Bat Girlz…

our local Mixed Media Collaborative group is having a one for one altered tin swap with a Halloween theme…

Lisa kindly supplied us each with a tin which measures about two inches (5.08 cm) across with a see through top…

I forgot to take a photo of the plain tin before I started…

it was a little tricky to photograph because of glare and my pix do not show the wide black rick rack I used around the sides of the tin but you get the idea…

22 responses to “Bat Girlz…

  1. Hauntingly pretty! See ya soon. =)

  2. I can imagine those girls being from Salem (something that fascinates me as I’ve read many a book of fiction/non-fiction). Beautifully sinister and I would say your touches could not be more perfect.

  3. Very creative Patty – in fact, brilliant! I love this! The floral touch is wonderful! xxoo

  4. gorgeous patty! love the bat wings on the top. perfect colors and sinister indeed it is.

  5. Oh I really like that:)

  6. This is gorgeous, dear Patty. Just wonderful.
    Have a lovely Sunday

  7. From a mouse trap to a see through tin. What fun, fun things I find when I visit. These bat girlz are truly appropriate for the season.

  8. I love it! You know I adore those girls!!! Haunting!

  9. REally cool – love the bat!

  10. Love it! Spooky girls and bats!

  11. stempelchaotin

    Wow wow wow wow gorgeous idea and the work is
    absolutely fabulous.
    Your work is a dream Patty.

    Have a lovely new week Sweetie.

  12. Love your tin Patty, I have fond memories of the sardine saga! such a cool media to work with. Love your back posts, have I really missed so many fab photos?!! Mx

  13. It has already found a home hanging in my window amongst some flying bats! It is just perfect!

  14. Oh, this is scary and so sinister – just awesome

  15. What a deliciously wicked piece of Halloween decor-love it!

  16. What a fun challenge and your is boo’tiful!

    Sandy xox

  17. Really unique and dreamy. Magnificent decorated piece of halloween art.
    Wish you a good time.
    xox Anja

  18. That is beautiful! 🙂 We’re not as big into Halloween as you up there. In fact, I’ve never had trick or treaters since I’ve been on this apartment (on the old house we did)

  19. Hello Patty,
    création très originale pour Halloween, est-ce la famille Adams ?

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