just because…

don’t ask me why but for a while now I have wanted to alter a mouse trap…

lots of talented artists have already done some wonderful ones…

when we were in Asheville recently strolling the aisles of a local supermarket we came upon these and I knew the time was right…

while I was working on the traps and being VERY careful to not get caught under the spring part I admired the artists even more and then Mr Magpie came home and showed me how I could disengage the ‘trap’ part of the metal…

I can use that trick when I alter the third one and not have to hold my breath the whole time worrying about getting snapped in the trap…

the larger rat trap spoke to me first…

after covering the trap with gel medium and pattern tissue I added some bat wings to the doll head, black cotton netting which made perfect hair and part of one of my favorite golden flimmerstern…

next I played with the smaller mouse trap adding a medieval lady and scraps of velvet and some of my favorite leaves as wings…

as I worked on these wooden traps it felt good to know that they will never be used to trap animals especially when there are alternative ways to invite rodents out of your home should you need to…

fun to add these to my list of unusual altered items which includes altered shoes, sardine cans, cutlery and cabinet cards to name a few…

have you altered any odd things?

38 responses to “just because…

  1. These are gorgeous, dear Patty, love them both.
    Have a lovely Weekend

  2. You never cease to amaze me. xoxox

  3. Such creativity! Never thought of altering such things. I’ve altered books as an adult- but as a child, there probably isn’t anything I didn’t alter- from metal cans and metal pie plates, clothes pins, boxes and a host of other items. Guess you can say I was very very involved with lots of arts and crafts projects!! Sending happy thoughts for a great weekend! hugs

  4. this is really neat! I’ve seen artists altering brushes and things like that, but never mouse traps. That is incredible creative of you and the result is beautiful 🙂

  5. Well, THAT was interesting AND dangerous! Glad Mr Magpie showed you how to de-snap them!!!! Love the rat trap one with the doll head and FUNKY hair! It’s too fun! Not sure if I’ll go in the garage to get some to decorate, but sure love the fact that you did!!!!
    Happy weekend coming up. It’s gonna snow in the mtns again tonight….good thing hubby’s new ski’s showed up yesterday. 🙂

  6. Clever…and waht a concept!

  7. This I have never seen dear Patty- OH they are so beautiful both-
    love the doll head on the Rat one…. and her blue bat wings.
    What wonderful alterings—I think I would never have thought of doing traps, but they are great , and love your lilac-blue tones.
    Hope all is well, and send you hugs, from coat-cold Denmark!

  8. Death never looked so enticing 😀

  9. Amazing dear…inspired choice of an altered object! and beautiful results, as always!

  10. well any rat or mouse who passes by these will think he is on Rodeo Drive!!
    They will want to set up housekeeping…..have a good weekend!

  11. never in a million years would I have come up with those ideas… and each and every one of them is wonderful…xx

  12. Both are absolutely gorgeous!! Have a great weekend

  13. These are beautiful Patty! And…..an artistic, creative, and caring way of utilizing the traps. xxoo

  14. STILL coming here to find NEW inspiration! Geez…you never cease to amaze me…do you ever run out of ideas?! have a happy weekend Patty! xo

  15. These are really pretty! Who’d have thunk it???

  16. Patty, I’m so impressed by what you have done. I would never think to alter a mouse trap. Take care!

  17. What a treat! They are wonderful Patty and I enjoyed looking back on your other altered objects too. Still waiting impatiently for flimmerstern season! =)

  18. I would have never ever thought about altering a mousetrap, Patty! You are creative beyond creative! It’s so cool to see your work! I’ve missed you! Hope you’ve been well!

  19. You did it! And i love them , especially the little one. When I made my first one I dismountle it almost completely, I was worried a little bit when I mounted it again. You inspire me to make another one 🙂
    Happy sunday, gio

  20. Patty
    They are also on my to-do list but yes, it is the factor of that pesky spring that is slightly off putting!
    Stunning transformations. The first slightly menacing and her amazing wings but the second has such a delicate vibe to it, slightly spiritual.
    Fabulous altered art Patty.

  21. YOu are so way over the top with these creative and most unusual altered traps and the flimmerstern just made me smile . You definitely win for wonder and imagination! You’ve made my morn and it needed help!

  22. Oh wow! I’d never have thought to alter a mouse trap.
    You are very adventurous and imaginative.

  23. These are great! You are so nuts! I love it!!!!!!

  24. so glad you know how to safely work on these snappy thingies. Love the way you altered them both.

  25. Amazing Patty. You make me laugh sometimes! That poor medieval lady!
    Big hugs,

  26. This is a first for me. Now I must try to find a mouse (or rat) trap and have a go at altering it. You did a fantastic job on these.

    I have been wanting to alter a paint brush like I saw on another friend’s blog. But time has not been on my side lately, since I seem to have more irons in the fire than I need, especially with computer woes, then a storm that knocked out my electricity, then . . . you get the picture.

  27. stempelchaotin

    Patty these knock me out my socks.
    So wonderful traps.
    Unbelievable design. These stand on my To Do list, but I have no time at the moment. Fantastic.

  28. :):):) very clever altering Patty-I guess there isn’t ANYTHING you wouldn’t try to alter at least once!

  29. This is cooly weird and wonderful!!! What a terrific idea. Thanks for sharing,

  30. I’m so happy that my new computer works and I’m able to visit all my friends in blogland again. You’ve been very busy and creative during the last time. Your altered traps are amazing, im missing words.

  31. Patty, these altered traps are fabulous! Your rat trap is so fun and full of a lot of fabulous elements. Love that doll head!

  32. now *this* takes the … cheese? 😉 altered traps, i would never, ever have imagined this sort of transformation. i think you’ve made a better mouse trap, tee hee 😛

  33. oh, and my favourite part is the 1958 stamped metal. not sure why, i just want to reach out and touch it.

  34. These are so cool!!! The first thing I thought when I saw them was the risk to your fingers – good to know there’s a way to disengage the business part.

  35. What wonders you have made ;0) love the small one best xx

  36. Your imaginative brain must keep you amused all the live long day:) But I would have given a handsome penny to have seen the expression on your face when Mr. M educated you on the trap part 😉 Great pieces, Patty!

  37. Hello Patty,
    quelle belle imagination, je suis impressionnée devant tant de talent et merci pour les petites souris.

  38. Oh…an altered mouse trap…who knew!! ….I just LOVE what you have done with these little traps….Soooo Cool!!…would love to alter one…but a little scared of the snappy bits!! 😉 Jan x

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