Flimmersterne time is here again…

On a recent trip to our local World Market, I got very excited to see so many of our standard stocking stuffers, that I forgot to get the German barrel pickles I went for. You know what that meant….yup….another trip to World Market! FlimmersterneIt’s such a fun store especially this time of year. Flimmersterne are something I fell in love with some years back. I was really happy when World Market started carrying them, as that made them more affordable. They make wonderful package tie ons or tree decorations, as they come with their little gold thread hangers already in place, not to mention the bites of chocolate that you get too in the pretty colored foil (both sides).

Collage A Shooting Star

Then the next best part is using the golden “flimmer” part for art! It’s the perfect burst or halo. I’ve cut them into pieces too for a nice effect. Recycling really IS fun!

Here is a collage on canvas that I made last year, using a flimmer. I also used handmade papers, pattern tissue, paper lace, real lace, book pages along with paints and stamping.

a shooting star ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

P.S. did I mention that World Market has lots of great items from India too!

15 responses to “Flimmersterne time is here again…

  1. patty, your collage is just gorgeous!!! love the flimmerstern in the background. never heard of world market before, you’re one lucky thing!


  2. excellente idée !! cela a un rendu génial !! j’adore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Flimmersterne – well you have me interested for sure! I am just beside myself wanting to go to World Market before Christmas – it is one of the most fun places to go during Christmas time. I especially love to buy a red huge tin of gingersnaps – I can’t seem to pull the brandname off the top of my head, but I will recognize them when I see them.


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  10. Rebecca Buchanan

    Is there a place I can get these flimmersternes online? I have been trying to make my own victorian ornaments for a while now and cannot find certain things like the flimmersternes and that coiled wire don’t remember what it is called now, anyway is there a place to buy this stuff?


  11. Hi Becky ~ there is a German Gourmet in Texas that sold them around Christmas time:
    another place to check is:
    hope that helps


  12. Becky I woke up this morning remembering a place to get the coiled wire you mentioned along with lots of other fabulous ingredients


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