one.

  27. Stunning! I am inspired to go try making an altered book of my own!! What a treasure!! 😉

  28. inanoctopusgarden

    Wonderful work Patty and also great job photographing it all – that isn’t always easy with these involved pieces. It all came together so beautifully and with the right feeling for the book too! Wonderful!!

  29. This is simply gorgeous. Susan’s book is to die for. I was quite taken by the cover. It was quite the project for a first time altered book artist.

    And of course, your spreads were lovely. I liked how much patience you must have had to PERFECTLY place that German scrap around Marie’s image. Beautifully done!! I’m not sure I’d have that kind of patience.

  30. oh my dear, these pages are truly treasures! so delicate and pretty…lovely!

  31. Hello my dear Patty,
    wonders that every time I come home, I love your way of paying homage to Marie Antoinette, it’s so beautiful, and that you associate chocolate, you did fly, because when the chocolate reaches France, reported by the Spanish conquistadors, it is reserved for the nobility and gentry. The kings and queens of France, Louis XIII Marie-Antoinette, who enjoy this hot drink is all the rage at the Court. Known for its fortifying, aphrodisiacs or energy consumption increases during the centuries prior to democratize during the Industrial Revolution.
    Everything is delicate, refined, made with a lot of talent.
    Thank you for sharing.

  32. Beautiful! You have so many opportunities for artistic expression…. lots of inspirational groups! I’m envious…. although I know I could not keep up these days! I still do love those golden flimmers!

  33. Oh wow.. the book at all looks amazing–and your entry is such a romance Patty.. I love it!
    I bought some napkins again ( since I gave away my whole collection in the past.. stupid..!) now as I got the mixed media mind- I learned to combine fabric , napkins, rubber stamps and much more … and that a wonderful new world is open for me!
    Patty I hope you are well and I love love love your blogart!
    xxx Susi

  34. Thank you so much Patty! I am so honored to have your special pages in my book and see your beautiful post, I have lost count of all the times I have stopped to admire it!

  35. Oh swoon…….such gorgeousness! Wouldn’t we all love to take a proper look at that book…..
    How special that you were a part of it Patty.

  36. WOW!! What a beauty!! x

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  38. Almost missed this one! And it’s just my cup of tea ‘French theme@ how can I not adore all the work you have created here Stunning!

  39. Ow this is really something beautiful! xox

  40. Amazing art! Amazing post! Love ever little vignette too! I hope you have a wonderful Easter dear Patty!

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