July 2011 in Photos…

sweet Natalea over at Kandeland is hosting the Flickr July 2011 in Photos challenge

I enjoy photography very much and hardly go anywhere without my camera so I could not resist playing along…

there are 31 prompts…

one photo for each day of this month…here is my

Day 1: Your breakfast

you can play along too

*Happy Canada Day”

***Pop on over to visit darling Deb at Dying to be Yours before the 4th…she is having a giveaway***

18 responses to “July 2011 in Photos…

  1. Cool Patty! Actually; this is my favorite yogurt and my daily breakfast. I have a Chobani yogurt (Peach and Pineapple are my faves) with a toasted English Muffin and maybe extra fruit. Yummy! Great photo! xxoo


  2. In perfect harmony – the marigold echos the colours of your yoghurt container perfectly.
    My brekky is the winter version – porridge with creamy mango and passionfruit yoghurt – so yummy!!!!!!!!


  3. A wonderful composition full of colour and energy.


  4. Gorgeous shot….mmmm only 30 more to go:)


  5. love how the colorful flowers goes with the yoghurt container, looks yumm 🙂


  6. thanks for joining the group! Funny we both had Chobani today, except yours looks much prettier! xo


  7. Gorgeous! Just love your color combination and coordination!


  8. OK, I am guessing my wheaties and milk aren’t gonna make that great of a photo not like yours, girlie girl. hmmmmm, maybe if I drop a flower in the middle of it but I am thinking nothing is gonna help the naked wheaties. Hugs


  9. Kathy Kristinnson

    Wow.. you even make brekkie look fantastic… lovely pic.. any suggestions for dressing up peanut butter and toast???? lol It’s a beautiful day here to celebrate Canada Day.. thank you..


  10. This sounds like a really fun challenge. I love taking photos, too. It might be what I need to carry me through the month, since I’m not getting very far elsewhere. Of course, I LOVE your breakfast choice. Since I don’t eat breakfast, I’ll just enjoy yours instead.


  11. Oh Patty I absolutely love that picture because I adore Chobani and peach is a big favorite of mine as well!
    The flower choice is perfect!
    Tina xo


  12. Now that is a great way to begin the Day, Patty! Great flavor too for a summer morn …. and with just a look, no calories for me. HA! Oh What a Beautiful Morning!!!!!


  13. beautiful shot as always, sweet one…. the colors and ooh I’m sure the grrek youghurt was yummy too….


  14. And a Happy Long Weekend to you!!!


  15. I had a banana for breakfast….kind of boring, huh? Now YOUR photo makes breakfast sound so much sweeter.

    How fun…wish I could participate, but alas, we’ll be gone for a few days over the 4th and next week is hectic, too.

    So I will live through YOUR photos (which you know I love) and see how much more interesting it is!

    Have a great day, my sweet!


  16. I’m joining into..thanks for pointing it out. I am a day late!!x


  17. Ohhhh…I’m in that, too……… I need to go upload my breakfast from yesterday! Your’s is really pretty!


  18. Yum. Wish I had my act together better so I could particpate in that one — sounds fun and I’m enjoying seeing it on others’ blogs!


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